Isaiah 59: 4,9-15, 14-15

Keep on fighting for what you believe and you will never have to look back and say WHAT IF?

October 28, 2010


I am ever so sorry everyone for the lack of contact/posts recently!
I have had a very busy few months and now I need to catch up.

I have spoken to Maeve's parents, Ruth and Mark and at present it looks like they will be using this site to tell their story?
If there are questions you would like to ask them, you can as always comment or mail me (I promise to answer and check more frequently).
Going forward alot of the articles on this site will be written by Maeve's family members and therefore will not be a viewpoint of mine but the story from their own lives.

I hope you will show your support to the Family (",)


June 17, 2010

It Stands (",)

So Keran appealed and failed miserably. The court saw through the hype and came back with a decline for an appeal based on the fact that there is no evidence to back up her 'theory' that she didn't do it other than her say so!

It's been a long process and after being found guilty and having an appeal court throw out her appeal I would like to believe that The Henderson's would accept life and let it be.

Let the Sheppard's have their time, let them say Goodbye. No one believes Keran except her friends and that just isn't enough.

Hush little baby don't you cry.....

The Court don't like your alibi,


March 19, 2010

Keran's Appeal

So the time is here. Keran had her moment in Court and we must wait on tender hooks yet again.
Keran's appeal has been heard although she did not produce any new evidence. It's a case of we should believe her experts that state SBS does not exist to the Prosecutions experts that state it does exist.

I have contacted the family to see if they would like to release a statement via the website or through the many journalists contacting me and will keep you updated.


December 21, 2009

Happy Christmas

I know it has been a long long time since I wrote last but not much has happened. Keran is out but can't speak to the media at present so all is quiet except for the 'bandwagon' trawling the net for stories of SBS cases been thrown out (normally in the US) or how they can disgrace another doctor/nurse or anybody really to suit their needs.
Here's hoping no one needs a doctor this year in their camp as they don't believe they know anything really!

As you can see I am still extremely bitter and I am thinking in the New year of coming up with a slightly better concept, maybe speak to friends and or family of Maeves and publish their stories. Maybe we'll actually hear the truth!

Have a Happy Christmas all and a fantastic New Year!
Think of Maeve and all the other children taken cruelly in this world.

We is it we fall?
It' so we can pick ourselves up and fight again!
Till 2010 xx

May 14, 2009

Lock him up!

Keran Henderson was convicted of manslaughter on a 10-2 majority
A jury foreman who broke the law banning the disclosure of jury room deliberations has been found guilty of contempt of court.
Michael Seckerson told The Times newspaper how a majority verdict was reached in the case of a childminder who was accused of manslaughter.

But two High Court judges ruled that the "robust and highly valued" jury system depended on jurors' privacy.Seckerson and The Times' publishers will now face a fine or prison term.

May 13, 2009

Time Served

So the time has come : 547 days of a 3 year sentence served for the manslaughter of a little girl.

I wonder now that Keran has been released will she reflect on the lives she's ruined, will she sit and read this site and think of the people that are hurting. I wonder will she feel any remorse.

Because after 547 of thinking, I am assuming she must have alot to be sorry for. In my opinion she should really have another 545 days to think some more but that's our Judicial system at it's best. As Iain likes to berate everything about the judicial system I am pretty sure this is a fact he will love.

So Keran I bet it's good to be home but while you reminisce with your family and friends, just remember your still 'Guilty' of manslaughter and there is still a family less well off than you!

Fiat Justicia

March 12, 2009

Keran's Appeal

"Today 11th March 2009 Keran’s appeal was formally launched. The dates of the appeal hearing are yet to be confirmed, but the Royal Courts of Justice have acknowledged that Keran’s conviction in November 2007 has merit for appeal and three judges will hear the evidence in an appeal hearing to follow, hopefully later this year." Extract from carers4carers website.

Now as many of you now know I believe Keran is guilty, from the above extract, you would be led to believe the Directions hearing doesn't believe this and is granting Keran an appeal.

Alas this is not entirely the case: An appeal is not granted at a Directions Hearing.

The Magistrates court (sorry ROYAL COURT, my mistake) hear all of the evidence that Kerans legal team plan to bring to the 'new trial'. The Judges will listen to all 'new eveidence' provided and if they decide it is valid then an appeal will be granted.

They did not afford Keran's trial MERIT for an appeal, they merely stated the 'evidence' presented had merit but not full merit to warrant an appeal so they are to come back again with more for the Judges to decide on the way forward.

In, by saying 'evidence' I am strictly referring to 'Experts', 'Procedures', Diseases, Alternatives.

As you are aware by now, Iain DOES NOT think any of the above should be used against someone in a trial BUT seemingly can be used FOR someone.

I just thought I could let you know some of the legal Jargon so you can keep track.

