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January 23, 2008

Comment Board for DISCUSSION of either side.

If you are leaving a comment here, please do not do it to start an argument, I will take opinions from either side.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to whoever you are. I believe you've been unfairly treated, abused for posting comments that judge Keran even though you put up Keran's supporting arguments.
I have become addicted to this site to see what people would say.
I only see one side of the argument in my head and it will always be that way, Keran to me is Guilty. In all the 'Experts' they say contradicted themselves, the jury still came to one conlusion - GUILTY. I feel sorry for Keran's boys and for her husband, I wouldn't wish the situation on anybody, Maeve was the most beautiful little girl in the world, who always had smiles and laughs for everyone. She wasn't a stroppy child as portrayed, she was happy. She brought smiles and happiness to so many lives, especially her parents. She was their first child and they loved her unconditionally. And the pain of loosing her will live with them to this day, etched on their face everytime I look at them. This site (arguments and all) have brought them comfort because they see people actually care enough to comment. They believed by their silence people would forget to look at the other side of the story, the side where two young people lost the most precious gift to them. The side where lives were shattered beyond belief, to know your child suffered enough to have the injuries she sustained and to be told 'SHE HAD A FIT' and nothing else happened to her.
Can you imagine for one second, if your a parent, what its like to loose a child and now imagine the horror of thinking you could've stopped it. If someone hurt your child you would go after them hell bent on getting Revenge, but Ruth and Mark Sheppard put their faith in the Justice system and for that reason they believed it got the right result.
After going to Hell and back they must have thanked God the day they got the result but their nightmare was only just beginning because now everywhere you look there is a picture of their child, on the internet, on every show, on every paper and it doesn't look like it will ever stop.
If there is a retrial then get on with it (Find your evidence,PROVE YOUR FACTS), give these people back their lives. Let them prepare to say goodbye to their daughter once and for all.

I found a penny today
Just laying on the ground
But it is not just a penny
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Found pennies come from Heaven
that's what my Grandpa once told me
He said Angels toss them down
oh, how I loved that story...

He said when an Angel misses you
they toss a penny down
Sometimes just to cheer you up
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So don't pass by that penny
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It may be a panny from Heaven
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Anonymous said...

I just read this letter from Iain on the carers4carers website and my opinion is that it is DISGRACEFUL!!

"two guards at the last prison discriminated against her and they seem to have got away with far.
As I have said so often what goes around comes around, just more names on the list. It’s a shame but why not write to the Director at Bronzefield and ask, she may tell you why. I will be asking her a few things, such as policies regarding complaints, answering the phone etc. But just in case she forgets to reply to the post as well, then we shall be writing to her boss at the company and maybe a few others to see if they will talk.
I never was one for complaining, but nowadays in for a penny in for a pound. Still don't like bullies but what they gonna do, lock my wife up on false charges? Oh nope they have done that!"

Keran's 'crew' has said on more than one occasion that they don't contact people, that they are being fair. So 'fair' now is getting everyone to write to a woman that does her job because a 'Criminal is being treated like a Criminal'. He goes on about the boys having rights and not being able to use them, what rights does Maeve have??? even if Keran protests her Innocence, The jury have found her Guilty therefore the people that work at these prisons treat her like a prisoner. I am sure they have heard on many occassions that people are innocent but its a job to them, so Keran not getting a 20 min call or 3 visits a week is what Society would want for anyone who murdered someone.
Does no one agree with this?
After all she may think and proclaim her Innocence and people may agree with her BUT she has been proven guilty and therefore should serve her sentence like any other murderer!! That is what the law of England state 'Keran Henderson is Guilty of manslaughter'.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, who do Keran's Campaignors think they are? Have they not read the Statement given by the parents that state they wish to not be aligned with them, that they have justice. So if they feel they want to have justiuce for Keran just admit that its just because of Keran and nothing to do with Maeve.

Gerry said...

Oh look put all the blame on Keran again? I thought this was for opinions not arguments. Its funny how people only now want to look at this side and blame Keran. She has protested her innocence from day one and people judged her without the proper facts.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry now Gerry but the FACTS were obviously there for her to get a 10/2 majority vote. She was found guilty of killing a little girl. Anyone can say they are innocent but does that make it so. Experts have clearly shown reasons as to why she was guilty. I am sure if you go to any Prison you will hear 10 inmates to every 30 saying they were wrongfully accused and are innocent but how many of them are?

Anonymous said...

I know what it is to lose a child and time only makes it easier to go on, it never takes away the pain or the constant asking whether you could have done more. Keran's family may feel that justice has not been done but Keran will be home soon, Baby Maeve will not. No one can ever be 100% sure what happened on that day, Iain was a policeman and he must have convicted people purely on evidence not motive. He knows the system and If it is proven that more evidence comes forward then Keran will be freed. However I do feel the two Jurors should be ashamed of themselves if they felt this way when the case was on going then they should have spoken up, to leave it until a woman was sentenced is total wrong, It was there job to ask questions

Anonymous said...

"There but for the grace of God go you or I".

It is my belief that there has been a serious miscarriage of justice here. I am very sorry for Maeve's parents and her family but I am certain that Keran did not do anything to Maeve and she could have died at any time. Had she done so in her parents care at the weekend the debate would be totally different!

Anonymous said...

Whats your basis of saying Maeve could of died anytime?
Are you a doctor? Have you examined the child? Do you know something the rest of us dont?

Your making assumptions.
When the FACT is that maeve became and eventually died while being cared for by Keran.

How can you be CERTAIN Keran didnt do anything? were you there! NO!

No one will ever no what happened to Maeve but the Facts speak for themselves , she had horriifc internal injuries and the person found GUILTY in court is Keran.

Anonymous said...

I think it is very commendable that you let both sides have their say. It is a true loss to all involved :(

melissa said...

It a seriously horrible feeling when you loose a child...
I had a miscarriage a while back and that was the worst thing in the world that I had to go through, I then had to endure an abortion in November and that was also a truly horrible thing to go through as I've always seen it as murder and I felt so guilty for it.

I am truly sorry for the parents of little Maeve as I can only judge by my own experiences how they must be feeling, but I know it is probably worse as they actually got the chance to know their child...

I am glad that justice was served and if Keran was put in there for the wrong reasons then fate and justice will show once again and whats right will happen - but if it doesnt then we all know the truth... not that the truth isnt already known - but some people think they have 'facts' ...

RIP Maeve
Love forever,

Anonymous said...

I just want to say well done to all involved in this site. Its good to see justice was served and another murderer is off the streets.

Anonymous said...

SICKENED to the pit of my stomach reading this. Who does this man think he is, not only does he decide she is innocent but actually says that he befirended a fellow jusry and then talked him around. Who gave this man a right to play god?

Anonymous said... SICKENED to the pit of my stomach reading this. Who does this man think he is, not only does he decide she is innocent but actually says that he befirended a fellow jusry and then talked him around. Who gave this man a right to play god?

Isn't that the whole purpose of the jury system?!?!?!? You absolute buffoon!!!

Anonymous said...

I would say yes it is he's opinion to find her innocent but to actually admit that he talked someone else around, can they not form their own opinion. Also why do we have a Judicial system if jurors can just speak out and write books about what goes on? Why don't we just let the person on trial go up and give just their take on it and say 'look i'm innocent, i'm off home'.
Writing a book, yes he's really clocking he's 15 minutes of fame. I suppose every lecturer in the world wants to be published and he thinks this is the way. Its a sad case of affairs when people can break the law and not have anything done.

By the way yes it is illegal and immoral, here is some extracts from an English Law paper:

For a juror to speak publicly about their deliberations - let alone their doubts about a defendant's behaviour - is a very American phenomenon.
But in England and Wales, a juror -or media outlet - doing the same would end up in the dock. Here confidentiality is a cornerstone of the legal system, to protect jurors from fear of intimidation and to give them confidence to speak freely and frankly during deliberations.

