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February 18, 2008

NEWS (A Walk for Justice)!!

*****I have a NEWS UPDATE on this: It is actually going on today (as I post this, they are marching through the streets of London, I suspect to drop off a Petition for Keran's release. I have been informed this March will be shown on ITN this evening and BBC's 6pm's News) *****
I have been informed that on Thursday 21st of February the Campaign for Keran will march the streets of London for Justice (not publicity now you hear).

Anyway as the blogger of this site and the amount of emails I have received over the weekend I am going to reiterate in my own words what all the emails told me!!


This Campaign says it cares for Maeve, this Campaign says it DOES NOT contact the media but then how is it that a Journalist was the first to tell me of this, why??? Because they were contacted along with many other media sources. Its not public knowledge, it's not even on the website so how come Journalists know.

It is Maeve's Anniversary and soon after it is her birthday and the consideration of the "Henderson Camp" is appalling!!!

I explained last week that many things are coming up that would "send tempers flying" and this is just the first of many.
Would it have been so hard of the Campaign and their followers to just keep having their dances and raffles etc until the Child's anniversary and Birthday was over.
NO IT IS JUST PLAIN SELFISH (and I have been very kind to Keran's supporters but I will not apologize for what I have just said because I do find it to be heartless and selfish to put any parents through that unnecessarily).

Maybe you should look into your hearts:
"When you get what you want in your struggle for life and the world makes you king for a day,
Then go to the mirror and look at yourself and see what the man has to say,
For it isn’t a man's father or mother or wife, who’s judgment upon him must pass,
The one who’s opinion counts most in this life is the one staring back from the glass!!"

Postponed till further notice: BBC ONE PANORAMA
I have also been informed on a seperate matter: that BBC PANORAMA is doing an interview with both Iain Henderson and Mark Sheppard for a special airing on.
It will also feature many Experts for and against Shaking Baby Syndrome!


Anonymous said...

A walk for justice? more like a walk for publicity!!!!!
How heartless are these people?
Totally selfish to do this at this time of year! Knowing its the anniversay of Maeve death soon and a difficult time for the Sheppherd family!

Just shows how heartless Iain Henderson really is!!!!

Alan, Slough said...

Compassion is obviously something they don't have!
To say one thing and do another. Typical, it is all for publicity!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone in this Campaign stop and think of the Sheppard's feelings or hurt.To put them through this at this time of year. Horrible people.
Great verse but can these people even look at themselves in the mirror. The torture the poor family have to endure at this time of year and then this.
It has been stated many times on this site, no media is contacted so how do they know? Explain that one!

pat slough said...

What are you frightened off? If there has been a miscarriage of justice I would have thought that you would want to find the truth. Compassion goes two ways.

Anonymous said...

I really like panorama as a show and hopefully they'll be savy enough to see through Iain Hendersons lies!!!!
Cause thats all he's proven himself to be , a Lier!!!!
Just like his wife !!!

Anonymous said...

I am horrified at the lack of compassion on this site. Surely if a miscarriage of justice has happened then this needs to be rectified.

The hate and anger from this site is truly frightening and seems to be one big bitchfest.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Sheppard's find in their hearts the courage to speak out. Tell their story to the papers, I know alot of people want to hear it. All Iain's lies will then be put to the test.
I accept their silence but please if you read this, let people hear what you have to say.

This woman was found guilty and for her and her 'people' to show no remorse is disgraceful. Even if you believed she was innocent would you not understand a child died in her care and respect that. It is one thing to hold your bake sales, dances, candle lighting events, clairvoyants night, car stickers etc but to literally stamp on this little girl's memory through the streets of London just shows how heartless this Campaign is.

I live nearby this HQ and sight of it sicken's me to the core. The more they push their idea's with heartless campaigning like this, the more that the people of this community do not want to be involved. But yet again their a few around that make up the noise for everyone else. The 'do-gooders' who only want to be known for helping this Campaign (some don't even care about the cause).

As for the ribbons, that was also not a 'DO-GOOD' charitable choice by these 'people', they were told to take them down and I know this because I was one of the first to complain!
They deserve no sympathy, the people who deserve sympathy are the Sheppard's.