PS: As most legal eagles will know Bio-mechanics is not recognised in the UK so I am sure that theory is OUT (",)

Fiat Justicia

Some fun facts to help you to understand a Directions hearing so that you know what to understand for a retrial:
  • Generally, there is no trial in a Magistrates court, only consideration of the record of the evidence presented to the trial court and all the pre-trial and trial court proceedings are reviewed—unless the appeal is by way of re-hearing, new evidence will usually only be considered on appeal in very rare instances, for example if that material evidence was unavailable to a party for some very significant reason such as prosecutorial misconduct. (as this was held in a royal courts there is leave for an appeal but still not retrial)
  • The petitioner has the opportunity to present arguments for the granting of the appeal and the respondent can present arguments against it.
  • At such hearings each party is allowed a brief presentation at which the Magistrate judges ask questions based on their review of the record below and the submitted briefs.

December 5, 2008

12 Experts

After much looking into things here are the 12 experts called for the trial on Maeve.

Twelve expert witnesses called by the prosecution
Susan Downes Registered as doctor in 1997. Graduated from Bristol University in 1996. Specialist in ophthalmology since July 1997
Pieter Pretorius Graduated from the University of the Orange Free State in 1993 and registered in July 1995. Specialist in clinical radiology since September 2004
Wilhelm Kuker Graduated in 1987 from the Christian Albrechts Universit├Ąt in Kiel and registered as a specialist in clinical radiology in 2004
Michael Pike Graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in 1977. Specialist in neurology and paediatrics since July 1996
Nathaniel Carey Graduated from the University of London in June 1981. Specialist in histopathology from October 1996
Steven Gould Graduated from University of London in 1977. Histopathology specialist since 1996
Warey Squier No record on GMC register
Brendon McDonald Graduated from the University of Liverpool in 1982. Specialist in neuropathology from 1997. Entered GP register in 2006
Jonathan Kay Graduated from Royal College of Surgeons in 1977. Specialising in chemical pathology since June 1996
Neil Stoodley Graduated from Oxford in June 1985 and has been a specialist in clinical radiology since October 1997
Safa Al-Sarraj Graduated from University of Baghdad in 1981. Registered in 1992. Specialist in histopathology since November 1996
Professor Rupert Risdon Graduated from Royal College of Surgeons in 1962. Became a specialist in histopathology in 1996

Source: General Medical Council’s list of registered medical practitioners

I am sure alongside their general stats if you google many you will see that they are well liked and established practioners and experts in their field of medicine.
So this is who Camp Henderson have their sites set on then? They want to bring all the experts down BUT their own!

June 9, 2008

Justice Continues eh!!

Everything has been so quiet recently I thought maybe Keran and Iain had crawled back into their own world and decided that 3 years really wasn't enough and that she was settling for the 18 months!!

I was wrong!!!!

And to prove my point all anyone had to do was open the News of the World to read Iain's 'heartbreaking' story.

Much to my disapproval that papers will still carry a story from a convicted killer and make her out to be a victim of our system.
I thought maybe the sting had gone from me and that reading these magazines would no longer goad me in to writing here about it but its just an atrocity.
I mean as a parent myself and from the floods of emails I have received since yesterday alone (26 and counting), this article seems to have set off a chain of events again.

"Keran Henderson cries herself to sleep most nights. "

This was the first sentence in an article filled to make you feel sorry for her. As any journo would know, you start with an attention grabber for effect but I myself read on not because I felt sorry for Keran but because I wanted to see what 'story' could be told today.

After all its a never ending change of events in the Henderson Camp, Iain is either bitter that the Judicial system let him down, or the work-force, the defense Keran had, the lack of money that is put in to defend a killer, the 'EXPERTS' or just angry at the world so we are not sure who is going to be the blame for Keran's incarceration (except Keran) in Iain's books today.

Well seemingly it's all of the above and the many people that 'lied' to send her down because facts are not Facts with the Henderson's until they are their FACTS.

I read the article expecting it to be so much more but to be honest although I was annoyed of having to see yet some more publicity I saw nothing new.

And that is just it.......... there doesn't seem to be anything new to bring!

Keran's case is before the Judges again in November so the Henderson camp are going to step up a beat and sell their story to all the papers, you watch where it will appear, because people have to be a part of their show in order to get Keran a 'fair' trial and the reason for this is that there is nothing new to produce. I read Iain's blog recently and it said that they were going to try prove Maeve's brain bled from a fall a few days previously..... when did this fall occur? Can Keran prove this fall? I or no one I spoke to is aware of a fall that could make a child brain bleed for days so that the child is only lethargic in Keran's company but not in her family's company.
It seems to me that every time a new notion is explored and a new avenue gives the Henderson camp hope, something new 'could have' happened this child.

