Isaiah 59: 4,9-15, 14-15

Keep on fighting for what you believe and you will never have to look back and say WHAT IF?

March 10, 2008


Someone asked me why I got so involved in this case if I had nothing to do with it.
I have spoke with many people to do with this case and I have seen people's hurt and anguish. I have been contacted by people who have been though this kind of situation and through it all, the questions still raised themselves in my head.
Before I started this site I told myself the story in my own words to see what I believed.
Now I am going to tell you the story, in plain words, with no extra facts like the 999 tapes or anything else. Then tell me what you believe:

Let me ask you this?

If you have a child and you left them at home, with me for instance and you trusted me and 5 hours later I rang to say nothing happened but your child was at the hospital. I also forgot to tell you that your child previously had a fit in my care and I never told you.
You go to the hospital and the doctors tell you that your child, that was healthy and happy that morning is dying, if this isn't bad enough, it wasn't accidental (these are professional doctors and not just one doctor but many treated your child). You then have to be cleared of any wrong doing.

Meanwhile I am not even sure what has happened, all I know is your child is sick, in hospital after leaving me but I am too distraught to leave my home or care for any other children.
Am I aware she is even dead yet?

Now it gets worse, you as the parents have to be interviewed and cleared and then I do too (as to find out all the details - this is standard procedure).

But I am not cleared.

Can you imagine what you would be feeling by now?

You as the parent are told from all these doctors and police officers that there is so many symptoms pointing to SBS (a theory many believe not to be true, you probably never even thought of it before but now its your reality).
These doctors that have trained for many, many years, who treat children every day tell you that your child's neck is snapped but I told you nothing happened.

How does that add up? Do you believe me or the Doctor?

And then my family and I launch a website which may I add we never ever mention your child's name, we do not need anyone's sympathy, I am telling the truth.

We all go to trial, The experts point out all the scientifically proven facts of why SBS is the cause (while my family and I are berating them on our website but the trial is coming to a close now so I must mention your child's name at least and pass on my condolences - it's been two years and now I do it).
You as the parents sit and listen every single day to what happened your child and how in my defence I am a modern day Mary Poppins with a glowing reference.
I am found guilty but I don't want to accept this alternative so I launch an appeal.

You have just sat through a trial that 10 people thought I was guilty, you have just heard the Judge tell me I am guilty and you are just about to grieve when all of a sudden your everyday is seeing this appeal.

There is nothing to prove my innocence, only my word and the fact that some place in this country and at some time, some people got other cases wrong and therefore I am going to use that against the system.
I am going to drum up enough media support that someone will have to listen, after all everyone reads a story and wants to know the ending.
Every Judge and Jury know this.

But no one has explained to you what happened your child, If I am innocent.
What did I do?

Did your child simply fall and accidentally hurt themselves or did I shake her?

You will never know if the media keep spinning a yarn from my side, if I keep getting Jokers to represent me and fooling people into thinking that this is a miscarriage of Justice.

Your child died from massive head injuries, an over-extended neck (snapped), blind, bleeding of the brain and eyes, a haemorrage (all consistent with SBS), she lay in a morgue for 2 months while doctors did tests to rule out anything other than SBS and yet I still say I am innocent.




Anonymous said...

Your blog, your story, your opinion, you're entitled but you also can only see what you want to see and ignore everything else. I know that is human nature but what if you're wrong what if Keran didn't nurder Maeve for the crime of a dirty nappy. What then ?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post Hilda :)

Justice4Maeve said...

Just watched Panorama and it was a very good viewing!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, not biased at all, very fair.

Can I point a medical fact out, Maeve didn't have bridging tears on the brain, just bleeding consistent with an impact. Which mean, by definition of the experts on both sides, it could not be shaking.

Anonymous said...

very balanced documentary - showed both sides and in my mind puts the whole shaken baby thing up for debate again?

Anonymous said...

I know that Keran is guilty and I am glad that Mark has finally had a chance to talk - besides it has all been one sided towards the Hendersons until now.

If you believe Keran is innocent, how can it be that Maeve was poorly from the moment Keran looked after her?