I applaud whoever the person who run's this site is. I have found many flaw's in Keran's version of events.

And I would like to point out also that I do know the Henderson's and Iain Henderson was a Parks Officer (not a police officer from as long as I remember) so all these dawn raids he speaks about, when did he do them?

Save our souls and god bless Maeve Sheppard.

Justice4Maeve said...

I will answer Pat's question personally: "What are you frightened off? If there has been a miscarriage of justice I would have thought that you would want to find the truth. Compassion goes two ways."
IF and that is the word you use, IF there was a miscarriage of justice, I don't believe there was. I believe she was convicted of manslaughter on medical evidence. I believe that no matter what she says, something happened that child. I also believe that people from Keran's Campaign have come on to this site day in and day out and stated that Iain Henderson and the Campaign would never lie BUT they also said they DO NOT contact the media, that is a LIE. I know this because I correspond with media sources and they know. There is actually alot of interest in the media because they have been well informed. If they can lie about this little thing then why not bigger stuff. They choose not to believe what a Judge and Jury did and there for I have no compassion for this woman. It is not even compassion for Keran, I do feel sorry for her at times. It is Iain I have no compassion for. Why choose now, so close to the child's anniversary to do this March. Keran has been locked up since November. They don't think for one second about the child that lost her life while with this woman (I say that so that you can see even if you want to believe she is innocent she still had Maeve when she died with no explanation)so she died at the hands of this woman, intentional or not.
Compassion in my book is earned not given and the Sheppard's have earned compassion for the loss of their first born's life, for the torture they endured reliving it at the trial, for the unhappiness they feel everytime they open a paper and see more about this Campaign.
The Henderson's on the other hand, the only compassion I reserve for them is for their sons, who have temporarily lost their mom and for the endurance they have had to maybe put up with. I just hope that bitterness does not consume them like their father.

Compassion is not a right, it's a gift and this Campaign deserves no such rights or gifts. The Sheppard's do not lower themselves to speak about Keran and Jutice has been served.

Anonymous said...

"I am horrified at the lack of compassion on this site. Surely if a miscarriage of justice has happened then this needs to be rectified.

The hate and anger from this site is truly frightening and seems to be one big bitchfest.

February 18, 2008 11:25 AM"

There hasnt been a miscarriage of Justice!!!!
If you have a appeal case then put it forward? That is the correct way to go about any issues you have with the verdict of her trial! NOT a Media campaign!

The henderson campaign isnt about Justice its trying to playing the media as a pawn to gain support for Keran!!!

Call us bitches if you want!!
But that comment just shows what vile ppl you really are!
The only hatred I can see is that towards the shepherd family by doing this distasteful walk for publicity!

Anonymous said...

A walk at any other time of the year may have been considered a show of love for Keran but it is out of order to do this so close to the death of the child.
The media will slant any views into their way of thinking, whether that be guilty or innocent. I only wish that both sides would unite for truth even if it proves one side wrong, We should want the truth for Baby Maeve not publicity

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this "Walk for Justice" has been sanctioned by the police as I think all in London have to be.
Justice for Maeve - Why was the programme cancelled?

Justice4Maeve said...

It wasn't cancelled, it has been postponed. I am not sure of the date but I will put details up as soon as I get them!

Anonymous said...

I actually feel sorry for the sheppards - if the nasty comments that are being posted are a representation of the support they have - i would rather have no support at all. A child has died here and no amount of nastiness and name calling will bring her back. Whilst I personally don't agree with what the Hendersons are doing I really don't think this is any better. There is no respect on this site for ANYONE.

Anonymous said...

I came by this site today, I'm glad to see that the other side of the story is being represented. I too complained about the ribbons to the so called 'carers' and was made to feel as though I was the only person in the village who was making a complaint. I was given promises that ribbons were going to be removed and then after christmas given a resounding 'no way' in response to further requests to take them down. I have no axe to grind on either side of this situation, I just don't want the issue pushed in to my face every time I leave my front drive. The Keran HQ site is a disgrace and a blight to a village that I've lived in all my life. My grandparent was a parish councillor many years ago, I know she will be turning in her grave at recent events. Such behaviour would not have been tolerated during her tenure, I can assure you!

