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January 14, 2008

Why is she Innocent?

There has been so much Hype about Keran Henderson and her husband recently I thought I would set this up to remind everyone of the baby Maeve.

Maeve Shepard was an 11 month old baby who died in the care of this woman.

I have read many reports from various media outlets and they all seem to scream 'miscarriage of Justice', but this woman was found GUILTY.

I have read Iain Hendersons carers4carers website thoroughly.

Yes I can understand he's motives after all he loves his wife but she serves 3 years (18 months at most) and Maeve will never get to grow up or marry or have children, you say Keran was fantastic (a modern day Mary Poppins she was described as in court) but what would Maeve have been had she grown up, her family will never know.

I read the website alot since it was set up and not once in the months before the Trial did i see Iain Henderson remark on finding justice for Maeve Shepard.... NOT ONCE.
If you go through it with a fine tooth comb you will see the first time he ever mentions finding the truth about Maeve is on the 2nd of November (near the end of the trial when he must have realised the evidence against her was not circumstantial - it was REAL).

For this man to preach about how he feels sorry for the parents of Maeve, then he is a hypocrite. He is looking for sympathy in he's crusade.

Keran is being compared to Sally Clarks and Angela Cannings in many interviews BUT in reality yes those were miscarriages of Justice but no one has accused Keran of Maeve dying while she was asleep.

It seems that Iain has the campaign airbrushed to the last, half comments and crocodile tears.
He has taken experts opinions and slashed them, why tell me, if he's children were sick where would he bring them to? Would it not be to one of these experts he speaks so judgemental of?
If his child fell and needed an x-ray would it not be an expert in the professional Medical field he would go to or would it be some John Doe at the end of the street that bought an x-ray machine on EBay - no I think it would be the Medical Profession who would help him.

Some things on many websites trouble me - so I am going to deal with them one by one:

Iain consistently states about the previous injury in every interview.
It was stated Maeve got sick before Christmas (as do most children), it was also stated she was on and off antibiotics BUT was she really at the hospital on all the occasions he states. Afterall on his website he clearly says that had Keran known Maeve was a poorly child she would not have taken her in.

Iain insists in every interview that the children at the scene were NEVER questioned.

Yes this is true BUT what is failed to mention is that all the parents were asked but declined due to the distress it would cause their children as stated by a concerned mother on her posts on nearly every newspaper. How can you blame the police for this?

Another thing Iain says throughout is that Maeve's Parents were informed of her sickness while in Kerans care.

She was poorly and brought to the doctor by her parents, and according to her mother during the trial was fit to go back to Keran where upon she became sick again and Keran herself brought her to the doctor (due to Keran stating that she had been vomiting) - BUT at this time she never mentioned the little girl had a fit - WHY would you not tell someone this? Is this not something serious and as a qualified First Aider would you not know to make this public Knowledge? - THAT WAS THE FIRST TIME SHE BROUGHT HER TO THE DOCTOR AND SEEMINGLY THE FIRST TIME MAEVE HAD A FIT. But NO ONE knew of this fit till the trial.

The day of the 'incident' she rang 999 and could be heard saying 'this child has been nothing but trouble since I took her on', does that sound like someone who was happy to be minding the child.

Now the lack of Circumstantial Evidence
This child had horrendous injuries - yes medical experts state she didn't have marks but the Expert did say ' that SOMETIMES not ALL the times you would find markings on a child' as Iain has quoted - 'thats the icing on the cake' - how did an 11 month old have a brain injury, snapped her neck, have retinal damage and brain swelling in the space of 5 hours in someones care if nothing but a fit happened.

Experts state theses injuries can all be caused by fits but not likely at the same time. Traumatic experience is the only way to have all these injuries together - your brain can bleed while you have a fit or you can be starved of oxygen and be brain dead but it is most unlikely and the expert stating this is from a top London Hospital and in he's profession he had NEVER seen these injuries to all coincide with a fit. This is a Medical Professional who treats children on a daily basis and obviously helps with their healing (or he would have been sacked) and he can say its not imaginable to have these injuries all at once.

The Jurors
How can anyone condone this? It is illegal, not to say Immoral.

What these Jurors did was WRONG? There is a justice system in place to uphold the law and this is not a circus. They should be arrested, but that is up to the CPU. They listened to the same evidence as everyone else in that courtroom and if they had any questions at the time, why were they not asked there and then.

This is a smear Campaign of the highest order. Is this a media circus or a Publicity Campaign?

Keran's lawyers are trying to get an appeal based only on what the media print - after all the public are the strongest supporters, they want them to influence the outcome because they DO NOT have the evidence to back up a retrial. There are no discrepancies in what the Police did, there are 2 Jurors who made a choice at the time and were outvoted and now feel justified in speaking out. Obviously there is no Justice left if they can do that..

I have also read in one of Iain's interviews that he's opinion is the Judge gave Keran a lenient sentence and stated in he's closing argument "Your reputation as someone who parents can confidently leave their children with has been shattered.
"You are going to have to live the rest of your life, with the knowledge that Maeve died in your care" meant he did not believe the verdict to be true.

Who is Iain or anybody else to say that? Only Justice Keith can answer that question.

The duties of the judge, in a criminal matter, are to hear the statements on both sides in open court, to arrive at a conclusion as to the truth of the facts submitted to him or, when a jury is engaged, to direct the jury to find such a conclusion, to apply to the facts so found the appropriate rules of law, and to certify by his judgment the relief to which the parties are entitled or the obligations or penalties which they have incurred. With the judgment the office of the judge is at an end, but the judgment sets in motion the executive forces of the state, whose duty it is to carry it into execution.

Therefore the Judge was doing his job, he was not there to give his two cents worth, he was there to follow the Jury's decision and he was not there to Judge anybody, he was there to make sure nothing went wrong as ultimately it was the Jury's decision on the verdict.

Kerans Justice Campaign
I admire Iain for his dedication to his wife but I am not a fan of his tactics.
For many weeks now I have read Iain's story - all stating the same thing 'Keran is Innocent'. Well you see this is politically incorrect because technically Keran is not innocent, she is GUILTY of Manslaughter and hard as that is to accept, it is what it is.

We say in this world 'Innocent until proven guilty' and that is a mantra most people in life live by and Keran has been found Guilty by 10 people. 10 People listened throughout that trial and came to the same conclusion - GUILTY.
So yes I admire he's faith in his wife but in all the publicity the verdict remains unchanged and there is no new evidence to prove otherwise.

So in light of this, I thought I would write this because sometimes facts of great importance are left out to suit the needs of the campaign. They are taken in context and only the appropriate quotes are submitted.

So people can scream from the highest rooftops that 'Keran Henderson is Innocent' but if you check the public records for this trial you will know different she is 'GUILTY OF MANSLAUGHTER OF AN 11 MONTH OLD BABY'.

Fiat Justicia


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Every child that is admitted to hospital in a state of collapse in the UK, gets fluid through an IV line, in fact this is banned in the USA and Canada because of the deaths it causes unless the child is dehydrated, in Ian and Angela Gay's case everyone thought it was just about salt poisoning it wasn't there were two indicments for murder, one was SBS we proved (through masses of research) that Christian Blewitt's so called head injuries were caused by the doctors, in another case, which has to remain anon at the moment, a doctor accused mother of murder and it transpired he had inadvertently killed the baby and wanted to make sure he wasn't charged with manslaughter so he sent the police looking elsewhere, are you aware that many of the experts in other high profile miscarriages? Are you also aware that Sally Clark was accused of SBS? Doctors lie believe me, to cover up for other doctorsnegligence and they don't know everything.