The ban on contact isn't just limited to the media - any research into how juries reach a verdict is also precluded. Theoretically, the partner of a juror who asks "how was your day?" on their return home is in contempt of court.
It was after a juror went public about the handling of the Jeremy Thorpe trial in 1979, in which the former leader of the Liberal Party was acquitted with three other men of conspiracy to murder a former male model, that the current law enshrining secrecy was drafted.

But the legal editor of the Daily Telegraph, Joshua Rozenberg, is uneasy about jury members speaking out. "We run the risk that jurors are not going to convict people if they're likely to be targeted by a defendant's family."

As for jurors publicly suggesting that a man cleared is not a man innocent, as has happened with ....., he finds this a disturbing prospect.

"Once you've gone through a trial, most people understand that there's not always enough evidence to prove it. But for a juror to say it undermines the verdict and vice versa."
Here, even if jurors were allowed to speak out, the strict libel laws in England and Wales mean that to do so would be to risk a defamation suit.

In English law, the jury's deliberations must never be disclosed outside the jury, even years after the case; to repeat parts of the trial or verdict, is considered to be contempt of court, a criminal offence and can result in imprisonment.

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous. To write a book about this story and to profit from your work as a juror, Let alone to profit from a childs death. I must admit I wondered about whether Keran was innocent but this brings doubts what this man is doing will not helped Keran. People will now say that he only came forward for his own gains and not for any other reason. Penny Mellor published this and I question her reason/s as it does nothing to help the Hendersons. Once the press pick up on the money making of this man the press will view this the same way, He states he put pressure on others to vote his way. I pray that this man will not profit from the Sheppards or the Hendersons. I wish they would lock him up and throw away the key

Anonymous said...

It isn't a cause he is right, I have sat in enough cases and watched whilst the guilty walked free and the innocent were convicted because the jury didn't understand the medical evidence - Risdon was "self taught" too look at what is going on please, I work for the truth, I have had child abusers convicted as well as campaigned for the innocent. It is about the truth and for reference I have never taken nor recieved a penny for what I do and sadly, Maeve is dead, but so are Christopher, Harry and Sally Clark, leaving "j" motherless the price is too high. I see it from every side.


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Dr. Charles Smith has a medical degree but admitted that he was self-taught in pediatric pathology, the field in which he was once considered a leader in Canada. Smith testified at an inquiry that his lack of formal training contributed to mistakes over two decades of performing autopsies in cases of suspicious child deaths.

Those mistakes included conclusions that several children were homicide victims when later investigations determined they had died of other causes.

"(My training) was self-taught, it was minimal, and retrospectively I realize it was woefully inadequate," he said.

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As his lawyer took him case-by-case through his questionable conclusions, Smith admitted errors but also defended those findings as being consistent with medical knowledge at the time.

He said that the review has led him to "appreciate mistakes that I made and I am sorry for them. I do recognize that at times, my conduct was not professional, and I deeply regret that."

Sherry Sherret was convicted of infanticide in the 1996 death of her 4-month-old son largely on the strength of Smith's conclusions. After Sherret was charged, the province put one of her other children up for adoption.

A subsequent investigation led two other pathologists to conclude the boy died of natural causes.

"I would want to ask him face-to-face, off the record — why did he do it? How does he feel? And does he regret anything that he did," Sherret said. "He's turned so many people's lives upside down, so it's time for him to answer."

William Mullins-Johnson was convicted of sexually assaulting and strangling his 4-year-old niece, and spent 12 years in prison. Evidence later surfaced that showed the girl died of natural causes, and Mullins-Johnson was exonerated in October.

Smith apologized directly to several of the people who were either wrongfully accused or convicted, including Mullins-Johnson.

"I did give an opinion and I testified in the court and therefore I believe I contributed to a miscarriage of justice," Smith said. "I'm sorry and I do apologize."

Outside the inquiry, Mullins-Johnson said he doesn't put much stock in Smith's words.

"It doesn't make much difference to my life," Mullins-Johnson said. "I knew I did nothing to my niece and deep down, at the time, they even knew. The damage is done."

In another case, a mother was charged with murder after Smith testified at a pretrial hearing that her daughter died of multiple stab wounds. A later autopsy found the girl was mauled by a pit bull. The mother, Louise Reynolds, spent two years in jail awaiting trial before she was exonerated. She is suing Smith.

Smith's testimony is expected to last the week.

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Anonymous said...

Penny I dont doubt your views but the jurors I do, Yes many may think the same as you but the general public will view this as a juror and his 15 minutes of fame. There is no doubt injustices happen in this world but not all who write do it for the sake of humanity. His words seem callous and his actions the same. I support Keran but cannot support the line that he has taken.
To the person about the ribbons, this was an idea of the children to support their mum who they sadly miss not to upset other just for her to know they love her

Anonymous said...

Somebody likes the sound of his own voice. Here are some more words for you (not that you are short of any). Disrespectful, immoral, patronising, narcissistic, partisan, opinionated, pretentious, unconstitutional and illegal. I have followed this case since day one and nothing has incensed me more that this article. Whether you agree or disagree with the verdict you should keep your opinions to yourself. As for influencing another juror, anyone would think you were a so called 'expert' and we know what you think of them don't we? Good luck with the book though, it should keep your ego stoked for some time to come. Unbelievable !

Anonymous said...

Penny Mellor may work for justice but this juror obviously for himself. Fame and never mind the feeling of others.

Anonymous said...

I am close to this case, I have lived with it from day one, yes I am attached the Sheppards in some way, shape or form.

I applaud you for your work Ms Mellor BUT how do you know Keran is innocent.
The facts whatever way you look at them showed her to be guilty. This publicity Campaign (and that is all it has become, at first it was to help the Hendersons, then it was to raise money for an appeal and now its for publicity) has thwarted people's view. I am of the understanding that you were a very good friend of Sally Clarks and I really and truly admire you for helping to fight a cause but the facts in this case showed what happened. These people you and this Campaign deem unfit and throw hyphens and so called "EXPERTS" into comments are trained medical professions who if your child was sick, you would take them to. I feel sorry for some people but the fact remains 10 people found Keran guilty, ONE man (who has publically quoted as befriending another and getting him on-side) thought she was innocent, he also thought that he was of a higher class than the rest of the jurors.

Quote "As we chat I realize that while we are fairly well qualified, having spent hundreds of hours in classrooms, lecture theatres and so on, there are some who have hardly attended a lesson since school. " Unquote

He was the one and ONLY original one to find her innocent. Now he can feel liberated enough to speak out about miscarriages and profit from writing a book (I bet he won't be donating ALL he's proceeds to help people of miscarriages of Justice Ms Mellor) cause let me tell you, he is in this for the money and the name he will make. Everybody would like to be remembered for something. Guess he's will be the 'Juror that took on the UK'.
Its wrong, people speak behind those doors in confidence.

Ms Mellor I really do think you fight a justified cause but when it happens to you, then you come tell me not to believe "EXPERTS" over anything else. Prosecution had many substantial facts, things Keran omitted to tell at the start. Iain's twist on things when reading he's facts on the website sickened me, they are just twisted to he's advantage. The facts were produced for 12 people who thought she deserved to be locked up. I know for many reasons you believe it may not be true and I do sympathize with you for your loss but when you or anyone else can give me "FACTS" that Keran is innocent then I may in my heart think differently but they fact remains, the "FACTS" the prosecution provided were enough to convict her and she had NO facts to prove her Innocence. I've read Iain's stories and website and I see him saying that no one has the right to loose their human rights - well sorry now but in the laws eyes she is a statistic and a convicted killer, therefore she has a limited number of rights to protect others. Even if she wants to protest her innocence, she is still guilty at the moment until she can prove otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe the juror is writing a book and trying to profit from the case, it is disgraceful.