Anonymous said...

Just watched the programme. I feel for the Sheppards. They know in their hearts the truth. There is no other explanation. Its amazing how people cannot just admit to doing something so wrong. Ive been waiting 8 years and still its denied. Justice was done but The pain will never go away, you just learn to live with it.

Anonymous said...

Maeve did have bridging tears on the brain.
It was a very unbiased account, please don't change it. let people look at both sides instead of dragging one side down.

Anonymous said...

Surely if there were signs of an impact it would have said on the programme that Maeve had bumps or bruising to back of head. Dont know how you could say it wasnt shaking.

Anonymous said...

Her bridging veins are intact - that is a fact and it came out in court.

Anonymous said...

The programme tried to air both sides but one thing is sure Mark is correct he can never have his child and the Hendersons can rebuild their lives with or without an innocent verdict

Anonymous said...

I agree panorama did ok! i expected it would be a free Keran programme but I think they tried to avoid doing that.

I still believe she did it! I dont think shes a bad person, i think she had a moment of madness and lost it and since then is too scared to admit to what she did!

I think that there are too many flaws in her story , like not telling anyone about the supposed fits maeve had in only her presence. (if she had nothing to hide why didnt she tell someone about the fits???)

I think what one of the doctors summed this up very well on panorama , if there was a disease/condition etc to cause fits for no reason this would be happening in many nursuries, homes etc
It would be investigated by doctors etc and we'd know the cause!

Maeve was examined throughly for any medical condition to explain the supposed fits nothing was found!
But all the tell tail signs of SBS were found!!!!

Anonymous said...

"I think what one of the doctors summed this up very well on panorama , if there was a disease/condition etc to cause fits for no reason this would be happening in many nursuries, homes etc
It would be investigated by doctors etc and we'd know the cause!"

It has happened in nurseries, I have helped nursery workers who have been falsely accused and then cleared. However not hospitals, the counter argument for that is this - children and babies in hospital are very well supervised by the medics, just maybe it isn't seen because there are no "short falls"?

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me that you do not believe SBS exists if the person says they did nothing. This happens because the person had a moment of madness. They may not even remember or be able to accept that they did this. You support people that say that they have not done anything. What about the child. No-one can hear their voice! Have you ever talked to a family that had a child that survived and the child was old enough to tell what happened. No offence penny but you are very niave! And you really lack compassion for the family. You have no idea what a family has to live with!

Lynne said...

After watching Panorama last night I was intrigued and I came across this site this morning, I just want to say you put it into perpective for me.
I felt so sorry for the Sheppard family, He's last words will ring with me for a long time, the henderson's will have their family back, he won't and after reading your story Imagine, I now believe I know she had to be lying. There will always be a reason for people to not believe shakin baby syndrome but she can't explain the injuries away so what other reason is there.

Great piece of writing Blogger, Imagine is what puts it in to perspective, because I can imagine what it would feel like at the end and automatically after reading it I asked myself the question and I came to a guilty conclusion too.

Anonymous said...

Very good reading on this site :)

Anonymous said...

Yes the Henderson's will have their family back but should Keran just stay in prison beacuse it is better for the Sheppards. If she did nothing to Maeve then why should she sit back and be punished.

Anonymous said...

If she did nothing then what happened Maeve to have so many injuries?
This little girl didn't just wake up one morning and have all these injuries. SOMETHING happened, maybe not what we want to believe but there is no dount that something happened that child!

Anonymous said...

Of course something happened. Keran was found guilty from a 12 person jury who heard all the evidence from both sides. This type of evidence is complicated and jurors would have had a hard time understanding it therefore they would not have come to their decision lightly. No-one wants to put an innocent person in jail but if the evidence is there that she was guilty then they also must convict.

Anonymous said...

"Of course something happened. Keran was found guilty from a 12 person jury who heard all the evidence from both sides"

Let's take "of course something happened" that does not = manslaughter.

And she was not found guilty by 12 people, 10.

Facts not rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Miscarrage of Justice it is not!!!!
I agree with the last few comments. There is more to this case then medical evidence!
There are gaps in Kerans story , suspious gaps!
Why didnt she ever tell anyone about Maeve having fits?
If a child in your care had a fit then my god you would Tell someone!
Keran didnt!