My congratulations at setting up this blog, it is good to see that there are many others who have strong feelings about this whole sorry situation.

Justice4Maeve said...

I am going to apologize to some people. This morning I was so blinded by the fact that there was a Walk by the Campaign so close to Maeve's death that I didn't actually care who insulted who!

I do feel Iain Henderson and he's campaignors are wrong but please can all, myself included, keep their name calling out of it.

However in saying that, I do feel that 'tempers are flying'.I knew things were coming up I just did not realise anyone could be so heartless as to further the pain of the Sheppards.

I agree with some people maybe the name calling is incorrect but people voicing their concerns and opinions will not be stopped on this site.
I will speak for others when I say this:
We support Justice 4 Maeve on this site.
It is not a support of the Sheppard's as they have not asked for it.
We support the Justice system and what it stands for.
We support the 10 Jurors who found Keran Guilty.
WE SUPPORT the EXPERTS who have studied cases like this and many before and were not challenged on all of them.
If supporters do not agree with the Campaigns methods then they can feel free to write it up here afterall I do not personally support Keran Henderson and never will but I have put messages of support on here from her friends also.

Anonymous said...

i am another person in the village who, again, is very annoyed at the fact that the yellow ribbons had been put up almost everywhere in iver heath. I am relieved that the yellow ribbons have come down, we will not forget about keran and mauve even though the ribbons have come down.

from a 10 year old villager in iver heath.

Susie US said...

In America they have Experts that specialize in shaking baby syndrome specifically. They study it every day.

Shaking, jerking and jolting can cause blood vessels in the head to tear or burst.
Shaken Baby Syndrome is the shaking of an infant or child by the arms, legs, or shoulders with or without impact of the head. This trauma can result in bleeding and brain injury with no outward signs of abuse.
Often frustrated caregivers feel that shaking a baby or small child is a harmless way to make the child stop crying. However, a baby’s brain and blood vessels are vulnerable to whiplash motions, such as shaking, jerking, jolting, and impact. The neck muscles of an infant or small child are weak, so the child’s head is relatively heavy and the neck cannot support the stress of shaking or impact.
Shaking a very young child, with or without impact of the head or body, can cause irreversible brain damage, blindness, cerebral palsy, hearing loss, spinal cord injury, seizures, learning disabilities, and even death. It is tragic that healthy, intelligent babies are suffering these disabilities simply because their caregivers don’t know about the dangers associated with Shaken Baby Syndrome.
Inflicted head trauma is the leading non-accidental cause of death in children under the age of 2," says Charlotte Moore, training and education program director for the Child Abuse Prevention Center in Dallas, Texas.
"Most head injuries in babies under 1 are abusive in nature."
And it takes only five seconds to horribly injure if not kill a baby.
I wish maybe some of our experts could come help understand how dangerous this can be.
Rest in Peace XxX

Anonymous said...

Whoa, where is all the vitriol coming from?

I shall make this my last posting as I can't and won't be drawn into any of this, by either "side".

Can I point out that two other children are also victims in this and they don't deserve the type of behaviour being displayed here either. What have they done to deserve this?

Shame on you everyonel. As adults I would have expected more.

The Sheppards have my deepest sympathy for the loss of their child. The Henderson children have an equal amount of sympathy for being part of something that they should never have been subjected to.

Dignity is free and there is a lack of that here. Think before you type!

Liza said...

Penny can I just say that yes the arguments for both sides are not nice but by Iain's actions and callusness on the eve of this little girls anniversary then you have a heated discussion. No one forgot about Keran's boys infact Justice4maeve actually sends sympathy for them. People come on here saying that its horrible to be told a different version of events, they say people that say that are horrible and are some kind of monsters but we believe Keran to be guilty and you believe her to be innocent therefore conflict is always going to be caused. For every angry word from our lines, there is one back. You can not just blame the people who find offense in what the campaign do.
Everytime you (I say you liberally as in the followers of Keran) come on here and disagree with what anyone says, Justice4Maeve steps in and apologises, repremands us and doesnt post comments. J4M has been very fair in letting both sides show, sympathy and tempers.
As you say why would Keran's boys want to read this, I don't want this to sound heartless but don't let them read it. There is a support site for Keran which has been pointed out many times would never take negative comments, people here come here to support the Sheppards and vent anger about Keran all the while listening to Kerans supporters argue too. I think it is healthy to have a two sided argument. You always make things so morally right or wrong, well a quick question Penny, is it moral to do a march through the streets of London when the Sheppards are facing another major milestone at loosing their child at the hands of Keran Henderson. Do you not agree that it seems to be trampling on the memory of Maeve Sheppard, Now where are the morals here?