An expert witness stating there was an older head injury, in law, makes it not so clear cut, whether it was three weeks or three months.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic - what a witch hunt and the grammar is not even correct!! Keran V Maeve - that is disrespectful to Maeve!

Anonymous said...

How can they prove the injuries were down to Keran? If such a bleed / fit etc could have occurred earlier, what's to say the parents didn't do it themselves?!

A Mother Who Cares said...

My niece was there when Maeve became ill. However you are wrong. The police did NOT ask to interview my niece or my sister. And if you had heard the 999 call you would have heard happy children not children who should have been scared if they had witnessed something horrible.

When something tragic happens we all want to blame someone but this time you are wrong.

Anonymous said...

None of the parents refused to let their children be interviewed. Some were not even asked.

Anonymous said...

In the interests of fairness please post what is below - This is from one of the prosecution witnesses
A prosecution witness in the trial of Keran Henderson also spoke out to say that there was no proof that the 11-month old baby, Maeve Sheppard, had been shaken. Waney Squier, a consultant neuropathologist at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, was the first expert to examine Maeve’s brain after her death.

She told The Times: “Even if you believe in shaken baby syndrome, this case does not have features to support this diagnosis. The features are far more in keeping with the baby having an older head injury and an event occurring to cause her to collapse and die. I do not know what that event was, but I am not at all sure that it was shaking. What is missing in the evidence was proof that she had been shaken, and shaken violently enough to cause the brain damage.”

Thank you

Anonymous said...

This is not a battle between Maeve and Keran. Has anyone every seen anything from Maeve's Parents since the trial, They have left this to the justice system. This is another part of the defence to try to make the parents look bad

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see the bloggers comment "One thing I will not tolerate is accusing other people" - I'm not sure the person's comment was an accusation but a plausible statement. As for calling people silly!! But as you said emotions are running high. I feel very much that Keran is innocent and the CPS were too hasty in arresting her - there is too much contradictory evidence for a safe conviction irrelevent that she has been convicted. There was doubt amongst the jurors and that in itself should say something. We all must remember that Keran was convicted on opinion not evidence and that should never be allowed to happen again.

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants the parents to look bad. (what would be gained from that?) The media have a legal obligation to contact the parents and they have declined on all occasions which is of course their right. The Justice system will deal with all of it including an appeal (of which the grounds will not be media interest - i don't think that counts as an appeal reason despite what you have written on your blog!) The press have made all of the contact - it has not been sought out by the team. I hope more than anything else this is sorted out soon - an innocent woman in jail does not help Maeves tragic death at all.

Happy Chap said...

I don't think the Blogger meant that an appeal would be lodged on media interest alone, what I understood was that as there is no new evidence and it doesn't seem that there are any mistakes then the only way to do things is to get media attention. I have just looked at the carers4carers website and read extracts and its suggested you write to MPs, thats not Justice, thats bully tactics. Keran can't be freed on her own so the Higher powers that be have to step in to help and thats where the media push to help and I am all too familiar with how that works. I think its great someone has a different side to the story. Isn't it always 'there are two sides to every story'. I would love to read anything the childs parents would write on this site but I also respect them for not speaking out, so it doesn't create a tit for tat atmosphere. Also I would like to comment on the Jurors, people keep saying they think its a miscarrage of Justice and the Jurors now believe that, but those Jurors have no right to speak out, now personally I do believe each opinion to their own but there is a law to state that their opinion in the courtroom can not be discussed outside the courtroom and for that I think they should be locked up.
I also admire this site because I have previously posted a comment on a newspaper article regarding the jurors and it was not accepted. It seems this site is staying true to its word, its not a debate but a two sided story and seemingly they are posting both sides in the comments, sorry to say, unlike others who if you have a look has no negativity against Keran on it.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how the blogger does not know there is no new evidence - are they part of the legal team ?As for mistakes - lets just wait for the appeal. One of the police involved said that he felt there had been a miscarriage of justice. As i said in my previous note the media attention has been driven by the media and I would ask you - if you thought someone you cared about was innocent and in prison would you do anything about it or would you just leave them there?

Anonymous said...

How is it a two sided story when you are asking people to vote on Keran's guilt. This site is obvoiusly causing a 'them and us' situation, when 99% of people who believe in Keran's innocence also wish to support Maeve's parents feel for their terrible loss of a beautiful baby daughter. It would be fantastic to have a website for people to write supportive comments for Maeve's parents and family but this most definitely is a witch hunt.

Justice4Maeve said...

As the moderator of this site I wish to point out this is not a witch hunt. I set this up so people can read both sides, I feel I have been fair in posting all comments,(most are directed from the carers4carers website so are Kerans friends)but I also agree with another comment. Earlier on (in months gone by) i have tried to post a comment on both the carers4carers website and the blog attached to it, both times neither comment was shown, now that is not very two sided and in response to the question asked "if you thought someone you cared about was innocent and in prison would you do anything about it or would you just leave them there?" my response is - I admire Iain's motives and I have said that but not his tactics. This is the first I have heard of that a Police Officer stated this was a miscarrage of justice, maybe I need to read more sites to find that quote or contact the CPS to get their view.

Anonymous said...

Why are you making this ever so much more painful for the families concerned by mud slinging. Kerans supporters are always saying that they want the truth to come out for Maeves family as much as Kerans. Ian and Keran have been respectful throughout as have their supporters.

Justice4Maeve said...

Yet again I feel I have to answer this question. This isn't mud slinging, I have posted ALL comments and been respectful of all arguments, as I have said each opinion to their own but my opinion is just that. I set this up because I couldn't find one place besides the 'have your say' on the papers that would post a comment about Keran being guilty and the reason for that is because the wesbite and Blog are run by Kerans family and supporters and I respect that and if you could respect I have the right to have my say now too.
I can not state enough that each has a right to their own opinion and I have respected many of your wishes (i.e. taking down the poll and changing the name) but this is your first time hearing a different side to Keran's story and I am not deleting this blog because it differs from opinion to Keran's unless Maeve's family specifially contact me and ask me to do so, until then I will update this site on a constant basis with any news and reports regarding this trial to keep all who want to read it up to date.

Anonymous said...

The comment about the miscarriage of justice was made to one of Kerans friends after the verdict came in. If you asked the policeman if he said it I have a feeling that he would not admit it. I think that you are being fair in posting all the comments you are and I think that mud slinging really is not the way forward. Maybe this site could contain some information about Maeve and if the family were ok about it some photos so we can find out more about Maeve the person?

Anonymous said...

God bless Baby Maeve.
May she rest in peace. :)

The fact that Kerans friends have left messages on here I find very distasteful.
On the site her husband set up only positive comments are placed online.
I send a few comments expressing my views that Keran is indeed Guilty and deserves everything she gets, but her supporters chose to not put that one up on there site, says a lot about them really. Not willing for both sides of the story to be out.

Her husband now seems intent of painting a picture that Keran was the most perfect person in the world and could never of done this. Absolute Bullshit !

Anonymous said...