Until she needed a defence!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

4give me for the mistake in the 12 person jury, i wasnt aware it was only 10! What do you suggest happened then?

Anonymous said...

To the blog author - do you have a private email address that someone can contact you on?

Justice4Maeve said...

My email adress is at the side bar - it is

Anonymous said...

I don't know what happened and that's the point nobody knows - legally - medically - scientifically, nobody knows they just think they know, that is not beyond a reasonable doubt.

In the medical literature, the description of a fit/seizure is this:

The term 'seizure' describes a sudden, short event where there is a change in a person's awareness of where they are or what they are doing, their behaviour or their feelings. The term is often used to describe epileptic seizures but there are many different types of seizure.

What Keran Henderson described on the 999 call was a constellation of symptoms she was witnessing, I am sure that the word "fit" or "seizure" was then used by the medics to describe that constellation of features after the event - it is now likely that rather than use all the medical terminology ie : not breathing, eyes rolling back, etc has just been replaced with one word for expediency. She didn't say "fit" however she described events that are consistent with a "fit" - the defence and prosecution and all the medics would have used the term as a potential dianosis.

Would you agree that the above is a perfectly plausible explaination for why the word wasn't used initially?

Anonymous said...

Re Carers4carers reasons Keran is innocent:
On the 15th February Maeve had her first seizure. Her eyes rolled back and she went floppy.

•On the 24th February Maeve had her second seizure. Again her eyes rolled back and she went floppy.

•The third seizure resulted in Keran calling an ambulance.

Seizure is the words they use, therefore that is what I take as point from their camp. They believe the child had a seizure, yes or are they lying there too?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen a child in that state? Believe me, it is something you never want to see, something you cannot explain. Your child is lying helpless, you cant get their attention, body lifeless, eyes rolled back. All you know is something is wrong. But when a child is first seen, SBS is one possible explanation. Before that, epilepsy, fits, seizures, diabetes and many more things are considered. I dont understand your question. Keran was in a state when the 999 call happened. Why would you rely on what she said then. Thats not what prosecuted her! And somebody does know what happened - Keran - and she will live with that forever. As i asked before, do you think SBS exists at all when someone says they didn't do it??

Anonymous said...

"do you think SBS exists at all when someone says they didn't do it??"

I am getting a little exasperated at answering this question, perhaps J4M can blog it so everyone can see my answer, can shaking a baby harm it? probably, but we don't know to what extent or what happens because you can't shake live babies to see what happens, (we could do it to baby apes as a one off experiment, sadly the terroristactivities of te animal rights activists prevent that from happening! Go and ask them why babies are second to an animal ... don't name or identify yourself though!)

Do I believe that short falls and bangs can kill some babies, yes, because the science proves that the acceleration and deceleration G forces are 10 times that of a rocket launch, so it stands to reason that this can kill and maim and injure.

I won't answer this question again, not to be rude but I have answered it enough times.

Let me give you the other scenario, if it isn't "SBS" and doctors treat "SBS" with Mannitol,(fraudulant research) anti convulsants etc, what sort of devastation to the brain do you think that causes?

Anonymous said...

PS you can't test for epilepsy when a child is dead. It's scientifically impossible.

Anonymous said...

"No offence penny but you are very niave! And you really lack compassion for the family. You have no idea what a family has to live with!"

Wrong on all counts, I spend lot of my time with parents who have lost children and the lovely job I have is to read pathology reports from countless cases, look at the photos the works, so if you don't mind, those opinions are wrong.

Nobody knows what happened in the Henderson house that is REASONABLE DOUBT.

Anonymous said...

Ah but the child was alive for 2 days Penny, do you not think that they tested for the common causes of a seizure in that time?
And what is the most common cause of a seizure?? Oh yes Epilepsy so therefore that would have been ruled out.

Justice4Maeve said...

PM says: Nobody knows what happened in the Henderson house that is REASONABLE DOUBT.

