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January 21, 2008

Statement from Maeve's Parents

I would like to apologise to everybody, my internet connection seems to have failed me and I have lost many comments.

One I did manage to save was a comment from Maeve's parents Ruth and Mark Sheppard.

"We would like to say "Thank you" to the person who has set up this blog site. This has given us some comfort to realise not everybody out there will blindly follow the media's coverage and the so called facts given by the Henderson Campaign. We would like to state that the verdict was correct, although the sentence was too light.

We also wish to state that we do not align ourselves with Keran's Campaign and we find it highly distasteful that in light of our silence they have taken it upon themselves to publicise that they are running this campaign for ourselves and Maeve.

We would also like to thank everybody for their kind comments to us. Maeve was a beautiful child and she will always be sorely missed.

Mark and Ruth Sheppard."


Justice4Maeve said...
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Anonymous said...

If there is any justice in this world then people will see the truth in this sad case. The media only want to follow each other for the sake of viewer numbers not facts. Yes there may have been miscarriages of justice in the past but did these people get released on hard evidence or just campaigns with a lot of money behind them, to say that this woman should be released as only medical evidence supports her trial is stupid as we all know that people can snap even if it is not in their nature, look at the father on trial for jumping over the balcony with his children or the policeman who shot himself and his mother in law, would people think they would commit such crimes.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see that Maeve's parents know people are supporting them and I think it is very disrespectful of the Henderson Campaign to take advantage of their silence.

Anonymous said...

How is the henderson campaign taking advantage of their silence?

Anonymous said...

The fact that the parents have stated that they are not aligned with the Campaign, everywhere I have read or heard Iain Henderson, he always stated he is doing this for Maeve and her parents but obviously they don't want that cause they believe they have closure, Keran is guilty.

Anonymous said...

ah ok - thanks for the clarification. I think what is meant by that is that they want to find the truth for all concerned.

Anonymous said...

And I think that the Parents would rather not be mentioned in the Campaign because they believe they know the truth.

Jenny said...

I just read the supporting site for Keran and read Iain Henderson's story. Please can someone confirm was Iain a Police Officer or a Parks officer? If he worked as a Parks officer (as I have previously read and a Fraud Investigator) why would he be doing dawn raids?
I am very troubled by he's lack of facts to support he's wife retrial. Medical Opinions are what people go by, if your sick you take the doctor's medical opinion that you are sick. Why is it different for this case?
Also can someone please enlighten me as to whether Maeve ever had a fit in anyone's company except Keran's? Cause that seems very peculiar to me.
I also have another argument, I've read all the comments on this blog and noted that in them someone mentions the police officer stating a case of injustice, which was later said to be not confirmed, in Iains story on Keran's support blog he states it was the Chief Inspector prosecuting the case. Is this not slander - defamation of charachter if the police officer will not confirm this? This is all hearsay on Iain's part. If he suggests we do not believe 'EXPERT' opinions that under normal circumstances we would believe why are we to believe him (when he can say what he wants us to believe to try free he's wife)that a police officer stated this to Keran's family member and no one else after the Chief Inspector worked hard to get facts in order to convict Keran. There is some very contradictory comments.

Ad said...

It must be hard for the parents of Maeve to keep out of the media especially when you see things like channel 4's Richard and Judy, although I did think they aired on the side of caution and did not feel sorry for Iain. Yes he stands by his wife and if he was indeed the police officer as stated he would have gone along with medical evidence to convict criminals whilst working so is he now saying that they should be freed because they say that they are innocent. Of course no one wants to believe anyone would hurt a child but I do think that the Sheppards when they can should air their story so its not a one sided tail.

Anonymous said...

To Ad,

The shepherd family shouldnt be pressurised into the media circus just because Iain henderson decides to drag it through the gutter press.

If i was grieving for the loss of a child I would imagine the LAST thing i'd want is to have to go on GMTV or richard and judy!

And anyway they dont need to tell their side, their story was told and prevailed in a court of law.
Keran was found Guilty and is in prison.