The juror should be arrested.

"For a juror to speak publicly about their deliberations - let alone their doubts about a defendant's behaviour - is a very American phenomenon.
But in England and Wales, a juror -or media outlet - doing the same would end up in the dock. Here confidentiality is a cornerstone of the legal system, to protect jurors from fear of intimidation and to give them confidence to speak freely and frankly during deliberations."

I totally agrree and would urge everyone to NOT support or buy this book.
This person is making a mockery of the legal system and the people involved in this case.

Surely Kerans' campaign is not supporting this book????

Anonymous said...

They are as it is promoted on Keran's website
disgraceful, and why hasnt the papers picked up his greed because it does suit them to doubt the Hendersons

Anonymous said...

Yes they seem to enjoy the Juror speaking out.
Personally I think it's what Iain wanted all along.
He wants to get a mistrial for an appeal and this one man is the one he wishes to 'blow this case wide open' and that is Mike Seckerson.
He see's this as a way back into court because there is no other avenue to pursue. The CPS were very specific in what they did, as was the judge. There is no reason for an appeal and they can't get Keran out by just getting people to write to MP's and Attorney Generals and so forth. Its appalling, what tactics this crew will use, what lows they will go to and what laws they don't mind broken.

At least they had the decency to say that Maeve's parents have and want nothing to with the site although they still say they are fighting for their justice also.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a law against Jurors doing this? ???

Im so shocked cant believe he will get away with this and that the Hendersons are backing it.

Says alot about the type of people they are.
Iain doesnt want justice he clearly will back anything that might get his wife out, no matter how disgraceful it is!!!!

They should be ashamed of themselves.
Im a great believer in Karma tho, they'll get what the deserve in some way!!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe the Hendersons should keep well away from this Juror, He is a money grabber and only interested in getting himself noticed. He doesnt care whether Keran in innocent or guilty he just wants £££. If the Hendersons are true to what they state they will condemn this man

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments. I am not convinced that this blog is not run by a juror given the information he/she seems to have access to.

Justice4Maeve said...

Just to publically state I am NOT a juror but I am privy to information. Originally I set up this site from just what I read on the internet, papers and tv stations but since setting this up I have had many correspondence regarding this case and some people that have sat through the trial for various reason's (some of even Keran's supporters) have contacted me to enlighten me on new subjects and "FACTS".
Through these people I have learned alot about the case that was not shown in the papers or not released by the media or the Henderson Campaign.

I believe in Justice and I truly believe it has been served.

I have been asked on many occassions who I am but I am not here for publicity.

Although I will confirm, I am not a family member, Juror or Judge, I did not work in that courtroom and the information I know is from media outlets (I study each and every one of the new's stories on this case) and from sources who feel Keran is guilty and have "FACTS" from the case which were not published as they would undermine the Campaign.
These people do not want to be known either and I will not divulge as to how they have access to the information but I have confirmed the status of each and every source so that I know the "FACTS" on this page are correct according to the trial (not the CPS or the Henderson's or the Sheppards).

Anonymous said...

"Originally I set up this site from just what I read on the internet, papers and tv stations"

Fine. Please then provide the links to where you found information regarding the 999 tape and also where it says that the children's parents didn't want them to be interviewed.

Both are mentioned in your first blog when apparently you only used "internet, papers and tv stations".

Journo Nic said...

Why is everyone so worried as to who the Blogger is?
Is it because this site is directly contradicting everything Keran's campaign is trying to convince the public of?
Is it because they are worried that there is a publicity war?

I personally work for the media and each time this story has come up in conversation recently, this website has been mentioned.
People who believe Keran is innocent, see this website as a threat. The more people that read it, the more that people doubt her innocence and that is causing problems for Keran's Campaign. I have heard that many complaints have been sent to Radio/TV Stations, Papers and such, on the promotion of this Campaign. This website has been given to more and more media outlets and as a result they are trying to back away from just the Henderson's and publish a two-sided story. All this bravado from the Henderson Campaign of how they "nearly" had a household name to front the Campaign has seemingly hit a rut. Partially because of this website, no one wants to touch the story.

So well done Justice4Maeve, you are getting lots of people to listen to you. People are starting to hear you LOUD AND CLEAR now and are taking an interest in why this baby died in a qualified child-minder's care, why she sustained the injuries she did and why she was admitted to a doctor/hospital on numerous occasions in Keran’s care.

I will as someone who works for the media be passing this address around for people to have a look.
And it may not be what you want to do but “Good Luck knocking the wind out of Keran Henderson’s Campaign”, so far your doing a very good job.

Keep up the Good Work!

Anonymous said...

Couldnt agree with previous comment more.

This site is really bothering Kerans campaign ppl and the reason being they wanted to supress the facts of this case and lead everyone to believe there story!!!!

It doesnt matter who the blogger is!!!!

Well done Justice4maeve this site has allowed so many ppl see both sides of this story and make up their own mind on what to believe. !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Trust me the wind has not been knocked out of the Keran campaign. We are standing up and are not afraid (like others) to be counted!! Our names are out there in the press for all to see. All we are interested in is justice and when the appeal is in lets see what happens.

Anonymous said...

It did happen in a small way to me, I was imprisoned for my beliefs not for the offence I was charged with - I served 8 months for a crime I did not commit, I was breastfeeding my baby when they incarcerated me and when I next saw him 7 weeks later, he did not know who I was, I was falsely accused of a child related offence, I was the "nonce" and all that goes with that label in prison.

Finally, I have been researching SBS for the last 5 years, the science does not add up. It isn't about innocence or guilt. It is about the truth and the case against Keran does not "fit".

All I can tell you is that I have ten years of experience at the sharp end, I liase and consult with the world's most experienced doctors in all sorts of areas, I know and liase with some of the best legal minds in the world.

I am sorry that the children always get used as the pawns in this "game" it isn't fair, and I am terribly sorry for the unimaginable loss and pain that Maeve's parents must feel, I wish there was another way of exposing bad science, I really do, ultimately it was the ongoing publicity surrounding the so called experts in Sally's case that selaed her fate, she wasnt allowed to move on, the unleashed beast that is moral panic in child protection is horrendous.

Imagine this, if you can, Maeve is taken to hospital and dies, the doctors, having undertaken a rigorous amount of investigations say "Maeve died of condition X", then we would all be talking, as compassionate people, about the tragic loss of a little girl's life. They, doctors, doctors who cannot support the theory that is SBS with any scientific evidence (that is a fact by the way, not opinion) said Maeve had been killed .. and look what they have done, pitched parent against parent, meaning that nobody looks hard at them. Please research SBS, you'll see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

"ONE man (who has publically quoted as befriending another and getting him on-side) thought she was innocent, he also thought that he was of a higher class than the rest of the jurors."

Except the second juror who spoke out on radio 5 live was a woman.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so concered about names???
I have no problem anyone knowing who I am i just dont like having my details online.

It has nothing to do with hiding my identity.

If this site didnt have ye worried ye wouldnt be constantly on here checking what is being said. :)

There are alot of us out there that believe Keran is Guilty and should remain in prison and our names are out there too!

Justice4Maeve said...

Anonymous said...
"Originally I set up this site from just what I read on the internet, papers and tv stations"

Fine. Please then provide the links to where you found information regarding the 999 tape and also where it says that the children's parents didn't want them to be interviewed.

Both are mentioned in your first blog when apparently you only used "internet, papers and tv stations".

January 30, 2008 2:35 PM

In answer to your questions: No I can't provide the link for Ms Snochs comment on the children. I did not take the link as I was not aware I would be interrogated later.