Curious about the last comment - were you there? If so you need to come forward as a witness!!
In answer to your comment about us posting comments in this site the author of this site sent the blog to one of our supporter so I think they were more than happy to give our side of the story.
By the way if you are putting your side forward you really need to check your spelling and grammar it does not help your case when the sentences don't make sense (not being unkind - just want you to be taken seriously)and the language is really not necessary.

Justice4Maeve said...

People I have asked already that this not be turned into a slagging match. OPINIONS are welcome INSULTS can stay at home. From now on I will not be so lenient in the comments I will post as not to offend anyone.
As I have previously stated this is not a witch hunt and WILL not be turned into one. If you want to say Keran is innocent or Guilty you can give your opinion in an appropriate manner. I understand emotions run high but it will not be tolerated to insult anyone.

Anonymous said...

I agree so can we please moderate the language as well

Anonymous said...

Ha ha the grammar comment really wasn’t necessary and I think is in really bad taste to try to belittle someone in that manner by making snide comments about grammar, just shows the type of friends Keran has.
Again yet again I try to express my opinion (which I do believe im still entitled to and keran’s supporters try to censure that)
I believe in the justice system and I believe the CPS has done a good job getting the conviction and I believe in my heart the Keran did it and I think justice has been served and she should accept that and serve her sentence.
I am entitled to my opinion and shouldn’t be attacked and belittled when I try to express that.

Justice4Maeve said...

Again I have posted this comment because it had an opinion somewhere in it that seems to get lost between all the negativity but this will be the last one that belittles anybody.
I WILL NOT post any more comments that insult anybody.
This is not a public debate of who is right or wrong.

Anne Marie said...

I have read the comments on this page for the last few days and have keep a constant watch on Keran's husband site since the trial and on a regular basis. I would like to say a big "fair play" to the realist behind this blog as you are both honest and truthful. I do feel that the comment that was made about the grammactically correct sentences and spelling is both pathetic and unfounding. Everyone should realise that this matter is highly sensitive and things can be written in a hurry and emotions will almost certainly spill onto the comments posted. Yes the blog was sent to the supporter's to hear their comments due to the fact that a two sided debate could not be done on Keran's website.
I am thrilled to see this site up and running and i do believe that justice has prevailed for baby Maeve and i just pray that maybe her family can try get on with their lives from here on out. My thoughts are with you all Xxxx

Anonymous said...

I do think that some of the comments placed by several people are not portraying a positive example for Maeve or Keran. Lets just remember that opinions should not be the reason for someone going to prison whether from an expert or from you or me. I hope that until such time that an appeal has taken place that people can try to have an open mind and because you may feel Keran is guilty it does not make it so. Of course everyone's opinion is valid but this is just a discussion. At the end of the day I firmly believe the truth will come out in court.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comment that 'and I believe in my heart the Keran did it and I think justice has been served and she should accept that and serve her sentence. ' I accept that is your opinion and you are entitled to it.At the same time I hope that you can appreciate that we do not think that keran did do it so we cannot accept it and allow her to serve her sentence. The references to Angela Canning and Sally Clarke should make you realise that sometimes experts do get things wrong and that is what we believe has happened here. In a previous comment from me I asked for Waney Squiers comments to be added. Waney is one of these experts and she was actually at the post mortem and called as a PROSECUTION witness.
Is that not reasonable doubt? Remember the justice system says that it has to be beyond reasonable doubt.How has that happened here ?
The jurors have said they were confused and did not understand some of the evidence and at some points feel asleep . I agree that they should have spoken out at the time but how could this conviction be safe when they did not understand the 'opinions'of the experts.

Anonymous said...

In July of 2005, the Court of Appeals in the United Kingdom reversed or reduced three convictions of SBS, finding that the classic triad of retinal hemorrhage, subdural hematoma, and acute encephalopathy are not 100% diagnostic of SBS and that clinical history is also important.[
Something else to think about???

Anonymous said...

i agree with everything you say and well done for publishing this blog, it's brilliant.

Sue said...

I would just like to say thank you so much for setting up this blog.
However I feel it is very sad that Kerans supporters feel obliged to reply to everyones comments.

Anonymous said...

I think Keran's supporters should have some respect and if they want to post comments of support do it on Kerans site.

Kerans site is set up that comments are emailed and hence why only messages of support are on there. Not very fair is it.
Not at all balanced and telling both stories.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if Im wrong but in angela canning and sally clarkes cases wasn't it one medical expert involved.

As far as I knew in maeve's case the CPS made an effort to make sure the evidence was given by many experts.

Hence it wasnt the word of one expert who convicted Keran , they all agreed she was guilty I thought.

Therefore I dont get why people are comparing the cases?

Anonymous said...

Keran's site is a supporters site (not a debate) which is why supporters comments are left. A couple of you have indicated it is distasteful for Keran's supporters to leave comments - so why did the blogger invite send the link to carers4carers? Regarding your comments about the experts - all the experts were contradicting each other. Even one of the prosecution experts has come forward saying she never for one moment thought Keran had harmed Maeve in anyway. So no the experts didn't agree she was guilty.

Concerned said...

Am I missing something? You mention you have removed the voting poll because of peoples comments but nobody made comments about the poll itself? Was it removed because the majority felt Keran was innocent??

Justice4Maeve said...

In response to a question asked by 'Concerned' -> Am I missing something? You mention you have removed the voting poll because of peoples comments but nobody made comments about the poll itself? Was it removed because the majority felt Keran was innocent??

I would like you to read all the comments: Pathetic - what a witch hunt and the grammar is not even correct!! Keran V Maeve - that is disrespectful to Maeve!
and also
How is it a two sided story when you are asking people to vote on Keran's guilt. This site is obvoiusly causing a 'them and us' situation, when 99% of people who believe in Keran's innocence also wish to support Maeve's parents feel for their terrible loss of a beautiful baby daughter. It would be fantastic to have a website for people to write supportive comments for Maeve's parents and family but this most definitely is a witch hunt.

This is the reason I felt the need to remove the poll, as you may be arare from reading my site, I have stated this is not a witch hunt and for your information when I took the Poll down 17 votes were for Guilty, 16 were for Not guilty and 1 for undecided.

Shaun said...

My heart goes out to the parents of any child that dies, regardles of the circumstances. Surely to God though if there is any doubt into the cause of death of little Maeve then we owe it to Maeve to find the truth.

If the experts can not agree amongst themselves (fact not opinion) then how can a jury????

I cant ask a question in a classroom for fear of fealing stupid when i dont understand something, so imagine being a jurer, i commend them for comming forward.

Yes there should be justice for Maeve but the also has to be Justice for her childminder as im sure Maeve would want that.

P.s Dont hide your identity, what are you hiding???

Justice4Maeve said...

I don't feel the need to have my identity known as to be honest I am of no importance. I am not known to the family of the victim or Keran, or to the media or anyone involved in the case. I am just a concerned parent.It is not my place to be known for setting up this site. I just felt the need to show people both sides.