I will give you the legal terms:
REASONABLE DOUBT - The level of certainty a juror must have to find a defendant guilty of a crime. A real doubt, based upon reason and common sense after careful and impartial consideration of all the evidence, or lack of evidence, in a case.

Nobody needs to know what went on, they need to weigh up the FACTS and CIRCUMSTANCES and come to a conclusion they no longer doubt. The conclusion that was reached by a majority verdict in this trial was Guillty, therefore the Jurors weighed up that Keran's character and flawless nature as seen through the eyes of her friends, was not as important as the facts that the EXPERTS gave in the courthouse to come to the conclusion that Keran inflicted pain on this child.
There was not reasonable doubt in their minds or they would have voted not guilty.
Yes before anyone says 'Two Jurors' spoke out about their reasonable doubt, but that was taken into account at the court, they were not part of the 10 who found no reasonable doubt and found her guilty.

Anonymous said...

The injuries sustained by Maeve, were not consistent with the current thinking regarding the "triad" - No shearing. They are consistent with a fall however. Whether keran Hnderson witnessed that fall is another matter.

SBS theory is not a fact, it is a theory.

Remember the first time AIDS came onot the scene? The majority of doctors in the world believed that you could

a) Only get it when you had gay sex

b) it could be transmitted just y touching a victim

All of them were wrong.

Then being Gay was illegal 40 years ago and doctors believed it was a personality disorder that could be "cured" Wrong

I leave it there, chicken licken syndrome - the convictions in SBS cases without associated injuries such as bruises and rib fractures remain unsafe because the expert evidence was based on a theory, not because somebody did it. That is reasonable doubt. Relying on a hypothesis that the majority spout as the truth is not beyond a reasonable doubt in any law book. You are confusing opinion with fact.

Anonymous said...

So tell me if Maeve had injuries like a fractured rib etc would you then believe Keran did it? Would your view change or is it still unsafe then?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it convenient for people who have committed this cowardly act to be able to just say they didn't do it. No we cant test on children but we can listen to the child. What do you say if a child says exactly what has happened to it. Would you believe the child and medical evidence then or does a childs opinion not count? And w can see the extent shaking a baby has on a child. Not every child dies from being shaken. Re short falls, there has to be some form of bump or bruise if there is a short fall - what if this is not present - no other explanation

Anonymous said...

BTW to all new bloggers, just in case you didn't already know, I was convicted of conspiracy to abduct a child in March 2002 - I was accused of masterminding a plot to hide a child from social services after an allegation of MSbP was made by David Southall. This is no secret, I have never kept it secret nor have I ever denied this fact and have published articles about my time in prison.

I have continued to protest my innocence and as the criminal case involved the use of secret SC files kept by Southall, it is currently being looked at by the AG's office and is entering into the first appeal stage in the Family Court. (family court case) before the criminal side is done.

I say this because there is a persistent reminder of this on the internet, a labouring of the point and I wouldn't want anyone to think I was leading them up the garden path.

I have 8 children of my own, I don't need any more! :)

Anonymous said...

If the child was old enough to speak I would always believe the child, with regard to this question

"Re short falls, there has to be some form of bump or bruise if there is a short fall - what if this is not present - no other explanation"

Not so, do your research, you'll see.

Anonymous said...

I have work to do, sorry must go now, can I just say, this isn't about innocence or guilt, this is about theory being presented as fact. Until that stops we are never going to get to any sort of truth.

Anonymous said...

I am a little confused, A Biomechanic as in the documentary is that a qualified Doctor or scientist as it seems more like a mechanic for vehicles

Anonymous said...

Therefore if you believe a child, and the medical evidence would be the same in Kerans case but without the childs opinion, why would you doubt it? I come to the conclusion you are niave. Without a child or abuser admitting it you only have the medical evidence. That is within all reasonable doubt.

Anonymous said...

"So tell me if Maeve had injuries like a fractured rib etc would you then believe Keran did it? Would your view change or is it still unsafe then?"

It would still be unsafe as fractured ribs would indicate some sort of impact, not shaking....

John, Slough said...