I think the responsibility should be on the press to let Iain have his say but also tell both sides.
GMTV totally didnt do this and Fiona Philips should be ashamed of herself coz it wasnt responsible journalism.

Ad said...

Sorry it came out wrong, I know they do not need to justify themselves but the campaign seems to be freeing this on media not evidence, if i have offended anyone then i am very sorry

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake no-one in the campaign thinks that the media interest will get Keran freed. For the record the press have contacted the campaign - not ONE phone call has been made to the press asking for them to cover it. Why do you think they are interested - never before has a community got behind a convicted felon and why do you think that is. The appeal will of course be based on something other than media interest !!!If you had watched the early addition of GMTV that day you would know that they read out part of the parents impact statement so it was not one sided. In fact I think this has been quoted in most interviews. I think Maeves parents have kept a very dignified silence and we have to respect that but I guess that is because they think justice has been done ? We don't so can't leave it alone. I wish more than anything that this was not happening but please ask yourselves if this was your partner and you believed they were innocent and that the trial was flawed what would you do??

Anonymous said...

To the first comment, people need a reason to snap i.e when your wife has just told you she is about to end your marriage and leave with your children in the case of the man in trial for jumping off a balcony, but Keran's reason according to the defense because Maeve has a dirty nappy, Yes very beleivable that an experienced childminder would murder a baby for that. The people who often commit these awful crimes have nearly always had a history of problems e.g depression, anxiety. This is not the case with Keran. It is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

i think we are on the verge on a slanging match here, this site is to respect the memory of little Maeve and her very brave parents, obviously people are going to differ on views but everyone sends their regards to love to the sheppards and their other children

Anonymous said...

Yes of course you will fight for what you believe in and the Sheppards will have course believe the evidence set out for them by the police and doctors, The campaigner have every right to do this but i do feel that things like the ribbons over Iver must hurt Maeve's family everytime they go through the village. I think everyone is doing what they can to get through every day but sometime the media stir things. No way can the sheppards have closure either way they will never get maeve back and after a year of so the Hendersons will have Keran. Both families have been affected by this and people accusing others does not help.

Anonymous said...

The press are interested because it makes a good story the way Iain henderson paints it, "oh poor me ,my poor wife, my poor kids have lost their mother"!!!
He sensationalises there side of the story and forgets the fact the an innocent little girl has lost her life.
Her parents and familiy will never get her back.
Keran will be back and be with her children again!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but that is rubbish. Never does Iain forget that a child has died. Maeve is mentioned by him in every interview he does. Someone earlier said that he should leave Maeve out of it so it seems that he is wrong whatever he does!
I doubt that the press would get behind a convicted killer?? Maybe you have some other examples of where they have done this?

Anonymous said...

There is a baby who has lost her life and a women who has been convicted of this. The defence has had the same amount of time to prepare for the trail as the prosecution. We are now in the third month since the conviction and still no sign of a appeal...why? The element of doubt needed to be be shown in court not the newspapers. You can base a campaign and media coverage on your persona but not a court case, as it should be.

Anonymous said...

justice has been done..the ribbons are getting out of hand, and to many people so called "caring for karen" is just a fashion statement. do you really think that those who have no opinion or disagree really want to see there local town cover in tacky ribbons, or when maeve's parents drive throught the town are bombarded with ribbions..surely a line needs to be drawn somewhere?

at the end of the day karen was convicted, she should be gratefull that she only got three years, because personaly that is not long three years time her life will be back to normal and hopefully by then the ribbons would ahve gone also, However the Sheppards family will never be the same again.

was ian henderson at every court hearing?..i dont think so somehow, so tell me this, why does he think he knows every litle detail and is certain karen is innocent? at the end of the day karennhas been convicted, you wouldnt question it on any other court hearing, so why this one?

and yes to a certain degree sticking by your family and friends is acceptable, however a line needs to be drawn and personally this line has been crossed and is now not only affecting the parents and family of maeve, but those who are not closly related to this case.