In answer to you question, I am not hiding anything. But as I feel strongly on this subject I will say this: Obviously I have caused alot of controversy in Keran's camp (i know this because of the amount of people commenting on her defence so it must be a topic of conversation among her friends), the blong link on the carers4carers website has also been removed (i have kindly attached a link to that site to show both sides). I am not in this for public debate or to hurt anyones feelings and maybe opposition is what I am seen as (not my intention), I only wanted people to see another side of the story.
I think what I should have done originally was take a leaf out of carers4carers page and only post support for Maeve but I chose to let people see and have opinions on both sides.
As for feeling stupid for asking a question, that is probably true but when you are dealing with someones life then they should have felt stupid and asked, maybe they just didn't have questions till this campaign started and they were asked for them. I think it is appaling and disrespectful of our Justice System for anyone to speak out about what goes on behind closed doors in court. NO ONE told them to come to that verdict, it was a 10/2 majority vote and therefore I believe that Keran is guilty and should accept her penalty from the Judicial system.

Anonymous said...

I think this case says alot about society today.
New mums forced back into the workforce for financial reasons and having to place there young child in childcare.

It's not something any one does easily its a grueling time of worry and despair and what happened to Ruth Shepherd is EVERY working mums nitemare.

What does a mother do?
Do you take the chance and trust someone with your child for alot of ppl thats the only choice.

I think what that the lesson to be learnt from this case should be a better childcare system with more training and checks on people like keran henderson.

A horrific crime like this should never happen again.
And there should be more government support for young families.

Anonymous said...

In answer to the last comment - what would the checks on Keran have proved? That she was an excellent childminder and mother!

Anonymous said...

To be fair to the person who controls this blog although i disagree 100% with your views you have been fair with most the content and there are two sides to a story and eveyone is entitled to an opinion but I hope when the appeal agrees that there was a miscarriage of justice all the people who have condemmed Keran will be as outspoken as they are now. As far as the Carers4carers website is was always set up as a Keran support website and if you look at the headings there is no section for general comments.

Anonymous said...

I was the person that found the poll completely distasteful and am glad that the blogger had the good taste to remove it. Things like that are only causing more friction. Thank you for also using the isea for comments to Maeve's parents but there still seem to be several digs at Keran there.

Anonymous said...

You could accept the verdict if you were guilty but when you know you are innoncent then I guess thats easier said than done !!!!

shaun said...

When i first heard about this case on the TV a & read about it in the press my first instincts were " Oh no not another one, here we go again" by that i mean Sally Clark, Angela Canning, Patel.

Upon hearing about the verdict i thought it would only be a matter of time before she was released on appeal as were the others so i decided to form my own opinion, but based on the FACTS and follow this case as we all too often take the easy option and think as long as it not me then i dont care!!! Sound familiar?????

If anyone of you here was found guilty of something you didn't do can you honestly say that you would just take it on the chin and do your time??? as someone else has suggested on here. I know for sure i wouldn't..... and should Canning, Clark, Patel still be behind bars even though we now know they are innocent???? For one it was just too much & our justice system is to blame for her death.

Yes this may well be a debate and i like yourself have no connection to either family but it does puzzle me why you choose to attack everyone who disagrees with you?? surely thats forcing your opinion onto others instead of being a debate??? Even the Labour, Conservatives & Liberals agree sometimes and they have totally different opinions.

I believe in the facts, not peoples opinions and thats how i will come to the conclusion of whether the childminder is innocent & i believe you should do the same too & whilst finding these facts if you come across any REASONABLE DOUBT then the verdict that was given has to be wrong for all our sakes as this is the system we live by.

I will post my FACTS here for you & all to see as i hope you will too
and if there is NO REASONABLE DOUBT then i for one will PUBLICLY say " You were right"

Anonymous said...

A child died in her care, I dont think that says she's an excellent childminder.

The total opposite actually!!!!
She should never be able to look after children EVER again.

Anonymous said...

The point that I was trying to make was that mothers should be better supported and should be able to stay at home with there kids until there a bit older.

Maeve was a vunerable baby, she had no way of telling her parents if someone was hurting her.

If families were given more support then mums could stay at home until kids are say two or three when they can speak, and that way they arent so vunerable in childcare and can speak out about abuse!!!!!!

Justice4Maeve said...

I would just like to apologise to a few people today. I have had to reject several posts this morning on the basis that they were a little too mean about Keran. As I have said already this is not a witch hunt and your opinion is counted but please do not use language or name calling in future. If those people can not see their post you have every right to rewrite it and submit it again minus the insults.
Also to the people who keep asking me questions on my identity, your wasting your time. I have answered that question already and I have done my research on this case to know enough information. I am not going to justify my reasons or explain who I am again.
Thanks very much people and please keep your posts opinionated but nothing else, I hate rejecting posts but sometimes in the interest of everyone it has to be done.
In answer to Shaun's Question : Yes this may well be a debate and i like yourself have no connection to either family but it does puzzle me why you choose to attack everyone who disagrees with you?? surely thats forcing your opinion onto others instead of being a debate???
I am not forcing anything, obviously I think Keran is guilty otherwise I wouldn't have set up this site BUT I have been very fair in posting both sides and its very seldom I get involved in conversation unless I am specifically asked a question. My opinion is as welcome as anyone else's. If I was attacking people as you suggest its because I think their manner is wrong not their opinion, if I wanted to shoot down each opinion then I would just not have posted anyone supporting Keran, that would have been much easier. Today is probably the first day where I have not published comments, I have given everyone their say.

Anonymous said...

All of these pppl who keep quoting Reasonable doubt, you clearly dont have a law degree and havent studied its exact meaning IN ENGLISH LAW.

What you are saying is laughable really, criminal law is not an easy subject to understand and I think you've spend too much time whating Law and Order and getting the TV meaning rather than the actual English law meaning!!!!

Anonymous said...

Exactly and I am guessing that the twelve jury didn't have law or medical degrees so how can they reach a verdict based solely on medical opinion.

Anonymous said...

To the person who said Keran wasn't an excellent childminder. Do you even know her? Had you ever met her. How come she had a waiting list of children whose parents wanted her to childmind their children. An extremely horrific event occurred to a child in her care, which has not been proven to be her fault, through the court case, and she will never be able to look after children again regardless of what happens at the appeal. So it looks like you get your wish either way.

Shaun said...

Before i publish my FACTS i wondered if you would agree with me in 2 points i want to make about 2 postings that were listed earlier.

1- posting 18/1 @ 8.49am.... just because someone dies in your care doesnt say you are not excellent at something. If a child is ill or has an accident then you cannot be to blame and if that is the case then it doesnt say alot for our over worked, under paid nurses & besides didnt Maeve die in hospital??

2 - posting 18/1 @ 9.37am .... maybe we could both ask that this person explains to us what Reasonable Doubt is.... i dont have a law degree, i dont think i said i did and i dont watch law & order but that comment just reinforces the fact that if ordinary folk like me misunderstand a simple term like Reasonable doubt then how are ordinary folk expected to understand other aspects of the law as well as medical terms (just as complicated) to help them come to a decision when sat on a jury???

Anonymous said...

I would just like to comment on one post.
'An extremely horrific event occurred to a child in her care, which has not been proven to be her fault, through the court case'

Obviously this is not the case or else no one would even know Keran Henderson's name except her friends. It HAS been proven she was at fault, I just wonder do you fail to see she was Charged with manslaughter and found Guilty. This means its proved beyond whatever reasonable doubt that you all speak of (I don't care what way you look at the reasonable doubt) she was found Guilty and therefore that is what the law states she is.

Eddie, Iver said...