Exceptionally well written piece. Makes you think, even minus all the facts, I can understand why the Sheppards believe that Keran Henderson did it. Mark Sheppard said, he believes what the Doctors, the Police,the Experts and the CPS told him, as hard it is to believe and how you wish Keran was telling the truth and Maeve did not die that way, he still believes them over one woman who in reality had previously lied about the fits.
Whoever this blogger is maybe you can give Mike Seckerson a little help writing he's book cause it seems you are much better an author than him. You tell the story in plain details and easy to read form. You give no facts in that 'Imagine' story but yet still the reader see's what is needed to see.
Fantastic read and a credit to Maeve Sheppard.

Anonymous said...

thats the thing about sbs that people dont understand. Its hard enough dealing with the death or injury to your child but the sense of guilt that you left your most prized possession with someone whom you truely believed would take care of them and they got hurt. accepting that someone did this to your child makes you feel you have let the child down and not protected it. So please readers do not think that anyone who has experienced this finds someone to blame. We all would like another explanation, its just simply not there

Justice4Maeve said...

Against my better judgement I have decided to publish the last comment. Only because I want to show what our society is stuck with. Mindless idiots!!!

ALL people are not born with a silver spoon in their moutn, the person who wrote this must not only be rich (never have to work) or they are they do not have children.
For the people who live int REAL world, money has to be made, when you have children your life must not completely stop.... They took the utmost care thinking they chose a PROFESSIONAL to mind their loved one.
The ramblings of this person sickens me (although it is not alone in thinking that, albeit not many others accuse the parents of neglect on that theory).

Tell me ANON, have you ever left your child in the care of someone? While you maintain your high standards, have you never left your child to go have dinner or socialise. It may be with a family member you trust or pay or whatever, but I can not imagine you spend EVERY WAKING MOMENT with your child (if indeed god would bless such a narrow minded person with that gift), now tell me if something was to happen that child in the hands of the person you trust (even your partner)... would you have been wrong to trust them?

Justice4Maeve said...

Selfish people out there and couldn't have said it better in defebnce of the Sheppards.
Normal working people who lost a child through the neglect of a childminder, which I am sure was being paid very well.
And all you can accuse is they are wrong.

I have no doubt in my mind that the Sheppards will always blame themselves, but they have no reason to feel guilty.

Anonymous said...

Its fine justice 4 maeve as a mother whose child was shaken I would like to reply to that person - was I wrong leaving my child with my boyfriend (yes boyfriend)?? Or maybe you think I shouldnt work and I should live off the social and have them support my child? I chose not to do that and when you are a single mother you have to trust people. The man who nearly killed my daughter was a man that I trusted, loved, cared for. I do blame myself everyday for leaving her with him. If only I had....if I had a penny the amount of times I have thought that I would be a millionaire!

Im sure the Shepards feel similar to me but that doesnt mean we should let these people get away with hurting an innocent child! We do feel guilt and how dare you sit there and judge someone such as myself who has given their all to bring up their children and give them the best possible life and in a brief moment it is taken away by someone who had a moment of maddness!!

Anonymous said...

"The Sheppards are to blame. If you willfully choose to reproduce, your children are YOUR responsibility, not anyone else's, until they reach the age of majority. If something happens to your child in the care of another then TOUGH. Ultimately, Maeve's death was their fault, and their constant chewing over Keran's possible appeal is merely to mask their own guilt at abandoning Maeve. End of story."

Disgusting post and meant to start a flame war - I suspect I know who wrote this - try not to respond, this is a tactic that has been used by a certain blogger many times before, to pitch one side against another when informed debate is going on.

Anonymous said...

Can you please explain the comment Mark Sheppard made on Panorama "We blamed the doctors for sa long time, beleiving they didn't do enough tests the month prior to Maeve dying". It was claimed that Keran was supposed to have lost her temper in a split second and let this would lead you to beleive Keran had been planning to murder Maeve for a month. Surely this is a contradiction.

Justice4Maeve said...

I am sure the comment was meant in the terms that has Keran been hurting the child (as she only ever had fits in her care) previously then the doctors should have diagnosed something or if Maeve had been sick. But nothing was diagnosed. (My Opinion - as I do not know the Sheppards to ask was this what was meant)

Ceinwen Fisher said...