Tell me, did Maeve get a 'fair' trial in Keran Henderson's care?

Or was Keran, Judge, jury and EXECUTIONER all at once???

I sometimes await in hope that the Sheppards will hit back and tell us what they really think but I am also aware that their peace keeps this 'ratings war' at bay!!

If Iain had to contend with them, he would consume every square inch of newspapers and for that I am glad of the Sheppard's silence because his 'crusade' could be tolerable if he had something different to say once in awhile but selling the same story over and over again......BORING!!!

April 18, 2008

Quiet Time

I want to apologize for the lack of everything on here but not much has been happening of late.

Contrary to Iain's blog where it says 'I would like to see these people face to face…..but then I WILL, they will all have to come back to the retrial…….excellent!!' - there has not been an order for a retrial as of yet.
Besides the continious campaigning from carers4carers there is nothing to report.

People have mailed me and told me to do what other sites do and post about other cases to keep people interested but I don't really want to do that. I wanted to make it just about this case. So if it means having quiet periods of time while waiting for something to report then that is what I shall do.
As always I still check the site daily so if you have any comments please feel free to leave them!!

Have a read!!

March 10, 2008


Someone asked me why I got so involved in this case if I had nothing to do with it.
I have spoke with many people to do with this case and I have seen people's hurt and anguish. I have been contacted by people who have been though this kind of situation and through it all, the questions still raised themselves in my head.
Before I started this site I told myself the story in my own words to see what I believed.
Now I am going to tell you the story, in plain words, with no extra facts like the 999 tapes or anything else. Then tell me what you believe:

Let me ask you this?

If you have a child and you left them at home, with me for instance and you trusted me and 5 hours later I rang to say nothing happened but your child was at the hospital. I also forgot to tell you that your child previously had a fit in my care and I never told you.
You go to the hospital and the doctors tell you that your child, that was healthy and happy that morning is dying, if this isn't bad enough, it wasn't accidental (these are professional doctors and not just one doctor but many treated your child). You then have to be cleared of any wrong doing.

Meanwhile I am not even sure what has happened, all I know is your child is sick, in hospital after leaving me but I am too distraught to leave my home or care for any other children.
Am I aware she is even dead yet?

Now it gets worse, you as the parents have to be interviewed and cleared and then I do too (as to find out all the details - this is standard procedure).

But I am not cleared.

Can you imagine what you would be feeling by now?

You as the parent are told from all these doctors and police officers that there is so many symptoms pointing to SBS (a theory many believe not to be true, you probably never even thought of it before but now its your reality).
These doctors that have trained for many, many years, who treat children every day tell you that your child's neck is snapped but I told you nothing happened.

How does that add up? Do you believe me or the Doctor?

And then my family and I launch a website which may I add we never ever mention your child's name, we do not need anyone's sympathy, I am telling the truth.

We all go to trial, The experts point out all the scientifically proven facts of why SBS is the cause (while my family and I are berating them on our website but the trial is coming to a close now so I must mention your child's name at least and pass on my condolences - it's been two years and now I do it).
You as the parents sit and listen every single day to what happened your child and how in my defence I am a modern day Mary Poppins with a glowing reference.
I am found guilty but I don't want to accept this alternative so I launch an appeal.

You have just sat through a trial that 10 people thought I was guilty, you have just heard the Judge tell me I am guilty and you are just about to grieve when all of a sudden your everyday is seeing this appeal.

There is nothing to prove my innocence, only my word and the fact that some place in this country and at some time, some people got other cases wrong and therefore I am going to use that against the system.
I am going to drum up enough media support that someone will have to listen, after all everyone reads a story and wants to know the ending.
Every Judge and Jury know this.

But no one has explained to you what happened your child, If I am innocent.
What did I do?

Did your child simply fall and accidentally hurt themselves or did I shake her?

You will never know if the media keep spinning a yarn from my side, if I keep getting Jokers to represent me and fooling people into thinking that this is a miscarriage of Justice.

Your child died from massive head injuries, an over-extended neck (snapped), blind, bleeding of the brain and eyes, a haemorrage (all consistent with SBS), she lay in a morgue for 2 months while doctors did tests to rule out anything other than SBS and yet I still say I am innocent.



March 7, 2008

My Words!!

I would like to thank the many people who have sent me emails since I posted my contact details.
Your words of encouragement are fantastic!!
I didn't realise this site had such momentum and how many people have great idea's to help raise awareness. Keep posting this website address everywhere you see fit. :)

I would just like to point out that I have been reading up and Iain Henderson seems to think that this site is all one big lie and because I will not disclose who I am then I have no character.
"The website, which supports Keran's conviction, attacked the group for making the trip near the time of the anniversary of Maeve's death, but Mr Henderson said: "There are always nasty comments on that website which are completely needless and very often wrong. The person who is running it does not even have the strength of character to say who they are so I don't want to respond to comments they make."