Shaun why do you get so opinionated if you like others don't know Karen. You asked the moderator what they were hiding by not saying who they were but obviously you must know Karen to get so worked up. At the moment your the only one that's forcing your opinion with your so called FACTS.
And if you knew your FACTS then you would have read also that yes Maeve passed away in hospital following being admitted with terrible head injuries, are you now saying that the hospital staff are to blame for them also?
Can you answer me one thing so? Why is it that Maeve only ever had a fit in Karen's care and Karen never mentioned it? Why would an innocent person bring a child to the doctor and say the child was continuosly vomiting when in fact she said later that the child suffered a fit? Why was it that as stated in the Impact statement as published that the child's mother said she was fit and happy that morning but 5 hours later she was practically dead?
Something had to have happened, maybe it was accidental, maybe she did have a fit and banged her head or something but there is no way this child jerked and her eyes rolled and she died from retinal damage and brain injuries so sevee seemingly that her neck snapped. Maybe Karen didn't mean to do something, I don't know but I do not believe NOTHING happened that day. Something did and I agree with the judge in saying that is something she will have to live with for the rest of her days.

Anonymous said...

Why are people under the impression that keran kept the fact that maeve had previous fits from the parents?

Anonymous said...

Not just the parents, she didn't even tell the doctor she brought the child to?

Anonymous said...

The judge said "You are going to have to live the rest of your life with the knowledge that Maeve died in your care" NOT that you killed Maeve.

Shaun said...

Eddie, have you actually read properly what i have wrote?? I dont think so!!!! Our justice system has to deal with the facts, do you really want them to base it on opinion?? opinions can be wrong and very bias!!

How can i be forcing my opinion based on my facts when i havent even listed them yet let alone research them, thats why i asked the question as to Maeve dying in hospital.

Facts are what actually happened and not just what somebody thinks happened.

I can tell you now that having said that i can now see for myself thanks to research that yes it is a fact that Maeve died in hospital and yes it is a fact that Maeve collapsed in the care of the childminder.

Once again this proves that Facts are essential and not just somebodies opinion.

Im sorry Eddie but i cannot answer some of your questions because i could only state my opinion and where the law or facts are concerned mine or anybody elses opinion should not count.

As for the impact statement!!! this was reported by the media (FACT) and is a known fact that this WAS NOT read out in court so as you know what is in it you clearly know or are part of the family of Maeve.

My condolences go out to you all xxx Sorry if you took offence to anything but i thought i was just having an open debate.

I for one dont want to see an innocent person go to prison for something they didnt do, and i also dont want to see anyone escape jail for their crimes.

Does anybody actually disagree that we should find out the facts and not just base anything on peoples opinion??

Eddie said...

I am not part of the family but here you can see what the Impact statement read that was released by the police
'Amid emotional scenes in court, Mr Justice Keith said that he no longer wanted Mrs Sheppard’s victim impact statement to be read by her in open court. He said that he had read it twice in private and assured Mr and Mrs Sheppard that he had fully digested its contents. In her statement Mrs Sheppard said: “Keran Henderson not only took my daughter’s life away, but she took away our right as her parents to grieve her, to mourn her, to think and remember her in any other way than with pain and anguish. She also took away our right to say goodbye to Maeve.”

Mrs Sheppard, who was pregnant with the couple’s second daughter when Maeve died and now also has a son, said: “When we left Maeve at 7.30am that morning with Keran, she was healthy and smiling, having played blowing raspberries with her dad on the bed prior to leaving home.

“The next time we saw Maeve she was unconscious fighting for her life. I just don’t know how to get past the pain and memory of holding her in our arms after turning the machine off in hospital and watching her die.”

After the hearing, the Sheppards said in a statement: “No sentence will ever bring back our daughter and we will never be able to forgive this woman for what she took away from us.” They added: “We carried out the relevant checks to make sure Keran was a good, trustworthy childminder and our gut instinct was to trust her. If only she had told us that it was not working out between her and Maeve, then we would have our baby daughter with us today.”
(taken from

I also agree with your Facts not opinions but the fact is she was found Guilty of manslaughter by TEN people who obviously sat in that court for longer than you or I have watched or read this story.
I appreciate your condolences to me but I am actually not part of the family so you can post them on the other comment page as I will do Shaun.

Anonymous said...

is this blog still operating as things have gone very quiet?

Justice4Maeve said...

Sorry for the delay in comments.

Justice4Maeve said...

I would just like to notify 'Concerned' that I will not be posting your comment. If I wanted the facts as Keran's team view them then I would have just logged on to the carer4carer website. Now I will say this again people, this is not a debate. If you have an opinion then fine post them, I know the facts and if someone chooses to want to read Keran's site, I have being nice put a link to it.

Anonymous said...

Its so nice to see that Maeves family have seen the site and know alot of ppl out there support them NOT keran!


Shaun said...

Angela Canning, Sally Clark are just a few that were found guilty by a jury for the manslaughter of their children.... the jury clearly made a mistake in their cases & they weren't the same jury, these women were then later released on appeal, does this clearly not show that mistakes are made???

IF we want JUSTICE for Maeve then WE as a society owe it to her to double check that we havn't got another Angela Canning or Sally Clark.

It is not going to do anybody any harm.

Shaun said...

One of the prosecution experts Dr Waney Squier stood on the witness stand and stated for the prosecution that Maeve had injuries (accidental or inflicted) to her that COULD have been MONTHS old...

GUILTY???? Yes is the childminder had looked after her for that long!!! she only did for a 4 1/2 week period and then only 15 days during this period.

Why did she say this if it was not TRUE?? after all she was a Neuropathologist Specialist for the PROSECUTION!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shaun you are taking this very serious for someone who is not affiliated with anyone. I read the facts, actually I sat through the trial, unlike most people and I listened. What Waney Squires actually said was 'yes it COULD be days, weeks or even months old' - but no fit had occured until she was in Keran's care. So in those 15 days you speak of she had not one but TWO fits and then a major one that killed her.And not in any doctors notes was there any record of Keran telling anyone that she had ONE fit let alone TWO.
And Wany Squires answered the question truthfully, if you cut your knee today a doctor couldn't tell you in 6 months time how recent the scar was just that its not over a year old.It would have been worse had she lied and said that it was 15 days old, at least we know everything she said was the truth, she was there to tell the truth.

And I think if you read Maeve's parents statement they already feel they have justice for Maeve so as a society they don't want Justice, as they already have it because the woman who murdered their daughter is behind bars.

Burt, Iver, Bucks said...

Lack of professionalism & no integrity ,if any of the people supporting this woman, ie: protesting her innocence ,if it was your child you would expect the same sort of justice .
It's mainly the "Iver Heath Trinny & Suzanna Club " putting their five cents worth in .There is a house on the Slough road that has been turned into a freak show display showing support for this baby killer .How must the the Sheppard family feel having to still have to go about their daily routine when they are made to feel like the victims by a bunch of parochial inbreds .

Joanne said...

Im an intelligent woman and can clearly see that if this poor little child had old injuries that could have been "days, weeks or even months old" then surley this means there is a possibility that this childminder may not be to blame????? If she had banged her head whilst playing as my children often do then could this not have opened up or aggrivated an old injury.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed - I thought this board was for opinions not insults? Why then allow Bert's comment to be shown......

Alf said...