To Anonymoues who states the Sheppards are to blame
You are the lowest form of a "hunan being" i have ever come across. Who ever you are the Sheppards are wonderful people and would give the anything to anyone. I have watched them try to rebuild their lives and bring up two super children You on the other hand mustn't have a heart let alone a brain.
Justice4Maeve I am sorry to put this on your blog but I cannot believe that anyone would be that cruel. I can only wish that one day this person goes through an experience and knows the pain that my friends have. I hope they havent got children as i feel sorry for them

Anonymous said...

But no mention was ever made that Keran had been hurting Maeve in the past, she would have been charged with more than manslaughter if this was the case

Justice4Maeve said...

From what I can gather, there is not evidence to say keran did or didn't injure the child on a before date but the fact remains, the child only ever had fits in keran's care, therefore that possibility would not ever be ruled out. On the other hand if keran had told the doctor of theses fits at the beginning then maybe the doctors would have been aware and diagnosed Maeve asap.

Justice4Maeve said...

Ms Fisher, your comments are as welcome as anyone elses and I gather as a friend of the Sheppards it would disgust you.
I would like to apologize for any hurt, but the only reason I put that comment up is to show how low people will go to satisfy their own needs. I can and will remove it now as to not hurt anyone elses feelings. I am sorry for your pain!

Anonymous said...

I am confused - did Keran tell about the prior fits before the incident took place. If she did and still SBS is suggested does that not give more weight to the medical evidence. If the doctors knew of fits, they would have been testing Maeve for a while. Or is it that she failed to tell them of such an important issue in which case it weakens her defence and stature as such a respected person.

RESEARCH said...

Like almost everyone has stated "not biased" then there are questions pending an answer. I was amazed at the amount of G's created from such a short fall, in comparison to a RTA. I strongly agree Keran is innocent, in context If and When the Appeal rules an Unsafe conviction both familys have to rebuild lives.
It must be a living nightmare for both side's involved, i feel for the Sheperds and Hendersons.

Anonymous said...

I think the comment about the doctors not doing enough refers to her having been to the hospital at least 3 times beforehand which John Sweeney mentioned

Anonymous said...

Research, tell me, if Keran put her appeal forward on the basis of Bio-mechanics where does that leave people that really did it?
Plus Prof Stephenson also gave a great answer saying, these are dummie, they do not react the same as a person, the do not have the nerves and contents human heads have, therefore we may be sure the force might not snap the neck but we can't be sure what else it does?
I also have another argument, Maeve didn't fall according to Keran, if she had then it would have been much easier to explain her death but she didn't according to Keran. Now saying that, the recon was shown of a child falling off a sofa, Maeve was in a walker so Did she fall???? I mean Keran never said she had a fit before, did she not say she fell too????
You can look at every scenario from both sides, there is always a for and against answer but there is actually more theories that explain SBS.

Anonymous said...

"I am confused - did Keran tell about the prior fits before the incident took place. If she did and still SBS is suggested does that not give more weight to the medical evidence. If the doctors knew of fits, they would have been testing Maeve for a while. Or is it that she failed to tell them of such an important issue in which case it weakens her defence and stature as such a respected person.

From what i read She didnt mention any fits to anyone !!!!

Until she needed a defence! It wasnt until she was being investigated that she decided to say Maeve had fits!

What caring carer(mary poppins type lady as she is often protrayed)would not tell the parents That Maeve had a fit while in her care.

I dont think Maeve ever had a fit! Keran Henderson needed to say something and she made up the fit story to try to cover herself!!!

Anonymous said...

thanx, i understand she should of but I have read in other places Maeve was seen by doctors regarding possible fits before this incident. Whats the real truth? Did anyone apart from Keran know Maeve had fits before this happened?

Anonymous said...