As for the 999 tape (a little worried about that are you? Not something you wanted to be publically discussed, that a childminder who was happy to mind a child could actually say "This child has been nothing but a bother since I had her"), Well if you will let me explain that one. At the start when I set up this site I did NOT have all the "FACTS" and when I originally posted it up that "FACT" was not pary of it. After the first day I was informed by correspondence of this "FACT" and after checking the source I edited my post and added it as you will find I added many other things over the course of the weeks.
As the facts come in I edit my post and add them in.
So no I did not hear or read about the 999 tape because that is not something Iain wanted published.

Also a new "FACT" I would like to highlight was in the "BOOK" Mike Seckerson is writing, he states that the jurors asked for the transcript of the Judges summation and this was declined.
This is indeed true BUT that is only because the Judge said it would take anything up to a few days to have these typed up as they were not expecting to be asked for them but if there were any questions on he's summation he would answer them ALL using he's EXACT transcript.
And YES there were no Questions!!!!!!

I would just like to also point out that a "FACT" has also been brought to my attention.
In Iain Henderson Story {}
Iain states:
"Then the 999 tape was played. Keran could be heard talking to the operator and saying: "Breathe, Maeve, come on darling, breathe."

Keran hadn't heard the tape before and it brought everything back to her. Distraught, she was taken out of court to compose herself.

Worryingly, though, I felt the jury might have missed some things on the tape in all the confusion.

Later the jurors asked if they could listen to the tape again in the jury room, but they were refused. One felt that the tape was "tremendous" evidence but that its value had been overlooked. "

This was asked to be listened to while the Jury were deliberating and it was refused but the Judge did explain where this could be found on transcript and the Jury Foreman (Mike Seckerson) after speaking with the Jury, said on behalf of the Jury that the tape was no longer needed as the Transcript gave enough of what was needed to answer the questions they had.

Anonymous said...

I think its really positive outcome that this site has made the local press in slough.

Hopefully now more people will have both sides of the case available to them to view rather the the one sided version given by Kerans supporters. :)

Anonymous said...

I was not aware that a woman spoke live on Channel 5, I must have missed that. Well if there was a 10/2 majority vote and that was Mike and Don then this woman obviously wasns't influenced by Mr Seckerson therefore I apologise for that comment.

Anonymous said...

I look on it because I am interested in whats being said. Personally there is NOTHING on here that changes my mind about Keran and I have not heard anyone say that they think is guilty. Not one single person. Like the blogger I have read the press in great detail and again no names. Who are these people???

Anonymous said...

I don't feel the need to have my name published to satisfy your needs. All you need to know is 'I am one of the people who think she is GUILTY'.

Sue said...

I think she is guilty also.

Anonymous said...

Well I am 100% convinced of her innocence

Anonymous said...

I think she is guilty too!!!

I find it a bit sinister that ppl from Kerans campaign are so concerned with the names of the ppl who believe Keran is Guilty!

Why are you so concerned with who we are?
Are you planning on tracking us down or something?
Intimidate ppl into given their names??
I find it quite uneasy that your so interested in who we are!!!!

Millie said...

100% Guilty and there you go you can have my name too. Now you can say at least one person came out publically and said they thought Keran Henderson was GUILTY of manslaughter.

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that we would behave in a threatening manner? - Thats defamation of character. Personally I would have no problem hearing comments from someone who thought she was guilty if they could back it up with hard evidence.

Justice4Maeve said...

Anon: I can state I think Keran is guilty (obviously as I set this site up). I am not saying in a any manner that any of Keran's specific supporters are threatening but I have had to delete many comments due to the fact that some people (and I am not aware if they are all supporters of Keran) have threatened me for setting this blog up. I am not one bit intimidated, to me it just means that I am hitting nerves of a few people.
I appreciate the fact that people want to stay anon after all you didn't want to publish your name now did you????????

And while we are on about 'Defemation of character' I may say that people insinuating that I am a Juror and breaking the law is slander to my Character but we won't fight over it.

And just for one last comment I would have no problem entertaining the possibility that she may be innocent if you could back it up with hard evidence.

Anonymous said...

In the eyes of the law its innocent until proven guilty. The defence do not have to prove her innocence , the prosecution have to prove her guilt - so go for it! By the way my name is Alison. Not afraid for people to know who I am.

Justice4Maeve said...

I don't have to prove her guilt I thought that's exactly what the CPS did no????

So now that she's been proven GUILTY, in the eyes of the law you have to prove her innocence or she stays where she is! You have to reverse what the CPS did to get her released, so at trial you have to backtrack everything that the CPS have to make people think in the opposite manner.
Funny Alison I must have forgot to mention that I am well aware of English Law.

Anonymous said...

The plot thickens ;-)

Anonymous said...

A message to all - what is going on?? It all seems at the moment tit for tat, tit for tat!! You should all be really ashamed of yourselves. Bottom line is Maeve died and Keran is in prison - whether she is guilty or not the judge will decide at her appeal but a baby has died and you are all bitching about each other. Enough....... please.

Anonymous said...

Why are people trying to make this some kind of conspiracy, so now people that support Keran are going to track people down and do what!!! Get over yourselves we are just people that believe in our friend. Some of you people dont know Keran and may beleive her to be guilty and you are entitled, but to label her as a monster that has been taken off our streets ( so are you also implying there is a cellar under her house full of bodies). I really cannot understand how people who have no involvement can be so full of venom, this obviously does not apply to friends and family of Maeve because until proven otherwise i understand youre hatred. The so called Media Circus was not to take over from the appeal but mostly in the hope that Keran may get out on bail PENDING the appeal and to raise awareness that some people feel that there has been a miscarriage of justice. Bring on your opinions they make no difference to the cause.
Please stop thinking everyone is trying to bury evidence and if Keran really said that Maeve was nothing but bother it may have been insensitive but hardly a motive for murder and she was in an emotional state. Your evidence against Keran should be kept in perspective as should everything about the case. I also cannot imagine why you feel that this site would have Keran's supporters worried it is not evidence just discussion, it angers us to hear the negitivity but we are entitled to our feelings. but guess what I wont try to hunt you down if you diagree.

Anonymous said...

Dear Justice 4 Maeve i have read your site since the beginning and although i support Keran have never critised you personaly, although I questioned the pole on Keran's guilt as it was not supposed to be a witchunt, and the origional name of Maeve v Keran. I am sure that your comment about the 999 call was always there because I only read your comments once. I am not accusing you of anything beacuse I think the whole thing is irrevent not quite a motive to kill a child, and not too smart if you did. One other issue you pointed out was that why did Keran take on a sickly child. Easy she only found out most of this afterwards. If you want to talk about rumours I heard that another childminder refused to take Maeve because of illness and Keran didn't know that either.

Anonymous said...

Can I just state that for those of you who were there (cos it seems alot of you were there) it was a 9-3 verdict originally - the judge said he would accept a 10-2..............which seems there was doubt. I'm not saying she was guilty or innocent BUT there was true doubt...

Anonymous said...

We are losing track again on what this site is suppose to do and that is support and tell the truth for the sake of Baby Maeve, Not start a war on the identity of people and slagging people off like this will not help. This site is unlike the Hendersons or Penny Mellors blogs as they do publsh all comments, the Henderson and Mellor ignore questions like the ones i asked about why they are openly supporting a man that is obviously only in this for the money namely the scum bag Juror. I am not on either side but do feel his actions are outrageous and papers like the Times are disgraceful

Anonymous said...

You consider that defamatory Alison?

I could use the defence of Opinion, If the allegedly defamatory assertion is an expression of opinion rather than a statement of fact, defamation claims usually cannot be brought because opinions are inherently not falsifiable. :)

Best you know what your talking about before you start making legal claims :)

Anonymous said...