The only way any of you will understand a miscarrage of justice is when it happens to you!!!!

we were sat in our car in stationary traffic near a speed camera. hardly the same i know but a week later when i recieved a summons to appear in court for doing 55mph in a 30 zone i laughed... i pleaded not guilty, was unable to view the evidence and found GUILTY. I appealed & lost as the so called evidence was stacked against me!!! WHAT EVIDENCE!!!!! I still protest my innocence and i only lost £165 and gained 3 points.

IF and i say IF there has been a misscarrage of justice then i hope the Hendersons keep Protestin.

Shaun said...

Are you going to allow "BURT" to insult people????

Anonymous said...

Well said Burt.


Justice4Maeve said...

I don't know who the Trinny and Suzannah freak show refers to so in my book he is not insulting anyone in general. So yes that is he's opinion. I stated I would not allow insults to be thrown at other commentators.

Justice4Maeve said...

In Answer to Joannes comment I would like to answer it first!
"Im an intelligent woman and can clearly see that if this poor little child had old injuries that could have been "days, weeks or even months old" then surley this means there is a possibility that this childminder may not be to blame????? If she had banged her head whilst playing as my children often do then could this not have opened up or aggrivated an old injury."
If Keran had even said once that Maeve had banged her head or fallen then yes I could maybe agree with that but the fact she said she never fell or banged her head contradicts that. Do you really think that a fit can happen in one person's comapny 3 times and no one else's? That not very likely. If Keran had said at the start that Maeve had fallen then I would look at it differently.

Anonymous said...

your case of speeding isnt exactly the same now is it!
Its insulting that your comparing that with this case.

And anyway The rules of evidence of different when it comes to speeding and a murder/manslaughter charge!

I think speeding is a strict liability offence hence why you werent able to view the evidence!
The liability is said to be strict because defendants will be convicted even though they were genuinely ignorant of one or more factors that made their acts or omissions criminal.

Different crimes have different evidencial rules so your comparson is poor!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

get real justice4maeve - you are saying "by a bunch of parochial inbreds" isn't a comment???

Anonymous said...

Interesting how some things you find offensive and some things you don't. I think Burt's comment is highly offensive - and your throwaway comment about Trinny & Suzannah is laughable. But for Burt to say "How must the the Sheppard family feel having to still have to go about their daily routine when they are made to feel like the victims by a bunch of parochial inbreds" is quite clearly insultive and not an opinion. In fact it seems you are clearly enjoying the witch hunt!!

Anonymous said...

The man is entitled to his opinion of Kerans supporters and the way they conduct there campaign

Justice4Maeve said...

"Interesting how some things you find offensive and some things you don't. I think Burt's comment is highly offensive - and your throwaway comment about Trinny & Suzannah is laughable. But for Burt to say "How must the the Sheppard family feel having to still have to go about their daily routine when they are made to feel like the victims by a bunch of parochial inbreds" is quite clearly insultive and not an opinion. In fact it seems you are clearly enjoying the witch hunt!!"

In answer to this then yes it is very interesting what I find offensive. I have had to delete 21 comments today, 8 of which attacked the Parents of Maeve Sheppard for their view in their statement. I have been very fair in most of my comments and if I choose to post one or two that I don't find very offensive then its my choice. Burt did not mention any names or refer to anybody in general. If people wish to assume it is them, then that is their own assumption. I won't be taking down the comment nor will I be deleting it, I have in the past been happy to comply with Keran's supporters and taken off comments etc but if anyone finds this offensive then just don't read it. As for being a witch hunt, i don't see it like that, it was one man's opinion. I posted a comment where it asked 'How can they prove the injuries were down to Keran? If such a bleed / fit etc could have occurred earlier, what's to say the parents didn't do it themselves?!
January 14, 2008 7:53 PM" and no one asked me to take that down and that was clearly accusing someone.
I have felt I portrayed both sides of the story.

Anonymous said...

Why do kerans supporters still feel they have some higher right to an opinion then the rest of us!

We can have opinions on the campaign and the tacky manner its being conducted if we want!!!!

The house covered in banners is ye'r doing so you shouldnt be insulted if we dont apreciate it!

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say 'Well Done' to the Blogger. This site has caused a frenzy among people. There is debates and opinions flying everywhere in Iver and surrounding area's. I live nearby and up until I read this site I have believed that Keran could not and would not do that to any child and she must be innocent. I'm still undecided but I am sure within my heart that something happened. There is too many contradicting facts,I have sat in the company of many people that 100% believe her innocence but some of them have said that they did not know the child only ever had a fit in Keran's company or that she never told the doctors about it. You see some of her friends who believe her innocence were witness' and they didn't get to sit through the trial and only heard these things on this site. Its amazing what has been shouted out about in the media and what has been kept very, very quiet. If she was as innocent as she protests why not tell everyone the whole facts instead of half stories. I for one would have like to known about the doctors not knowing about the fits before I helped in any way with this Campaign. The next time a conversation arises in my company about Keran, I will be informing a lot of people about this site and asking them to read the other side. I have also noticed that this site was taken very quickly out of sight on the carers4carers website. Is that because there is something to hide with people reading another side of the story? It intrigues me if there is nothing according to Iain to hide why he would not want anyone to read it.

Anonymous said...

'If Keran had even said once that Maeve had banged her head or fallen then yes I could maybe agree with that but the fact she said she never fell or banged her head contradicts that'

for goodness sake people - Keran did say that Maeve had banged her head - she took her to the doctors and then to the hospital on that occasion. Get your facts straight when you are posting - it was in the evidence.

Anonymous said...

Makes interesting reading.....

Anonymous said...

Not Iain try his nine and fourteen year old boys who use the site to get some comfort for their loss, no matter what you all think of Keran the boys are young and innoncent and should not have to see the comments people are making about their mum.

Anonymous said...

I dont know why anyone needs to take offense at the comments made they only show one person's oninion, and throwing insults will not stop the campaign. If you dont know Keran I probally cant blame you for beleiving she is guilty but if you had spent five minutes in her company i promise you that you would feel differently. As for the campaign affecting Ruth & Mark Sheppard then I'm sure that it doesn't nake them feel great but they are not accused of anything and the campaign is not any critisism of them and at the end of the day nothing could possibly be worse than losing Maeve. The campaign will go on because the appeal will show through evidense that Keran did not kill Maeve. Why would she? She had no reason to do it. My heart goes out to Maeve's parents but yellow ribbons in the village will not make their loss any greater.

Anonymous said...

You cannot keep comparing this site to the Carers4carers one, they are for totally different reasons. One is serving a purpose to his wife, what perpose is this site serving?????? "The other side of the story"?? story??? whatever happened to the facts???

If anybody says the slightest thing in support for the Hendersons then you are always Quick to knock them down.

AND BEFORE YOU OR ANYBODY ELSE SAYS IT I AM NOT A SUPPORTER OF EITHER PARTY. but i dont for one minute think that will stop you saying i am!!!!

This justice system which is suppose to be the best in the world has its mistakes.

That is proved by Clark, Canning, Patel, they were all convicted beyond reasonable doubt then released on appeal so what makes ANY of you so sure that this has or has not happened again?

All those that think Keran Henderson is Guilty should not be concerned by the appeal or Iains web site after all you go onto it by choice. If you are so sure the courts got it right then why the worry that it will be different second time around.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Kerans site does not even mention this site, just goes to show how they are trying to milipulate what information is available on this case.