Maeve was seen by doctors prior to the fit because Keran said she was vomiting.
The doctors diagnosed a viral infection and Maeve was treated, when she returned to Keran she was sick again and Keran brought her to the doctor, at this point Keran told the doctor that the child had been sick but no mention of a fit. This is not in any doctors reports. The only time Keran mentioned a fit to anyone was on the 999 tape but when questioned, keran said Maeve had a fit previously and in the company of her husband Iain once too but this wasnot told to the parents or the doctors at the time.

Anonymous said...

Yes Keran had taken Maeve (and the other children who were in her care) to the GP and hospital on previous occasions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clairying that point. Its hard to believe that if her and her husband both saw a fit and never reported it to anyone, not even the parents that it can be relied upon. I also read something about a 5 year old child seeing something but I guess this is not true either. But all this evidence does not take away from the medical evidence anyway it only adds to the suspicions.

Anonymous said...

I would like to make something very clear in amongst all the politics: A child has died, her life has been taken from her unwillingly. A mum and a dad have lost their precious baby girl. Babies get sick, there is no denying that fact. However, all these "what ifs" and scientific facts do not take away the main fact that a life has been lost. Mr Sheppard made it very clear that both himself and his wife had never imagined that Mrs Henderson was to blame....only until they were convinced otherwise by the professionals. It makes me wonder why everyone is questioning the professionals because lets be realistic, without them, murders, rapists, paedophiles and the like would be walking the streets. Mrs Henderson might have a glowing reputation and I absolutely understand why everyone does not believe she could hurt a child but let me make one thing very clear, the mind is an unbelievable powerful tool and it can falter at anytime - even if you are "perfect" in everyone's eyes. I believe Mrs Hendersons mind faltered and it resulted in Baby Maeve losing her precious little life. I just hope that someday, the Sheppards and their families are allowed to grieve for their little princess in peace, because there is no chance they can whilst all this drama is occuring. My thoughts and prayers are with the Sheppards and Mrs Hendersons children.

Anonymous said...

"Research, tell me, if Keran put her appeal forward on the basis of Bio-mechanics where does that leave people that really did it?"

It does not, contrary to what anyone is saying, form part of the appeal. I hope that answers that question and to give you the analogy if new genetic research hadn't been introduced into Cannings Angela would still be in prison.

It doesn't work in the way you think it does. For any breakthrough in medical science to become acceptable it has to be peer reviewed ( for around two years) before it can be published, the peer review system is quite exhaustive.

Comments have been made on this blog reference "mechanics", it's bio-mechanics: Biomechanics is mechanics applied to biology. This includes research and analysis of the mechanics of living organisms and the application of engineering principles to and from biological systems. This research and analysis can be carried forth on multiple levels, from the molecular, wherein biomaterials such as collagen and elastin are considered, all the way up to the tissue and organ level.
Given that these doctors are used by the biggest car manufacturing companies in the world to test the safety of vehicles in crash situations for human beings, their qualifications aren't just exemplary, they have to be at the top of their game, or the car manufacturers would be sued.

Now let's talk about Pat Lantz, who is a qualified pathologist, he saw retinal heamorrhaging in many of the bodies he autopsied, people that had died from various illnesses, gun shot wounds, etc etc.

So would somebody like to explain to me why the "who's who of the shaken baby crew" always state SBS? Or has this fact been conveniently overlooked?

Have a quick google on retinal folds, you'll see what I mean, caused by all sorts of things and can be genetic, bet they didn't test for that. Actually they couldn't have because you need the vicitm to be alive.

For reference you cannot test for epilepsy after death and even in life below the age of two it is extraordinarily difficult to diagnose, that's why the paediatrician in Leicester got into deep water, making too many DX's.

Here is the list of just a few things that cannot be tested for in anyone who is dead all can cause death, retinal haemorrhaging and bleeding in the brain:

Diabetes Insipidus
Long QT Syndrome

Anonymous said...

I need to correct a point being bandied around the internet. Neither Andrew Scott or Bill Bache were involved in the 2005 SBS appeals in London.

Anonymous said...

penny, it is well known that retinal haemorrages on their own are not just from SBS and it quite rude to comment the "whos who of the shaken baby crew" - what an insult to parents who have lost their loved one.

I agree with anon - a child has died and a women convicted of that death - we should all have a bit more respect for the Shepards and their loss

Anonymous said...