Anonymous said...

Well Said Liza!!!!


Annie said...

A review was ordered into 297 baby death convictions after Angela Cannings was freed on appeal in December 2003.
In 2004, Lord Goldsmith said there could be problems with 28 of the cases.
But after reviewing every one his team concluded "only a very, very small number" needed re-examination.
Only three shaken baby syndrome convictions need to be reconsidered, Attorney General Lord Goldsmith has said.

Anonymous said...

We should never forget that there are people that do harm to children and no matter what happens in this case we should not think all are innocent and we do need to rely on medical evidence as it is proven in most cases to be correct

Anonymous said...

I can't comment on the rights and wrongs of any march through London, I beleive no matter what anyone does somebody will always find fault with it. You all support Maeve's parents and as such see everyone else as the enemy, Keran's family and friends do what they think is right. Each of you is entitled to do whatever you feel is required to get your point of view heard, this is a democracy.

I am a campaigner for truth and justice, don't confuse me with somebody who has day to day dealings with Carers4Carers.

Anonymous said...


The paediatrician used to review the SBS cases was not qualified to do so. He was just a generalist. The cases are currently being rereviewed.

Anonymous said...

March 15th Hansards

Expert Witnesses

20. Mark Pritchard (The Wrekin) (Con): If he will review the role of expert witnesses in criminal prosecutions. [127491]

The Solicitor-General: The straight answer is yes. A number of reviews are being carried out of the role of expert witnesses and some have already been published. There have also been several initiatives recently to improve the use of expert witnesses in criminal cases.

Mark Pritchard: Does the Solicitor-General agree that the judicial system, in particular the Crown Prosecution Service, has a duty of care to ensure that expert witnesses are who they say they are? If so, what are his comments in the light of the recent bogus
15 Mar 2007 : Column 434
Dr. Morrison case, which has led to the need to review more than 700 cases? Many people may be in prison as a result of his so-called expert evidence, so what new measures will the Government put in place to ensure that expert witnesses have the qualifications they claim to have?

The Solicitor-General: The hon. Gentleman is right. The Gene Morrison case is of serious concern. The police investigation into any miscarriages of justice is under way and my office is being kept informed about it. I think that case was exceptional, but it is one that underlines the importance to all parties of ensuring that they look critically at the evidence of expert opinion. A number of reforms are being made. New criminal justice procedure rules put in place last November are now coming into play; the post of forensic science regulator has been set up; and the Attorney-General’s review of shaken baby syndrome cases is under way and will have important recommendations. In accord with the view of the Court of Appeal—the recommendations of his honour Sir Igor Judge—new CPS guidance on the use of expert evidence will ensure that, whereas expert evidence has been wholly relied on in the past, it should not be in the future, and that corroborative evidence which is independent of the experts should be sought. That new approach will help to deal with some of the problems with expert evidence we have experienced in a number of cases in recent years.

Ian Lucas (Wrexham) (Lab): At a time when criminal legal aid costs are under close scrutiny, will my hon. and learned Friend consider looking closely at the joint instruction of experts in criminal cases? Huge expenditure is incurred on expert witnesses and it is increasing at a rapid rate.

The Solicitor-General: My hon. Friend is right; there is considerable expenditure in relation to expert witnesses. We need to ensure that cases are properly decided and experts are able to give their view, but that it is done in a sensible and cost-effective way. Following the recommendations, part of the guidance on expert witnesses is that they should be prepared to have peer review of their findings and that there should be exchanges between experts on either side of the case about the evidence they bring forward. We should attempt to ensure that, where possible, there is as much consensus as possible about the expert evidence that goes before a court and a jury. In that way, it is to be hoped that we will reduce the amount of time needed for expert witness evidence in court cases.

