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March 7, 2008

My Words!!

I would like to thank the many people who have sent me emails since I posted my contact details.
Your words of encouragement are fantastic!!
I didn't realise this site had such momentum and how many people have great idea's to help raise awareness. Keep posting this website address everywhere you see fit. :)

I would just like to point out that I have been reading up and Iain Henderson seems to think that this site is all one big lie and because I will not disclose who I am then I have no character.
"The website, which supports Keran's conviction, attacked the group for making the trip near the time of the anniversary of Maeve's death, but Mr Henderson said: "There are always nasty comments on that website which are completely needless and very often wrong. The person who is running it does not even have the strength of character to say who they are so I don't want to respond to comments they make."

So in answer to that I will say this:
There would be no nasty comments on this website if it were only a one sided view like the caring site that is Carers4carers.

I chose to let people have an opinion, he forgets that I do let people speak FOR Keran as well as against. He forgets that I, the person with no strength of character, have listened to their views and although they contradict mine, I still take them on board (the Poll about Keran, the Original Headline).

I may not want to be known but don't dimiss me as someone with no strength of Character because you want to belittle the site.

I have Strength and Character ..... I stand up for what I believe in and I may not want to be known Mr Henderson, but that is because I do not need to be - I can get what I want to say across to many people without highlighting my position, without shedding tear's and without telling just one side. (last time I checked I have attached the link to the Carers4carers website so people CAN read both sides).

I can get people to read this site because they want to, because they need to hear another side of the story and I can do that through the old fashioned method's with modern powers that would be "Word of Mouth/Internet".

I don't feel the need to stop anyone speaking on behalf of Keran Henderson and just because I am a threat to Iain Henderson does not make me want to step down.

Last week I got caught between a war of words and bowed out, "packed my suitcases and left" because I wasn't where I thought I wanted to be, but I was so kindly told to "stand up and be bold enough to be heard", so I am back and now I will take the moderating more seriously but i will not stop people from having their comment and opinions heard!!


Ceinwen said...

My thoughts and love are with you Mark and Ruth. You are a wonderful couple and super parents

Anonymous said...

how did an 11 month old have a brain injury, snapped her neck, have retinal damage and brain swelling in the space of 5 hours in someones care if nothing but a fit happened, fits do not cause this kind of damage

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that Panorama was to give the "WHOLE" sense of the story. Both sides eh, It is such a pity that before I even watch it I know what is going to happen because Its now one sided and that side is with the Hendersons. But then again, John Sweeney is known to be on that side of the fence. I see the poor parents of this girl are going to have everything they stood for, all they believed to be good in the Justice system taken away from them, because ONE doctor in a different country says SBS doesn't exist.
Long live the media.... (who says they have no control)

Anonymous said...

Must make the BBC very proud to tell everyone the both sides eh??
< >

Anonymous said...

To the Sheppards,
Just keep believing, One person may not believe but many others do.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ruth and Mark, I have no other way of contactig you other than through this blog, so I am doing so prior to Panaorama being aired tonight.

I want to extend to you my deepest sympathies at the loss of your daughter Maeve and I hope, regardless of differing opinions, that you find some sort of closure.

I have worked with many falsely accused parents who have lost their own children and then been wrongly accused of murdering them, I have seen the terrible pain that goes with that allegation whilst trying to deal with the grief of losing a child. It is no coincidence that both Angela and Sally moved away from where their children were buried, their memory having been tainted with the allegations made against their mothers. Their precious children becoming nothing more than "exhibits" in court, something I still find hard to come to terms with.

Sadly Sally never managed to escape the terrible losses she suffered, yet another pointless waste of a life.

I wanted to say, publicly, should you want this published, that I refute the claim that the Henderson case is a miscarriage of justice on the proportion of Clark and Cannings - it is not. Other alleged skaen baby cases will be as it will have been the parent that was accused. You have lost a child, in common with both Angela and Sally and that is something that can never be changed. I cannot contemplate that ever happening to me or how I would cope, particularly in the circumstances in which you lost you precious daughter.

If I have ever added to your pain, I am sorry, it wasn't my intention.

I hope that you can rebuild your lives somehow and I wish you peace of mind, wherever you can find that peace.

Anonymous said...

Heard about this on radio one news this morning

Anonymous said...

As a visitor to your site I just wondered why you have used that particularly bad photo of Keran Henderson? I have seen more 'normal' ones in the public domain. It looks a bit like an attempt to influence a particular opinion of her. I know this is a minor issue in the big scheme of things being discussed here, however I think if you are attempting to have a rational and informed debate emotive pictures are not going to contribute to it. Just the opinion of a neutral observer. I have never met anyone involved in this case.

Justice4Maeve said...

Anon: As a visitor to your site I just wondered why you have used that particularly bad photo of Keran Henderson?
I can answer this question because it was asked again a few days ago, on a different scale but none the less..
I used this picture because it fitted perfectly into the scale of things and also this was the picture released by the media originally so the only other pictures of Keran were on her website and I didn't want to take them and have someone come complaining about using them (copyright and all that malarky).
It was brought to my attention recently that maybe I should move that picture and out the one of maeve up instead!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Ruth and Mark on this day xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my ignorance but I know that it is Maeve's birthday soon. Is it today ?

Justice4Maeve said...

No Maeve's Birthday is in April, the reason people have been posting nice comments today is because of the hype of the Panorama show and the fact that Maeve's anniversary has just passed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ruth and Mark, myself and my husband are close friends of Clive a relative of Ruth's and so have been kept up dated with your loss.We have 3 children of our own and can not begin to imagine how you must feel.What we have learned from this however is that you can not trust anyone alone with your children but yourself.We are so very sorry and hope that you eventually find some closeure to this so that you can greive properly for maeve in private,withoy the pass jugement and rude comments from an unsympathetic public.If people can not express sympathy they should leave you well alone and in peace to try to put your lives back together.I am appauled by the Panarama programme as it was all one one sided.There is too much support for Keran and not enough for you and your famalies the one's who need it the most.They want support for Keran well I say what about the support you truely deserve, your the true victims.Keran's family will be reunited with her, you will never have that chance again.Our hearts and love is with you.