Everyone is losing track and being petty again!

Justice4Maeve said...

Tanks for all your comments. People are always going to see things differently. I see the 999 tape and what she said as evidence she was bothered by her, you see it as the kids laughing in the background. I see the fact that Maeve had 3 fits ONLY in Keran's care, you see it as Maeve was a sick child (does that mean you think she was also having fits at home and her parents are not saying anything), I see it as Keran never told the GP about the fit (why would a qualified first aider not know to disclose this VITAL information), you see it as she brought her to the the doctor and Maeve was a sick child. There are lots of things I look at in a different way to Keran's supporters.
If Keran had said that Maeve had fallen over and bumped her head or something then I would have understood when Maeve had a fit, Keran could have been worried and it could have explained the injuries maybe!!! But to say NOTHING happened and then for a child to have such unbelievable injuries just doesn't add up. I don't doubt Keran was a good person, i don't doubt she loved kids, I don't doubt alot of things but in society today things happen. Maybe she lost her temper and dropped Maeve, maybe it was an accident, I don't know! I would prefer to believe it was an accident than to think that baby Maeve died while hurting. People snap, it does happen, - Look at the man who threw he's child off the Balcony and then himself and the other one.I am not saying Keran would do that but I am just stating that: People reach a point of no return and once something is done you have to explain the reason and what happened to Maeve in my eyes Keran has never explained to reflect her injuries.

Anonymous said...

Seems the knifes are out again! People just cannot help themselves. I thought this was about messages of support for Maeves parents not a bitching session about who knows what about the law. It really is pathetic people. What must the parents think when they read this???

Anonymous said...

Was watching the news the other night and thought of this case!

They were talking about the childcare system and the increasing cost to parents.

Parents have to put so much trust in strangers in order to go back to work.
And sadly in this case that trust was abused and Maeve died.

Thankfully this doesnt happen very often but with the pressure put on childcare system it could very well happen again.

Id support an increase in tax if it meant women got better support and could stay at home with their babies until they were at a less vunerable age and less likely to suffer abuse in silence like poor baby Maeve!!!!

Consumed said...

Can I just state that for those of you who were there (cos it seems alot of you were there) it was a 9-3 verdict originally - the judge said he would accept a 10-2..............which seems there was doubt. I'm not saying she was guilty or innocent BUT there was true doubt...

January 30, 2008 11:22 PM

In relation to this comment I just want to say, I was at the court house and when the verdict was read out, It was not stated what the statistics actually were but that a 10/2 Majority vote would be excepted.
Obviously all is aware Mike Seckerson opposed it and he's friend Don and the woman who was on the radio also. That still leaves 9 people who thought she was guilty.

Anonymous said...

your words say it all 9 people found her guilty
This cases highlights the facts that the laws need to be tighter as 3 years for manslaughter is terrible and an insult to the Sheppards

Anonymous said...

Trying to redress some balance: Please go and read about "group influence" that will answer any questions as fars a the jury were concerned - the group "experts" significantly outweighed the single defence expert, it is a well known and acknowlged psychological factor that the "group" will be influenced by the larger "group" it's human nature. Furthermore the austerity and oppression of the courts does not lend itself to people asking questions in front of people whom they do not want to appear stupid. Same thing happens in every classroom in the land - how many of the parents on the board have said to their child, when the child states I don't understand my homework, "well why didn't you ask the teacher" and the answer is always the same, they didn't want to appear stupid in front of the "group".

FYI I don't have time to get involved in petty arguments, I am working on numerous appeals at present as well as running a busy household, so quips about me not posting comments are uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

I think ppl need to remember that although jurors have spoken out saying they were confused etc that was still only 3 ppl.

The evidence against Keran was still strong enough to convince 9 ppl of her guilt.
They must of been pretty sure!

Justice4Maeve said...

Penny I would just like to publically apologise on behalf of myself and anyone else you think may be insulting you.
I for one admire what you do although I think keran is guilty I can see more points through your opinion than I can from Iain's side, mainly due to the fact that your is based on "FACTS" from previous cases and Iain's are based on "FACTS" from this case. You consistantly release articles to back up your facts, not on this case but in general. I can't find where the quips were made in reagrd to you but let me assure you that it was never my intention to let anyone insult you or anybody else.

Anonymous said...

The sentence was indeed an insult to Maeve and the value of her life.

Keran should be in there for alot longer!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To the Shepherd family I send my love, i too lost a child at the hands of their loving stepfather. He seemed loving and caring until the day he drove off and i never held my girls again

Anonymous said...

Quick question there?
What about the people in the Village that don't support her (and there are quite alot) and think its disgusting too, they live there, Do they not get a choice?
And if someone had been found guilty of murdering your child would you like to have to pass their place of residence and see all these people saying Free ???? now. Put yourself in their shoes, this Campaign is all over everthing as it is without having to avoid Ivor just to get on with life.
Maybe its true, maybe the people of Slough and the surrounding area's should start putting up signs saying 'Keran is Guilty'. Maybe we should start getting people to write to MPs on the fact that the Juror spoke out or that Keran only got 3 years. Maybe if people heard our voice, we'd drown yours a little.
Its funny how people really do stand on opposite sides of the fence. Even if I thought she was Innocent I don't think I would be able to promote it to everyone, did you ever hear silence is a deadlier battle. All these yellow ribbons and signs in cars and so forth, its appalling.

Anonymous said...

Can I make the point that if Steve Clark had remained silent, Sally would never have been released from prison (albeit she may still be alive.)

When you believe in something you fight for it.

There is a saying that comes from world war two relating to the Nazis and I quote it below, try and remove yourselves from the emotion of this case and look at facts - it is better that 10 guilty people walk free than one innocent is imprisoned - that is the edict of a free world.

First they came for the Communists,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me,
and by that time there was no one
left to speak up for me.

by Rev. Martin Niemoller, 1945

Anonymous said...

I dont agree with the comparasion between sally clarke and Keran.

I think its an insult to Sally actually.

Anonymous said...

Yes but Steve Clark wasn't hurting other people in the process. The children were he's and Sally's. Keran's Campaign is hurting the Sheppards.

And I can't say I agree with your theory on it is better to let 10 guilty people roam free than one innocent imprisoned.
There was enough evidence to reach a guilty verdict on Keran.
So because she says she is innocent then she should be free is it. As for the 10 guilty, for that one innocent that CLAIMS her innocence and we fight, we will let the 10 guilty murder again!! Makes no sense at all Ms Mellor. I know you feel strongly and I accept through clenced teeth your arguments but in the face of injustices you claim 10 guilty for one innocent who has been proved guilty!!!! Albeit the poem is very insightful and did make me ponder thoughts, I am still left with this?? Who stands up for Maeve?? Who asks the questions - what really happened? The poem says 'there was no one left to stand up for me'. Well I am someone who will stand up for Maeve, fight tooth and nail to keep Keran in prison, if I have to take a leaf from Iain Henderson's book and write to every MP in the country, go to every court in the land then that is what I will do!!

Anonymous said...

Sally Clarks and Angela Cannings were convicted on murdering their own children? No?
Then why is Keran a miscarraige of Justice also? She murdered someone else's child.

I read recently of two boys who fought after a few drinks, best friends they were and one hit the other and he lost he's balance and banged he's head. A simple argument among friends, would probably be forgotten about the next day except the boy that banged he's head died later that night from injuries sustained.
And the remaining boy was charged and sentenced to 5 years for involuntary manslaughter. As sorry as you may feel for him, and I did, he's actions deserved a penanlty and 5 years was that.
It reminded me of this case in the sense that Keran has been found guilty because her action related to Maeve's death and although I feel great pity for her she has to serve her sentence. Just because she said she didn't do it doesn't mean she didn't. That boys said he never meant it but he still had to pay the price.

