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June 9, 2008

Justice Continues eh!!

Everything has been so quiet recently I thought maybe Keran and Iain had crawled back into their own world and decided that 3 years really wasn't enough and that she was settling for the 18 months!!

I was wrong!!!!

And to prove my point all anyone had to do was open the News of the World to read Iain's 'heartbreaking' story.

Much to my disapproval that papers will still carry a story from a convicted killer and make her out to be a victim of our system.
I thought maybe the sting had gone from me and that reading these magazines would no longer goad me in to writing here about it but its just an atrocity.
I mean as a parent myself and from the floods of emails I have received since yesterday alone (26 and counting), this article seems to have set off a chain of events again.

"Keran Henderson cries herself to sleep most nights. "

This was the first sentence in an article filled to make you feel sorry for her. As any journo would know, you start with an attention grabber for effect but I myself read on not because I felt sorry for Keran but because I wanted to see what 'story' could be told today.

After all its a never ending change of events in the Henderson Camp, Iain is either bitter that the Judicial system let him down, or the work-force, the defense Keran had, the lack of money that is put in to defend a killer, the 'EXPERTS' or just angry at the world so we are not sure who is going to be the blame for Keran's incarceration (except Keran) in Iain's books today.

Well seemingly it's all of the above and the many people that 'lied' to send her down because facts are not Facts with the Henderson's until they are their FACTS.

I read the article expecting it to be so much more but to be honest although I was annoyed of having to see yet some more publicity I saw nothing new.

And that is just it.......... there doesn't seem to be anything new to bring!

Keran's case is before the Judges again in November so the Henderson camp are going to step up a beat and sell their story to all the papers, you watch where it will appear, because people have to be a part of their show in order to get Keran a 'fair' trial and the reason for this is that there is nothing new to produce. I read Iain's blog recently and it said that they were going to try prove Maeve's brain bled from a fall a few days previously..... when did this fall occur? Can Keran prove this fall? I or no one I spoke to is aware of a fall that could make a child brain bleed for days so that the child is only lethargic in Keran's company but not in her family's company.
It seems to me that every time a new notion is explored and a new avenue gives the Henderson camp hope, something new 'could have' happened this child.

Tell me, did Maeve get a 'fair' trial in Keran Henderson's care?

Or was Keran, Judge, jury and EXECUTIONER all at once???

I sometimes await in hope that the Sheppards will hit back and tell us what they really think but I am also aware that their peace keeps this 'ratings war' at bay!!

If Iain had to contend with them, he would consume every square inch of newspapers and for that I am glad of the Sheppard's silence because his 'crusade' could be tolerable if he had something different to say once in awhile but selling the same story over and over again......BORING!!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Justice x

Anonymous said...

And there was me thinking you had finallly seen sense by your silence! The court of appeal are willing to listen - are they part of the henderson campaign as well??

Anonymous said...

Hi Justice4Maeve, I am so glad you are back. I hope you received my email. I was absolutely appalled to read that article on Sunday. I mean its a complete joke! The words "milking it" come to mind! Does he (Iain) have an ounce of compassion for Maeve's parents? I mean he is very good at showing empathy (hardly sympathy as he wouldnt know where to start) for the cameras but he is just like his jailbird wife - twisted in the brain. I just hope their children are going to turn out okay, although its certainly questionable monitoring their parents behaviour. Poor wee souls, I hope they will come through this in the end - Unlike Maeve who is now gone and never to be seen again, or has everyone forgotten that? Its shocking and absolutely disgusting. I will say a prayer for that beautiful little angel - who wont return to her family after 18months :o(

Justice4Maeve said...

In response to anon 2:26 ->
Just because people are quiet does not mean they don't believe in something (a notion lost on the Henderson Campaign), I didn't have anything to write, unless I wanted to talk about your day's out (dinner dances, fun days, raffles etc). As for the Court of appeals, One Judge did not say that there would be a retrial, ONE judge heard the case and gave the go ahead for funds to see what the Campaign can come up with (more likely due to media interest to be honest, if it wasn't given, there would be an outcry of injustice and suppressing human rights and so forth), although have I not heard Iain on many many many occasions express his opinion on why people are paid to give an 'EXPERT' opinion, now he plans to pay for 12 himself is it?? Pot, kettle BLACK!!!
I do believe in my heart this case will get a retrial but only because Keran is floating on the back of people's injustice. If Keran had stated somewhere actually anywhere that Maeve had hit her head then a Jury would never have found her guilty, actually it would have been very hard for the CPS to prosecute but she didn't, never did she say Maeve fell. So what can the bio-mechanics lead us to believe?? That anybody's head may flop and that's it, your brain is bleeding and your times up. Something happened, somewhere and I believe Keran Henderson knows what and I also believe 18 months in a cell thinking about it is really not long enough.

Anonymous said...

Hey J4M, your back! I didnt see the article that you are referring to but if its anything like Iains blogs its total crap! Any chance you could put up a link to the article??? I did tho hear of this "new medical evidence" from Iains blog. Although im sure its possible some falls could create a bleed but the fact Maeve had no symtoms (for days!!!) is just stupid. Again no-one saw it and why is it only being brought up now. The Hendersons, in particular Iain i feel is loving the limelight and attention - its like a movie or something. Im sure he believes his wife and I do feel for him in a way, but he just doesnt seem to care how much continuous pain he is causing to the Sheppards by this fiasco. Wasnt the death of little Maeve enough for them??

Anonymous said...

To Anon 2:46 and 3:06
Sorry to say,
But I think you are being very hypocritical. If your saying Iain who I know does show compassion for Maeve doesn't and he should shouldn't you show some compassion for Iain?

Anonymous said...

Iain doesn’t show compassion for Maeve! He always says “how he feels sorry for her parents not knowing what really happened to her" That’s not compassion that’s patronising!!!
Those of us who have looked at the case and the facts put forward know what happened to Maeve! Keran's actions are the reason that baby died!

Iain has never been willing to listen to reason and is clawing on to media spin he can get in the papers!

Those who think we are silent because we no longer support Maeve are sorely mistaken. Unlike the Henderson campaign we have respect for the Shepherd family and do not go round selling stories to the press and turning a profit from a tragedy like the Henderson family!