Penny- Ttoally agree with J that was a very disrespectful comment!!

Your entitled to believe what you want but at least have some respect for those who sit on the opposite side of the fence!

No one on here ever disrespects your views (even tho 90% of the time we dont agree with you)

Anonymous said...

Penny does a lot of research into this and i know it is hard to accept the facts either way but i doubt she meant things as everyone is taking them. Lets keep to the issues and work on justice whatever the outcome we need to protect our children

Justice4Maeve said...

OK I have received many mails recently.
I would just like to say that Keran never mentioned the fits till questioned.
She brought the child to the doctor and explained she had been vomiting and lethargic (no fit mentioned in the doctors notes)
She called Maeve's father after another fit and never told him, yet again told him she was vomiting, lethargic.
Her diary notes for the child were read out in court and not once in any note was a 'fit' or anything resembling a 'fit' noted by Keran.
This was shown in the court doc's.

The child was dropped to Keran in the morning before the parents went to work (i.e. before 8.30 - if the parents work for 9) and was in hospital by afternoon (about 5 hours).

To answer another one: I am not opposed to SBS facts, clearly I show Penny Mellor and others opinions.
Again I was bashed for my 'Imagine' piece but as I've said already I am not going to publish any comment that berates the Sheppards, they are not on trial here. Yes you may see that as only sympathy for Maeve and her family (as someone so nicely put it, neither of who deserve it as Keran Henderson is Innocent) but it is the way it is.

People on this site believe in SBS and I do take opinions of why it doesn't exist too (although it will not change my mind on the Theory).

I am sorry if people feel they can not comment sometimes but I am not changing my site and to the person who actually wrote me a mail 'TELLING' me to take down the 'Imagine' piece then the answer to that is NO! If it makes an impact and makes you see just how someone must feel in that situation then it is staying there. That is how I pieced it together and that is how I plan to show others.

Thanks for your time in commenting but yet again I won't be posting comments that are insulting to this site.
I don't mind criticism, it goes to show I am achieving what I set out to do (which is make people see all the facts).

Anonymous said...

Well done justice4maeve - I do believe in SBS and think what you are doing is not only courageous but extremely important. Shaking a child can and does kill not to mention leave parents and children with life long physical and mental scars. People that get convicted of it get small snetences, we have to live with it forever. If anyone doesnt like what you say (which is the truth) then don't log on to your site. And if by this site it makes people think twice of shaking then it can only be good thing. No-one knows unless it happens to them how it feels and I must say that your "imagine" piece was very close to the real thing. So don't be bullied by others who dont care or dont know any better

Anonymous said...

"Again I was bashed for my 'Imagine' piece but as I've said already I am not going to publish any comment that berates the Sheppards, they are not on trial here. Yes you may see that as only sympathy for Maeve and her family (as someone so nicely put it, neither of who deserve it as Keran Henderson is Innocent) but it is the way it is."

The Shepperds deserve sympathy whether Keran Henderson is guilty or not but not at the expense of the truth!!

Anonymous said...

The Sheppards got the truth - Keran was found guilty in a court of law

RESEARCH said...

Research, tell me, if Keran put her appeal forward on the basis of Bio-mechanics where does that leave people that really did it?

Firstly i am no "expert" i just read into things surrounding "SBS","impact" and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). I really do understand what your saying "its only a dummie" But do we now not drive safer cars because of these tests with "dummies". Also i dont know the basis for the Appeal of Keran, what i will say though for the Appeal to go ahead it has to pass a single Judge, if the Appeal goes on to three Judges there is compeling evidence otherwise it will be dismissed by the single Judge.
Second is have you heard of a "Lucid Interval" where the injuries can be present but showing no outward signs from such like a fall, periods of Lucidity can be as long as 72 hours (documented)

Anonymous said...

Where is the Justice? God rest the poor little angels soul!

Justice4Maeve said...

Sorry all, things have been relatively quiet recently. As soon as I have more to post I will do another story for it!
J4M xx

Anonymous said...

So does ayone know whats the latest on Kerans appeal? ?