Anonymous said...

I can see that I am banging my head against a brick wall here, Christian Blewitt wasn't Ian and Angela Gay's child - do I hear any more protests?

Please don't make comments about the Sally when you have no knowledge of how she felt about false allegations. Read the books that both Sally and Angela wrote, get some insight!

Anonymous said...

Again I repeat the signs are only saying WE CARE FOR KERAN how can that possibly be perceieved to be an insult to anyone. If you have so much time on your hands put up posters for Maeve's family but you will probally get told to take them down by the council unless they have double standards

Anonymous said...

Our campaign does not say Free keran -it says we care for Keran. If people want to write to MP's etc that is their choice - I am sure they would be happy to hear the "facts" from both sides However it need to be backed up with a little more than just 'we think she is guilty'. Believe me our campaign is backed up with more than 'we think she is innocent' but all of that will come out when circumstances allow. It is not our intention to upset members of the community and they have as much right to speak out as anyone else - I for one would be happy to meet with anyone to discuss the facts!
Oh and by the way Angela Canning is fully supporting Keran. Remember people thought she and Sally Clarke were guilty in the beginning until the verdict was overturned. Miscarriages of justice happen all the time. I just wish people would be a bit more open minded but I guess that is too much to ask for.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that last comment is ridiculous about it being different as Maeve was not Keran's child. The references are made as many people believed they were guilty.In some ways there would be more motive as a parent than a childminder as a childminder is only looking after that child for a few hours a week. (I'm not accusing anyone, just using an example).

Mary-E said...

you may see this as one big fight to alter the system and yes their are many that fought to change the world.
Before I go any further I have to mention that I do know the sheppards and held their darling Maeve on many occasions, she was a treasure to them and brought many happy memories that no one can take.
I have heard the facts being given out from you and others that Keran couldnt hurt anyone etc, Ruth beleived this to and thats why Keran was taking care of Maeve, but Maeve was not how Keran discribed as trouble, she was a lovely child and although she did have a few tummy bugs and other childhood things she was not as discribed. She was also injured at Kerans before this falling forward and was taken to hospital.
Although you think the judgement is floored and that shaken syndrome does not exist it does as others have died and the people who caused it admitted to doing this and the injuries are the same as Maeve's.
I respect both Ruth and Mark for being so quite when all of this is going on as I could not say what i would have done but i would be in prison now on a murder charge

Anonymous said...

"If you have so much time on your hands put up posters for Maeve's family but you will probally get told to take them down by the council unless they have double standards"

January 31, 2008 6:01 PM

We would never put posters up because we're not conducting a tacky campaign.
You have to understand that ever poster or yellow ribbon to the family is a constant reminder that Maeve is gone!
The shepherds will never forget Maeve and most definately think of her every day, but im sure they like to think of happy memories.

Yellow ribbons and posters of keran must just remind them of how their little girl died!

Millie xxx said...

Each day I read this and never comment because I'm biast. All this crap about people having facts to prove her guilt and people having facts to prove her innocence. And comparing her to people.
Set it all aside a second and look realistically at the fact. Yes Keran was a great mother, a great childminder, a great leader (character witness' statements prove this) but at the end of the day a child died in her care (yes I said it as Justice Keith did), it doesn't matter how it happened, what she will and won't say, there is a punishment for that!
The child did not die of natural causes, she had been checked for all heriditory conditions and all known medical conditions. She was not released for 8 weeks - EIGHT WEEKS so they could do these tests. She was a little girl and her death can not be explained through the explanation given. She had horrendous injuries and the only person she was ever around when she had a fit was Keran Henderson. That was enough to convince me from the start but I happened to be present for the Judges summing up and the details he gave from the trial were unbelievable. I was shocked to the core and wasn't it Mr Seckerson that said he summed it up brilliantly.

I hope this experience is horrible for Keran, I hope the stigma lives with her forever because her actions whatever they may be changed peoples lives.

I appreciate what this blog does although sometimes its very hard to read, sometimes I wish it was just support for the Sheppards instead of reading how people 'care for Keran' but then I see by the reactions of people that they feel the need to defend Keran, if they were so sure people would not believe what is on this site, they wouldn't bother.

I feel sorry for her children and sometimes when I am not angry at him, I feel sorry for her husband too but their life goes on after this.
I hope they never make it to an appeal and I hope she serves her sentence.

Anonymous said...

I happened upon this case in error and have now spent about 4 hours reading everything I can find.
OH MY GOD, what a tragedy for the parents.
I hope some day you will find peace.

Anonymous said...

Maeve Parents,

So sorry for your enormous loss and that you have to deal with this campaign to free Keran Henderson.

Mr. Henderson and ex policeman should be ashamed of himself. I have read articles on the case only in my local paper but not once have I thought he has showed any compasion to you the parents. Your child was left in his wifes care and this happens I wonder if it was the other way round and it was his boys would he be of the same opionion - I don't think so. I think he should be wishing his lucky stars she got off so light.

Just remember there are lots of people thinking of you and supporting you. Good luck

Anonymous said...

if i didnt think that it would hurt or upset the parents of maeve i would put up next to each yellow right and pretty pink one with posters saying just4maeve
any chance you could have one designed so we can print them to show we also care

Anonymous said...

Penny Mellor's site:
On the day Colin Kendrick alleges he found Aimee lying unconscious in her cot, she suffered a fall in which she hit her head against a door before landing on a solid floor.

Dr Anslow said a fall from 3ft would cause a "significant impact to the head" and this could possibly have triggered off the child's later collapse.

Maeve did not bang her head or have a fall according to Keran so what lead to her death?

Anonymous said...

I have to say that Maeve was injuried whilst in Kerans care a week or so earlier, She apparently fell forward bumping her head

Anonymous said...

Why dont you put up pink ribbons for Maeve. We haven't forgotten her and although her parents believe in Keran's guilt the appeal will show the true verdict and will give justice for Maeve once and for all. The yellow ribbons and not a statement against Maeve.

Anonymous said...

Whilst i appreciate anyones rights to appeal I cannot condomn the ribbons as i really feel that people should not be forced into having these everywhere they look and some do not want this, the courts are the places for this not our streets

Anonymous said...

I dont not think its a case of taking sides it is more the way the campaign is taking. Although i support everyones right for justice i am scared that we are going to free child killers / abusers on the facts that the did not have a motive. We need to concentrate on the evidence and if the evidence proves that Keran is innocent then the same court system will free her. Ribbons and posters will never replace this child but i can see that the parents must be upset by this. I understand also the rights of the campaigners but have a heart, think that Maeve parents are grieving and going on fact presented to them, I overheard at the school people condemning them for the bring the cases, i would like to add that the sheppards did not the police did. The child birthday is soon have a heart remove them for this time and show people you are not just in this for Keran

Anonymous said...

They wont remove them because there have no consideration for anyone else!!!
All they care about is there stupid campaign.

I hope there campaign never succeeds and Keran remains in prison where she deserves to be.

Anonymous said...

If evidence is there to prove anyones innocents then they should be freed. I know feelings are high but we should not condemn anyone to spending time in jail if they didnt commit a crime, BUT the evidence is not there as otherwise the appeal would be lodged. The campaigners are now trying to get people influenced by the media coverage and not hard facts

Anonymous said...

Lawyers can't be in two places at once - the appeal will be lodged when Kendrick finishes. And defending somebody on a murder charge takes precedence over any appeal.

If anyone had wanted to look into this, even from the prospective of establishing the science behind SBS cases, then they could have attended Basildon Crown Court and weighed up what is the truth.

It is about the truth for me, nothing more nothing less and SBS allegations, as they stand today are unscientificly proven.