Robert Neill (Bromley and Chislehurst) (Con): Is the Solicitor-General aware that real concern remains among both judiciary and practitioners about the length of time it frequently takes to obtain authorisation from the legal aid authorities to commission expert reports; about the delays in commissioning that often occur once authorisation has been obtained; about delays in disclosure of reports between the parties; and then about the Crown being able to instruct its own experts? Will the Solicitor-General discuss with the appropriate Departments and agencies what can be done to speed up the process of obtaining expert evidence, which, as he knows, also has an impact on the listing and expedition of trials?

Justice4Maeve said...

I read the question this morning from Annie and thought that no answer could possibly be found for this, no matter what is said and done on this site Ms Mellor you have my upmost respect. You seem to know where to find the answer for everything and I do respect that. I also admire you for what you just said, I always put you in the Carers4carers catefory, maybe I was a little biased although we still disagree and are on opposite sides of the fence!

Anonymous said...

Just so you print the facts of the petition. The BBC piece missed the point completely. The petition was not specifically about Keran.

Supporters of a Buckinghamshire woman jailed for shaking a baby to death have handed a petition in at Downing Street, asking for a change in the law.

The petition, which calls for "a change in the process which allows wrongful convictions based solely on unscientifically proven theories", was signed by 350 adults.

Anonymous said...

I was on at that march today - (supposedly on some of the comments left) - to march on Maeve's memory.

What was incredible was that it was a march for justice and that everyone there was someone whose child had been looked after by Keran.

Please let's keep the nastiness away - we truly believe Keran is innocent, and you truly believe Keran is guilty. You go on about carers4carers but that is a supporters site so no nastiness would be posted.

It seems we all want answers and incredible as it may sound in that we are united.......

Anonymous said...

Prosecution Witness Waney Squier casts grave doubts on the conviction of Keran Henderson

In a piece on the News at Ten tonight two jurors and expert Prosecution Witness Waney Squier cast further doubt on the safety of Keran’s conviction.

The jurors, who had already come out with their concerns said they felt angry and concerned at the verdict.

They said that the evidence they heard in the court room was very confusing, which begs the question, if the jury didn’t understand what they were hearing, how could they find her guilty?

One of the jurors summed it up perfectly with the sentence, “What appears as evidence is opinion and that’s how that case was judged.”

Then more damningly for the conviction against Keran, Prosecution witness in the case Waney Squier said there was bleeding and swelling indicating some sort of impact but you couldn’t say how that happened.

“It’s quite impossible to tell from neuropathology whether this was accidental or inflicted and its quite impossible to say whether it happened within 2 hours or 24 hours of death.We just can’t be that precise. We don’t have the mechanisms to do that.”

Then in one of the most important parts of the piece she went on to say that, “As far as shaking is concerned there’s nothing in at all in this case that would suggest to me that this is a shaking injury.”

The appeal is being prepared, but surely after this there can be no reason for it not to be heard.

Justice4Maeve said...

For all those questions I got this morning I will answer:
Yes I saw the News,
Yes I know 350 people signed the petition and 150 children (which by the eyes of the law is a sweet gesture but means nothing as you have to be old enough to understand what you are signing for as it is a legal document) ,
Yes I know it was not to free Keran but to change the law so that cases can not be tried using no physical evidence and just 'EXPERTS' and
Yes I heard Waney Squier.
I have also read alot on Waney Squier. How can her opinion count to the Henderson Campaign when no other 'EXPERT' opinion is correct. Waney Squier examined Maeve, read over her notes obviously before her trial and in the lead up to it, accepted them as her 'EXPERT' opinion and the Henderson's didn't agree with her, actually they went on their site and slammed ALL the 'EXPERTS' the prosecution had and now in the midst of controversy Dr Squier has re-read her notes and decided that maybe she was too hasty in citing SBS. Now it only took her 3 years to come to this conclusion and only when the 'Experts' were put under the spotlight: “As far as shaking is concerned there’s nothing in at all in this case that would suggest to me that this is a shaking injury.” Although she stood in a dock after looking at this case and knowing it for 3 years and gave this opinion as FACT.
Is that not Perjury? If you or I did that we would be arrested.