So in answer to that I will say this:
There would be no nasty comments on this website if it were only a one sided view like the caring site that is Carers4carers.

I chose to let people have an opinion, he forgets that I do let people speak FOR Keran as well as against. He forgets that I, the person with no strength of character, have listened to their views and although they contradict mine, I still take them on board (the Poll about Keran, the Original Headline).

I may not want to be known but don't dimiss me as someone with no strength of Character because you want to belittle the site.

I have Strength and Character ..... I stand up for what I believe in and I may not want to be known Mr Henderson, but that is because I do not need to be - I can get what I want to say across to many people without highlighting my position, without shedding tear's and without telling just one side. (last time I checked I have attached the link to the Carers4carers website so people CAN read both sides).

I can get people to read this site because they want to, because they need to hear another side of the story and I can do that through the old fashioned method's with modern powers that would be "Word of Mouth/Internet".

I don't feel the need to stop anyone speaking on behalf of Keran Henderson and just because I am a threat to Iain Henderson does not make me want to step down.

Last week I got caught between a war of words and bowed out, "packed my suitcases and left" because I wasn't where I thought I wanted to be, but I was so kindly told to "stand up and be bold enough to be heard", so I am back and now I will take the moderating more seriously but i will not stop people from having their comment and opinions heard!!

March 5, 2008

Shaking Baby Syndrome

Now being Showed
8.30PM - 9PM

I would also like to say that I have now re-opened the comment board in respect of many people who did email me and ask for it.
As you can also see I have posted links to new blogs from Dr Rita Pal.
I would just like to say in defence of myself in dr Rita Pal's comment on me.
I didn't want to be goaded into an argument for either side, obviously all publicity of this site and Keran's case is welcome but it has nothing to do with me. The only site I am worried about is this one and I didn't pack my bags and leave the building, I just let things cool down.

February 21, 2008

Explanation of Some Kind

When I set up this blog, it wasn't a support site for Maeve's memory or for her family. They didn't need support, they had Justice.

I set it up becuase I was sick to my back teeth of hearing how Keran was innocent and the whole world was wrong. How Experts who save people's lives were wrong (till they agreed with Keran). How everything our Judicial System stood for was a lie. How the CPS were covering a great conspiracy theory and covering the tracks of doctors. How it was right form Jury Member's to break the law and speak out.

You name it, I heard it all.

I set this site up to show the story from another point of view. I knew people wouldn't like that. "There is nothing worse than opposition when your on a level playing field and hitting for the home run!"
I knew that I would anger people with my thoughts and opinions and although I knew many others believed the theories, I didn't expect the blog to have as much of a reation and response. I didn't expect to be contacted by so many journalists, I didn't expect to be able to correspond with doctors from all over the world via email, some who do and some who don't believe in SBS. I've learned the true nature of people. People fight for what they believe is true, through blind force and sheer determination.

I have never insulted Kerans supporters for fighting for what they believe in. I will quote Penny Mellor here because no one has said a more fascinating comment to be true: "I believe no matter what anyone does somebody will always find fault with it. Each of you is entitled to do whatever you feel is required to get your point of view heard, this is a democracy."

Originally I had only intended to post a view from people who believed Keran was guilty and then I thought (after receiving all kinds of comments from her supporter's) that maybe if they didn't have to keep proclaiming her innocence and had a discussion about it instead then maybe we could see why they believed her. Maybe people's opinion's changed because of her supporter's and maybe I changed other's opinions. I decided to give everyone a fair chance to speak (sometimes that went too far and I have deleted/moderated many comments) but at the same time I wanted people to hear what both sides said. I could have done what Carers4carers do and only posted nice things but then it really would have been an us and them scenario. People that read this site see things not as a whole but as two halves and they have decide what they believe, they are never fooled into believing everything is rosy.

If I wanted to stir it up, I could just post comments that slate Keran, that tell the bad side only and the campaign could then hope that the person reading would read the carers4carers site too before making up their mind but I don't do that, I let them view both sides and arguments. I won't apologise for what you call 'stirring thing up', it is not my intention. I am just stating the facts as I see them. I didn't lie about the March or the petition. I put it there for all to see
and I didn't block the comment from Keran's supporters telling people why they did it.
I don't agree with it, as does many other people, it was the wrong time to do it but your attacking me and this site just goes to show that no matter what you do, you do not want an alternative to Keran being Innocent. You ask us to unite, that we all want a common cause of Justice, that in reality we all want the same thing, the truth - but as far as I am aware, the people who believe Keran is guilty have found the truth and maybe even peace, the people who believe she is innocent still fight for her and that is their right, just don't look down on the people who do not believe you.