To me that is suspicious. If they believe that Keran is innocent why not have all the facts on show and let people make an informed decision.

That to me is fair!

But I think Iain Henderson doesnt really care what is fair, honest and true!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know its been said before but i dont think kerans supporters should have any say in what is said about them here.

On numerous occasions they have stated that Kerans site is a supporters site and only prints messages of support.
Well guess what, this is a Maeve Shepherd support site and the blogger has been very fair and posted both sides comments.

Until carers4carers does the same and prints a fair representation of how people feel then i Dont think you should have any right to censure us.

But really the Keran Henderson campaign is all about censuring information isnt it.
The site protrays her as an angel, the information given is cleverly written to convince ppl of iain hehndersons truth.

This site on the other hand gives information from the actual trial.
Information that was tried and tested in front of a court of law and prevailed.

Kerans supporters should practice what they preach, if they want fairness and for there comments to be posted and offensive comments removed , then we should be given the same rights on there site and not ignored.

Justice4Maeve said...

Ok guys this is stopping now.
Obviously tempers are flared at the moment, each opinion to their own but this is becoming stupid. I had to delete 34 comments this morning and only published the ones that were not too bad.
I'm not interested in people's opinion of me, whether I am being fair or not, so don't bother sending me abusive comments.
I do think Keran is Guilty but I did give the right to her supporters to leave comments, it is Iain's choice as to what he does with his site and he does not want to do that which is fair enough. Stop asking Keran's supporters to stop posting, then its just a one sided story on this side.

I will say I am not taking much more abuse. So as of now if your 'OPINION' is not posted because I deemed it unfit, there is no point commenting me abuse saying I am hiding facts - I think everyone will agree I have allowed a lot of stuff.
I would also like to say to anon who wrote this "If anybody says the slightest thing in support for the Hendersons then you are always Quick to knock them down "
I can quickly hold my hand up and say I have not done that, if I didn't want people to write message of support then I would just not post them - Simple.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day it doesnt matter what any of us believe, the facts will prevail at the appeal and hopefully justice will be served for baby Maeve.

Anonymous said...

This site on the other hand gives information from the actual trial.
Information that was tried and tested in front of a court of law and prevailed. - please could you point out where these facts are??
It seems to be opinion which is fine but remember opinion does not equal fact!
If you look on the carers4carers website there is a section on facts - perhaps you would like to take a look?- its dated 15/1/08

Anonymous said...

Trust me ive read kerans site and I find very little fact on there!

Its full of guess work and Iain's opinion on what happened.
The whole site is one sided and CANNOT call itself factual ever because it seeks to censure out any information that shows Kerans guilt.

Justice4Maeve said...

The facts as the Campaign view them are on the site. In fairness to Iain, he is only doing what each husband would to.
Here is the link to the Fact sheet that was spoken about :

Anonymous said...

You can't have read it properly - please take the time to read the facts section. I can assure you 100% that they are facts

Anonymous said...

There are alot of facts missing from Kerans site.

Yet again iain only chose to state the ones that benefit his wife and make her look innocent.
Structuring what he sees as the truth!
Kerans site isnt about facts its about there spin stories and opinions to try gain support.

Mary G said...

Justice wasn\'t given here!!! Its just so sad!!

If ppl have nothing comfortimg to say just do\'t bother saying anything!!

The whole family has gone through enuf!!

Anonymous said...

Keran is going to be seen as innocent but her supporters and people that believe in the judicial system see that she is guilty. We will have to wait for an appeal based on their facts and until then all this fighting is not helping anybody.

Lily said...

Can someone tell me, if Keran was found innocent could the CPS prosecute again or would she be free to walk?
If not then why is she allowed to ask for a retrial now that she was found Guilty?

Anonymous said...

Facts on this page are true. I would like to say that I sat through the trial and I have corresponded with the moderator and corrected many issues/facts and helped the blogger.
I will keep doing so till I feel that this side of the story is shown too.

Anonymous said...

The facts given on kerans page are mixed in with opinion.
There not just a pure statement of facts.

The way they are written they guide the reader to come to the conclusion they want.
For example
"The judge’s comments on sentencing were not typical in fact they were mild for such a serious case. He did not allow the impact statement to be read. It could be inferred that he did not think that Keran had committed the offence that she was charged with."

It could be infered?????
Thats not a statement of fact thats Iain's opinion.
How do they know what the judge was thinking???
How is that a FACT ????????????

That site is full of half truths and is a written to milipulate the reader to "their" version of the truth!

Anonymous said...

to be honest this is getting really boring!Clearly people on this blog are not interested in hearing anything positive that anyone has to say about Keran. I think we should just wait for the appeal. It is turning into a slanging match and making the site look unprofessional and very disrespectful to Maeves parents - A little girl has died here and all people seem intent on doing is slagging each other off 'inbreds' for example. If I was Maeves parents I would feel sick reading this. I myself have lost a child and can assure you this would not have helped me. Lets just wait and see what happens. I think you should just let people leave messages of support for Maeves parents and leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Right so you have no defence to the lack of actual FACT on your fact page.

Again how dare you use maeves parents and say we are resrecting them.
Its your site claiming Keran is innocent , that is what disrespects them and their daughter.

Justice4Maeve said...

The best way to describe this situation is:
Keran's supporters are going to support Keran and tell you they have FACTS that prove her innocence.
The people that believe Justice has been served are going to say Keran's facts are incorrect and she should serve her sentence.

I do agree with everyone and it is getting out of hand. Some people agree Keran is Guilty some people agree Keran is innocent.
If from now on you have a question, of PROVEN FACT or an opinion to help then you can leave it. All this slagging in not helping anyone.
I can see some people feel strongly on both sides and therefore can't contain themselves but please people try.
I am not going to delete this comment board but because there are so many conflicting arguments, I will open a comment board for discussion if anyone wishes to express their concerns for EITHER side. Maybe that way will not see previous comments and feel they have to argue with them.

Anonymous said...

could not agree more ! Well put Justice for Maeve whoever you are!

Lily said...

I live in Iver Heath and every day see more and more ribbons. It is tasteless and hearbreaking for the babies parents. There feelings should be uppermost in eveyone's thoughts. I am horrified that they should have to see this every time they leave their home. It is up to the courts handle any appeal not the public. I am thankful someone has spoken out.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what kind of checks have been done on keran henderson???
Has she had mental examinations???
Tested for the mental health problem, munchausen biproxy??? think thats what its called, you know when adults hurt children ?????

Im not trying to be nasty or anything, it would just be interesting to know if that was ruled out ?

Anonymous said...

Am shocked at some of the comments found on this website and was present also at the court hearing so would like several things to be mentioned here:-

1) Re justice4maeve comment re never mentioning Maeve on website - surely that is obvious - carers4carers isn't run by Iain - it is run by support group

2) Keran being compared to Sally Clark and Angela Cannings - they were CONVICTED then found NOT GUILTY - can you not see the similarity - it isn't how the children died, it's how the system victimised them!

3) Iain's comment about Maeve's previous sickness - please see court report - that was proved and was proved as fact.

4) Parent's weren't asked by police to question children - again is fact - please feel free to go to the Station.

5) Maeve's parents informed of her sickness - on one occasion Mark was told to take Maeve to GP and failed to inform. Again proved in Court.