I also have one other question myself: I logged on to the carers4carers website at 1am this morning and there was a note from Iain dated 20th Feb with the extract that he posted on the blog this morning (Anon February 21, 2008 7:40 AM, why was it deleted? Why post it on this blog but take it off the site?

Anonymous said...

if it was anon - how do you know it was ian?

Justice4Maeve said...

Ok may not have been Iain BUT it was on he's site at 1am and gone at 8am and the exact letter from he's site appeared on this blog at 7:40am.
I just wondered why it would be deleted?

Anonymous said...

Just to set the record straight Iain does not run the carers4carers website it is run by campaigners and they post his (not he's) blogs if you knew anything at all about Iain (which you quite obviously dont) you would know that he doesn't know where to start in running a website and he would admit that himself. Your witch hunts have expanded from Keran to Iain and everyone else who supports Keran.

Anonymous said...

It is on the carers4carers website is there anything you wont try to read more into. To be honest I do think you are trying to stir people up including all the petition business.

Anonymous said...

carers4carers website shows that exact extract - what are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

When are you going to realise that this is the sole purpose of the blog- to stir things up.
It was set up as a support site for Maeve but i really don't see much support here - lets just see it for what it is - a chance to have a go!!!

Justice4Maeve said...

Ok people I asked a question, I actually only asked why it was taken down. I didn't accuse iain of lying or anything else, I didn't stir anything, I asked a question. One question is all I asked. I have logged back into the carers4carers website and it doens't come up on my screen nor does it on the other people I have asked to look for it. Maybe there is a system glitch, I am not sure. I just wondered why it would have been taken down as I would have thought that was something Iain would want up there. As for Iain running the site, it doesn't matter who run's it, I was discussing he's letters (unlike other people write those too).
Now who is looking for a witch hunt? As for the petition, I am not stirring up anything, I am writing it as I see it.
If I hadn't posted about the petition then other people would not have known, after all it wasn't on the website. One thing no one on the supporters side answered was, How is it the media knew all about it if Iain Henderson and the Camapaign DO NOT contact them. This I know is a lie because I have spoke to numerous Journalists this week (more than usual - and for any more than want to contact me and don't know how to you can send your details to the comment board, I will not publish it but I will email you after I verify who you are), and all of them have known about this March, the 'STOMP' before it happened. Media sources were contacted by the 'We care for Keran' Campaign, I am not saying by Iain personally but they were contacted. Why say that the interest is that the media come looking for them when in fact it is the other way around. You can call me whatever you want, I'm not hurt by your taunts, it just shows that you are disgusted that I know as much as you and people who you want to believe only believe Keran is innocent are helping this site!
I am not here to say anyone is guilty except Keran but that is my opinion and my opinion counts as does yours. I have very rarely stopped the campaign posting comments and I very rarely accuse them of things unless I am sure of the facts.
So you can call this site whatever you will, it is staying here and speaking it's mind, myself included.

Anonymous said...

Justice4Maeve - suppose a journalist telephoned Iain and during that conversation Iain told that journalist of the STOMP - would that make you feel better?? Because the chances are that is exactly what happened.

Justice4Maeve said...

And that Journalist contacted everyone else is it? I don't doubt that could have happened with one or maybe even two but not all of them. It just doesn't add up and isn't that what you believe, it all has to add up to something!

Anonymous said...

It was not a march open to anyone to attend that is why it was not publicised and was for the parents of children Keran cared for. I dont care if you put it on your site its the way you do it. But one comment is if your sources were so well informed how come they got the date wrong ? Write what you like but I dont think that half the comments you have made have been neccessary and have stirred things up. If you think I am insulting you then you are being very over-sensitive.

Anonymous said...

I know a few journalists and they all share information and Iain has nothing to hide. He is fighting to free his wife.

Anonymous said...

But why did the supporters keep saying that he NEVER contacted the media. He has!!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of the press association??? They share information amongst loads of different types of media.

Anonymous said...

It is studid to think that Ian would not talk to the media as why have the campaign. They need publicity as did Angela Canning. We know the press would be in contact with all parties and it is them up to them whether they speak. It should not matter who did what but we should respect that both sides differ on views and we should only be interest in Justice not hate

Rena said...

Interesting to know.