Anyone watching shock docs on channel five last night, which related to zombie allegators, would have been impressed at the amount of research that went into establishing how the allegators were dying, 6 years of comprehensive scientific investigations proved in the end it was a thiamine deficiency that was slowly causing the death of the alligators brains - interestingly "abuse" wasn't a differential diagnosis, ergo they concetrated on the facts, it's a pity the same amount of dedication isn't put into researching the disputed causes of deaths in infants and children! Think about it.
I would like to ask how people on this blog know that the jury were 9 -3 at one point?

Lisa A said...

I'll answer that question Ms Mellor, we all do!
Anyone who reads this blog will know it was a 9-3 verdict at one stage, it was pointed out although they are some things that really should not be known to the public. The judge said he would take a 10-2 Majority vote and that is what he got. Maybe someone else in the room didn't agree but voted for her guilty anyway,I don't know, otherwise the outcome would not have been the same!

Does it need to be an issue everytime this case is discussed. EVERY forum I go into, every paper I read, its about the Jury - the rights and wrongs or what they are doing, how many voted.
Look to save everyone time and effort why don't you just out them all and what they voted because clearly what went on behind that door is very public knowledge between Keran's campaign.
If the Jury had not had 10 to vote guilty then Keran would not have been imprisoned. I really personally don't care about how many voted what way, it doesn't change the verdict.
And I think Iain Henderson using the Juror's statement on he's campaign is a disgrace. People on here, I personally refer to them as the 'the defenders' keep saying Iain is not using the media, but he is. He wants everyone to read he's sob story and when its publicized even more then the appeal will get under way.
Oh if only Maeve's Parents shunned their beliefs and wrote how they felt, how many people reading a story about a woman in prison for murder and missing her boys (whom she will be home with before long) compares to a story about a young couple entrusted a woman with their only child to have her life cruelly snatched away and the campaign that ensues. The papers would have a field day but in repect to the Sheppards they are not using their story to gather morale, they are using facts in court!!!

Anonymous said...

Thing is nowehere int he public domain, except here has 9 - 3 been mentioned and I can tell you now, that jury deliberations are confidential, so this information could only have come from a confidential source.

Lisa a said...

Anonymous said...
Can I just state that for those of you who were there (cos it seems alot of you were there) it was a 9-3 verdict originally - the judge said he would accept a 10-2..............which seems there was doubt. I'm not saying she was guilty or innocent BUT there was true doubt...

January 30, 2008 11:22 PM

This was posted to show the results. If it is strictly confidential then how do you know Ms Mellor?????? Were you part of the Jury??? Please explain

Anonymous said...

I thought Mr Henderson stated this on his site

Anonymous said...

Nope it just says :
9.Two of the jurors (including the foreman) have come out to say maybe things were not as they should have been using words like a 'shambles' to describe the trial, etc.

But it has been said on this blog previously which indicates that people Know the deliberation results!!

Anonymous said...

"This was posted to show the results. If it is strictly confidential then how do you know Ms Mellor?????? Were you part of the Jury??? Please explain"

uhhm I know because it's posted on this blog, I know that jury deliberations are strictly confidential because I know the law, having worked on both criminal and family court cases for the last ten years and finally I can't ever be put on any jury, I have a criminal conviction - bottom lone is somedoy on this blog knows more than they should so either there is another juror on here or perhaps the police or CPS?

Anyway it's beside the point, none of what I put up ever gets answered in a meaningful or progressive way.

Nobody has addressed my proposition of "what if" and entered into any scientific debate about SBS, nor even acknowledged that actually doctors are no different to the rest of society in terms of having agendas that aren't altruistic, in fact the way in which they are lauded as Gods on this board is the very reason Meadow Southall and Harold Shipman got away with what they did for years without any challenge.

For anyone remotely interested in what doctors are being investigated for currently please visit this site and click onto the names of each of the docors whish will then list their "crimes" which include paedophilia amongst other things! Here is the list for that specific crime:

The other one below is for the current hearings

BTW, there are none so blind as those that will not see.

Anna said...

Who is to say the someone on this blog is not posting from Keran's side and that they know alot too?

As for listening to you and having a reasonable discussion, I have read your blog and no body is arguing that your wrong, we are just arguing that the fact is Keran was found guilty on evidence.

Also I would like to point out no one makes any doctor out to be a God as you suggest but more over that they are trained in something we know nothing about therefore in any other circumstance we take their word without hesitation until it doesn't agree with us thats when the doctor is shot down and prosecuted.
I would class you as fantastic Campaign Advisor, I have read everything you have written, case after case I have seen your name and I admire you but at the same time everyone can not be innocent. People that have enough evidence to convict them have to pay a price. I am also of the theory 'what if' she didn't do it or 'what if' the doctor got it wrong but how can so many doctors get it wrong?

I would also wish to ask, you say Dr Waney Squires said she did not think this pointed to SBS, Was this said about the Henderson trial directly?

Anonymous said...

Ms mellor I can not enter the picosearch website pls can you revise so I can look into it!

Anonymous said...

Ms Mellor, so its ok for the other juror to speak out but if anyone else does to support the conviction is that wrong.

Well done all Iver council for taking a stand and getting the ribbons removed as per 3rd December meeting

Anonymous said...

try this:

and put in "child" as a search term if that doesn't work go to the gmc's website, click on press office and then news and then FTP panel decicisons - I am going to post something up on my ther blog in relation to a Home Office pathologist just so people can understand why it is you cannot believe something just because somebody says it's true.

Please understand that I am trying to find out what killed Maeve, I know it's upsetting and I am so sorry for that, however doctors lie, they do, over and over again.

If it transpires that it was a person after all the investigatons then I will be the first person to stand up and say so.

I KNOW the experts for the prosecution in this case and I KNOW what they are like, I have watched them mislead over and over again in other court cases. They have just been caught out and I mean well and truly caught out which will have consequences.

To the person that states "Keran's side post on this board" - understand the law, only the Jury and the court usher are know what the split is when it's more than two, not even the judge is told - so how did the 9 - 3 figure come into this?

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank everyone for airing their views on here, Maeve was a darling and much loved by her family we can all tell that
Keran said Maeve was trouble from the beginning How can anyone say that about a dead child. it seems like Maeve had bugs and did attend doctors but the medical evidence states that Maeve's injuries could only have happened shortly before she was taken to hospital. I know there will be people who say it happened before and if proven then people would listen. I sat and listened to evidence of this trial from the gallery and the reactions of the Hendersons afterwards. Lets all campaign to end cruelty to children and help Doctors to diagnose correctly not agrue between themselves.
Views differ but this isnt a war its a campaign for truth and justice. Ms Mellor I know you campaign for all things you feel are unfair justice and you do not hold the doctors concerned in high regard but could you live with yourself if you got someone out who did commit such crimes, We all have to be careful that we dont let people walk free on says so and stick to evidence.
Lets all just listen to what the experts say and not condemn them all because others have been freed in the past for injustices

Anonymous said...

I can't "get somebody out" to get an appeal yuo have to have legal grounds which go before the single judge who then either grants or denies leave to appeal, if the appeal is given, it is then up to three judges to decide if it has merit, inevitably in cases like this (unless it isn't in the public interest ie: the person has already served their time etc) it will go to a retrial.

That is the law. It's naive to believe that "I" can get anyone out of prison, it just isn't possible and neither, I might add can the court of appeal be influenced either way. Our judiciary aree independent from government or anyone else for that matter.

I can tell you this much, the "experts" in Keran's case do not stand up to scrutiny - my particular "expertise" is digging into qualifications and training - try it, you have no idea what really goes on.

Anonymous said...

I dont think anyone would presume you could get anyone out otherwise Keran would be walking around now.