6) 999 incident - I think that is taken out of context. Did you forget she could be clearly heard saying "breathe baby please breath" or also the fact that you could hear 3 other children PLAYING not COWERING in the background.

Could go on but hey..... room for thought

Anonymous said...

Comment to Lily - do you not realise the parents don't live in Iver - they live in Slough - so the ribbons shouldn't have a huge impact!?

Anonymous said...

How many miles are between iver and slough?
Not alot???

I think what ppl are trying to say is that if maeve familiy and friends were walking around slough or iver with signs saying "Keran the killer" , you wouldnt like it!!!!

Anonymous said...

We are only saying We care for Keran nothing even slightly deflamatory to Maeve or her family. How can you suggest that this is hurtful I realise the Shepherds have to travel through Iver Heath to visit family but they do not live there. There is nothing wrong with a village supporting someone from their community.

Anonymous said...

No theres nothing wrong with you supporting her but you'd dont have to do so in such a public way.

It is insulting to the shepherds because they believe that Keran is guilty and should remain in prison and having to see lots of yellow ribbions and signs in cars calling for her release is upsetting.

Melissa Rahaman said...

As a mother of a 11 month old and a 4 year old, I have no compassion for anyone who hurts a child. However, after looking at the news today, I do have to question how so many mothers would want to take a day out of half term, take their children up to London and deliver a petition. My conclusion is that Keran Henderson, must be innocent.

Anonymous said...

I for one am very pleased the ribbons have come down (finally) they gave the wrong impression that the whole village was supporting this campaign and I just feel that this was not so. I had even heard of peer pressure being put on people to yellow up their houses and they had not even heard of Keran, or care less about this campaign.
This is so insensitive to Maeves poor family and friends. How must they have felt if they drove through the village with yellow ribbons everywhere? They have acted with dignity throughout this ordeal- How would it have gone down if they had plastered Keran is guilty posters all over the place, or gone to the media to raise awareness during the trial?

I was DISGUSTED to see that they were originally on the gates and board for the church surely this was a gross misjudgement. I was also very unhappy that my hard earned council tax had to pay for the removal of these ribbons, as they were not taken down before Christmas as asked (and in fact even more went up!). The Council ended up removing them, surely there are far more important things that this money should have been spent on, removing the grafitti daubed all over the village which is making it look like a ghetto for one!-perhaps the council could send a bill to Keran HQ.
Finally I would just like to agree with others on here that have said how they commend the Sheppards for acting with dignity throughout their terrible ongoing ordeal perhaps the carers4carers should take a lesson?

I have lived in the village all my life and wish (like many others) to take a neutral stance in this whole affair. Its nice that there is support for Keran, but please be more professional and dont involve the whole village - we are not all behind you!

Some of us wish to remain neutral!

I have signed this anonymous for fear of being blackballed in my own community

Anonymous said...

Iver Heath is Keran's home village not the Sheppards, lets remember they live in Slough. It amazes me that you can condemn the ribbons they brightened up the village in the miserable and depressing winter. Yes maybe the council should get its prioties right but the only reason they did it was because of pressure from those of you who complained. You cant have your cake and eat it. Your stance is hardly neutral and no-one hjas been forced to join in or critised for not getting involved just judging someone they dont even know by other peoples comments. My final comment that if you live in Iver Heath I am shocked you didn't know of Keran because she was involved with just about every community event including the church and would probally be there scrubbing that graffitti off the walls. Thats the type of person she is!

Justice4Maeve said...

Can I answer this one please before the anon person replies, February 22, 2008 10:23 AM:
Iver Heath is Keran's home village not the Sheppards, lets remember they live in Slough.They are of close proximity and probably have to travel through, if not you know and I know many of their friends are from Iver Heath and the surrounding areas - (before you ask I know this because since the set up of this site I have corresponded with many of them) It amazes me that you can condemn the ribbons they brightened up the village in the miserable and depressing winter. The ribbons were to publicize the wrongful conviction of a woman accused of murdering a child - if you did not see this as a wrongful conviction then they do not brighten your day Yes maybe the council should get its prioties right but the only reason they did it was because of pressure from those of you who complained. No body who is neutral (as this person stated they were)or who believes in the Judicial system believes that they should have been put up in the first place so as all pay Council taxes they had to be removed. It is public property and the public did not support this. You cant have your cake and eat it. Your stance is hardly neutral and no-one hjas been forced to join in or critised for not getting involved just judging someone they dont even know by other peoples comments. Why is this not neutral - because the person does not agree with your tactics? My final comment that if you live in Iver Heath I am shocked you didn't know of Keran because she was involved with just about every community event including the church and would probally be there scrubbing that graffitti off the walls. Thats the type of person she is! The anon person never said s/he didn't know Keran, it was said that people who didn't know her felt pressure, people know of Keran but maybe not know her

Now for the person who wrote the comment if you want to reply feel free, I am sorry to barge in and answer on your behalf, I just felt like pointing things out from how I felt about that comment!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply - could'nt have said it better myself! or agree more.

This kind of response is why I wanted to remain anonymous. I am neutral in this whole affair, but the attitude of some in the village,makes you feel that if you do not support the cause, then you must be some sort of bad person?

. said...
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Anonymous said...

Did you even read my comments there was nothing even slightly threatening and Justice4Maeve some of your comments have no relation to waht i said. I said i was surprised the writer did not know Keran because she is and was so well known in Iver Heath because of all the causes she supports including many church activities. Can you please explain how anyone has felt they HAVE to support the cause, every fundrasing venture has been completely voluntary. If you do not support Keran I for one have no problem but to criticize Keran does show that you have taken sides that is not neutral.I did not say the ribbons brightened "your day" but the village and again if you are completely neutral then why would they cause offense. I apologise if you find this threatening I can promise you I dont have a problem with anyone who doesn't support Keran but do feel the need to support my friend.

. said...

I am in admiration of this. Thankyou for stating your story.

Keran's lawyers have always run media spin campaigns. Thats what you do when lawyers clutch at straws.

An incredibly brave effort.

Dr Rita Pal

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I don't recall saying I felt threatened but let me try to explain again.
I admire you all for supporting your friend however I am entitled to express my own distaste at your methods- again I repeat if you disagree you are made to feel like a "bad" person, I am not a bad person I just happen to find your crusade and methods questionable.
I have also NOT criticised Keran I have criticised the campaign,those running the campaign and their methods -this doesn't mean I am not neutral just that I disagree with you however I can see from other comments on this blog that if someone doesn't agree with you or your methods we instantly must be "against" you.
Finally lets come to those darn ribbons again! I commented that (basically) I felt, and so did others, that they were in bad taste and were insensitive- lets not forget here that a baby died!
Also that many Iver Heathians complained and that the carers4carers then proceeded to put more up even after being told to remove them- I objected to my hard earned council tax paying for their removal-NOT that they were offensive to me personally but for many reasons, some of which I have outlined here.
I didn't say I didn't know or know of Keran but why is that relevant? However there are people in the village who don't know Keran or of Keran and I don't agree that this is unbelievable there are many families/people who don't feel the need to know everything about everyone. I would like to reiterate I am NEUTRAL I disagree with many of your methods and I ask you to remember that Maeve died,therefore it is shocking for you to have implied in your previous post that because her family do not live in Iver Heath the ribbons were OK!!