Penny, Could I ask what qualifications you have to decide whether the Doctors evidence is floored.
I am not questioning your work and understand people may be in jail that shouldnt but it seems all of a sudden we all are experts in this case.
I am not a supporter of either side

Justice4Maeve said...

Penny I for one have always said I understand and respect your motives but I think what the person was asking is 'because of your obviously biast opinion on these doctor's, is this the reason you state they are wrong?'
You have obviously dug deep and followed their every move but in doing that have you lost sight of the fact that Keran Henderson 'could' be guilty?
If there were other 'EXPERTS' than Southall etc would you be so sure they were wrong too. I am not saying these doctors are perfect or that they were right or wrong in other cases, what I am saying is 'what if they are right in this case'. How can you prove that their diagnosis is wrong for this one?
Also I think because tension are high 'you getting someone out' may have been worded wrong, I think what it meant was - This Camapaign has by all accounts drummed up alot of media interest, I for one know this is true, being on the other side of the fence to Keran I have spoke to many many journalists about if I would speak up about this site and why I did it, but for some this campaign is seen as and I will actually quote what someone told me
"With all the media to heighten the Campaign, Iain Henderson and the Campaign have gathered a significant following, not because all believe in Keran's innocence but they do believe in miscarrage of justices, some people, like yourself, have been in a predicament that has scorned them from the Judicial system and the 'experts' that come with it. This campaign is effectively, on media interest alone raising it doubts based on people's sympathes and angers at the Judicial system and in doing so, it has used the Keran Henderson Campaign to fight back. You will always have people who believe she is innocent and people who believe she is guilty but because the 'FACTS' as shown by Iain Henderson and the Campaign and not publically by the CPS or the Sheppards, people believe want an appeal. When you drum up enough media interest when it finally goes for appeal the Judges who previously may have dismissed it now know that it is now a high profile case and will order a retrial"
If people are told for so long something is right and no one questions it then eventually people will start to believe it. Keran had as long as the CPS to gather evidence for her trial. The CPS presented its evidence and she was found guilty on that and the media interest is making out that Keran was wronged in many ways ie Iain Henderson's letter stating he did not have as much resources to pay for 'EXPERTS' as the CPS did.
It is all hearsay - Keran was convicted on evidence and you (not personally) say you can irradicate that, then I would like to know how?

Anonymous said...

Can I please remind you all that Keran was convicted on "opinion" - not "evidence". For the many of you who say you were at the trial, surely you would know this.....

Anonymous said...

You don't need qualifications to get to the truth FOI applications do that for you.

Let me start you off with this fact. To qualify as a Home Office Pathologist you have to have the degree M Path - now check with the GMC and see just who does or doesn't have that qualification - oh and by the way, the big boss of forensics is the Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police - so if the pathologists boss, is a police officer who's job it is to case build for the CPS, then isn't there a problem with independence?

Other people have asked what qualifications I have, that remains a closely kept secret, and will remain so.

Do you seriously think that if I wasn't good at what I do that the rogue paeds would be stating that their downfall is my fault - no. I am their nemesis because I know just how much they con everyone about their qualifications and expertise including the CPS and do not delude yourselves into thinking the CPS check because they don't and neither do the GMC.

The evidence of that can be found on my blog

Documentary evidence of lies about qualifications and expertise all of which I uncovered, the GMC, police, AG's office etc knew nothing about it until I uncovered it all. And Davey isn't the only one.

Anonymous said...

I was at the trial and Keran Henderson was convicted on the evidence of Medical EXPERTS. The triad etc.. was according to EXPERTS conclusive with shaking baby syndrome, the fact that she never told the doctor of the fits showed malice and her cries at the end of the trial showed that she was convinced she would walk out of that court a free woman. You say opinion is because is you don't believe the doctors, but how many trials has Mr Henderson sat at and had criminals convicted on doctors EXPERT opinion. Shall we have all those criminals released?

Anonymous said...

If their opinion is flawed then yes. cases should be based on one of 3 things - a confession, a witness or hard evidence. Not opinion. My opinion is that keran is innocent and i have known her quite a while so why does my opinion not count as expert. Remember Shaken Baby syndrome has NOT been proven

Anonymous said...

Nor has being proving innocent because friends say so

Anonymous said...

She is not going to be proved innocent beacuse friends say so. There is going to be an appeal so get off your high horse and stop blaming everyone else. Keran will not get out of prison because of her friends but she knows we are supporting her and keeping her strong. Wait until the appeal before making your snap jugdements.

Justice4Maeve said...

Everyone I think that tensions are rising.
Keran can not be be freed on hearsay of friends.

The court of appeal may allow an appeal for three reasons:
1:The conviction is unsafe or unsatisfactory
2:There was a wrong decision on a question of law
3:a material irregularity in the course of the trial.

The court of appeal has wide powers of calling witnesses and evidence, including witnesses who were called at the original trial
Many other countries have an automatic right of appeal, which addresses the possibility that a jury may have come to a mistaken verdict. There is no such right in England and Wales.

If Keran can prove one of these applied to her (ie number 1) then she may ask for an appeal, it is not always granted.
On the other hand because of the media hype and so forth, (England do not want another miscarriage of Justice publicised) so the appeal will in all probability be granted, ensuing that Keran will get a retrial.

The retrial will hear all the evidence, and the "new and compelling" evidence will not be introduced as such, (although it is clearly likely to stand out as new and compelling evidence in the context of the trial).

Anonymous said...

well put justice4maeve -some common sense at last!!

Anonymous said...

Justice for Maeve - very very well said, in fact too well said, slighty different in terms of use of the English language than your prior posts. Do I smell a legal beagle?

One of the things that struck me about this blog was the disengenuity of some of the posts, in which the bad grammar was very deliberate.

A friend, who is a forensic document examiner had a look for me and confirmed my suspicions.

I hope the blog is genuine and hasn't been set up by people who have much to lose when this case is properly investigated - sorry if I am offending other bloggers, however something's not quite right here.

Justice4Maeve said...

Sorry Penny but please explain what you mean by the comment:
I hope the blog is genuine and hasn't been set up by people who have much to lose when this case is properly investigated - sorry if I am offending other bloggers, however something's not quite right here.
I like you tend to spend alot of time researching and I am aware of the English law.
Maybe if we agreed on this we could cause havoc but alas we are on different sides of the fence on this opinion!!
I was trying to eliminate confusion and tension but highlighting the reasons for an appeal in an English Court.

Alas thank you for having a forensic document examiner check out my site, everyone's welcome to their views of who I am but its all good publicity. I hope he liked my work!!

Justice4Maeve said...

Oh sorry didn't mean to be gender oriontated it could have been a she!!

Anonymous said...

Of course we all know Penny Mellor from the Angela Canning site but why is it so important that we know who runs this site. We should only be concerned if it upsets the parents of the child

Anonymous said...

I think some ppl are worried about who you are is all. Maybe your a threat or maybe your a friend but u seem to know too much and not only that but you know the law jargon that goes with it.

Janet said...

Well said Justice :O

Anonymous said...

The truth of the matter is nobody except keran henderson knows what happened that day and I don't think we will ever find out for sure what happened, but I am sick of hearing she couldn't have done it because she was "too nice, loved children" etc. By the way has anyone noticed her husbands postings on their website lately, seem to be getting a little bit confused (ravings of a lunatic maybe?)

Anonymous said...

You really are someything!!
Maybe her husband is sounding more confused but i think thats not a great surprise - his wife is in prison!!
You assume noone in Kerans campaign cares about Maeve and now you imply Keran's husband is a lunatic.
And you say we lack compassion!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone in the cases must feel pressure and Iain's husband never asked for this to happen, he is just married to Kerran and is doing his best to cope, insulting people does not help in anyway and just lowers this site. He may have trouble know the facts but i suppose he will side with his wife no matter what

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